Family Dollar Termination Policy (All You Need To Know)

Termination is a very serious matter for both employer and employees since it leads to so much disruption for the individual and the business. For this reason, most employers have clearly defined termination policies to avoid this outcome if at all possible.

If you’re considering applying for a job at Family Dollar, you may also be wondering what its termination policy is like. For example, what does it take to get fired at Family Dollar? I’ve looked into it, and here’s what I found out!

Family Dollar Termination Policy In 2024

Family Dollar is an “at-will” employer where it can terminate employees for no reason if need be as of 2024. However, in practice, employees are terminated for absenteeism, theft, harassment, and selling tobacco and alcohol to minors. Typically, three write-ups can lead to termination. At Family Dollar, it will rehire terminated employees after six months.

If you want to know more about Family Dollar’s termination policy, like how much notice you need to give before you quit, carry on reading!

What Is Family Dollar’s Termination Policy?

There are quite a few reasons employees can be terminated at Family Dollar.

However, it’s important to remember that employees can also be terminated for no reason at all since Family Dollar is an at-will employer.

In practice, there has to be a reason for terminating an employee, such as harassment, discrimination, theft, etc.

With that, a clear termination policy allows both management and the employee to set and meet expectations and may even help avoid termination.

Further, Family Dollar usually maintains the process where the employee gets warnings in the form of write-ups before being terminated.

Additionally, some of the reasons for which Family Dollar can terminate an employee include:

  • Harassment of customers, fellow staff members, or supervisors
  • Theft
  • Drug or alcohol use in the workplace
  • Attendance policy violation
  • Selling tobacco or alcohol to a minor
  • Absenteeism and tardiness
  • Criminal conviction
  • Conflict of interest
  • Misusing Family Dollar’s confidential information, assets, and intellectual property
  • Discrimination based on race, national origin, etc

Finally, any Family Dollar Stores Code of Business Conduct violations can lead to termination.

How Many Write-ups Lead To Termination At Family Dollar?

How Many Write-ups Lead To Termination At Family Dollar?

Family Dollar employees who get three write-ups can be terminated, which could be one verbal and two written statements.

For example, write-ups can be issued for reasons like inconsistent attendance, lateness, or arguing with customers.

Does Family Dollar Pay Out Sick Time When You Quit?

If you have any paid time off (PTO) when you quit at Family Dollar, you should use it during your two-week notice period.

Once you leave, Family Dollar won’t pay out any remaining PTO balance.

Do You Need To Give Prior Notice Before Quitting Your Job At Family Dollar?

No, you’re not required to give notice before leaving your job at Family Dollar. However, giving your manager a two-week notice is a good practice since you may need a reference.

Further, if you leave on good terms with your supervisor, it improves your chances of getting rehired in the future.

Also, another reason for giving notice is if you have any PTO balance due to you, you should claim it this period.

Can You Get Rehired If You’ve Been Terminated At Family Dollar?

In general, an employee that Family Dollar has terminated has to wait six months before being rehired.

Usually, Family Dollar stores are located in rural or low-income areas where it’s one of the few employers.

So, someone who has been terminated may still be interested in being rehired at Family Dollar.

Overall, actual Family Dollar policies on rehiring employees who have been terminated tend to vary from store to store.

In some cases, Family Dollar may list a terminated employee as “do not rehire.” However, the District Manager or Human Resources may change a no rehire status.

Further, an employee who has been fired unfairly at a Family Dollar store can be rehired at another location.

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Family Dollar is an “at-will” employer, which means it doesn’t need a reason to terminate any employee.

However, in the interests of both employees and the company, Family Dollar does have a clear termination policy.

With that, Family Dollar can terminate employees for several reasons, like theft or selling tobacco to minors.

Usually, employees must receive three write-ups before Family Dollar lets them go. In some cases, Family Dollar may rehire a terminated employee after a waiting period of six months.

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