FedEx Background Check Policy (All You Need to Know)

If you’re interested in working at one of the world’s best logistics companies, then you probably know you need to complete an application and do an interview, but you may be wondering if FedEx requires a background check.

In this article, we’ll share everything you need to know about FedEx’s background check policy including if it’s necessary, what it looks for, and how long it takes to get the results back!

What Is the FedEx Background Check Policy In [currentyear]?

FedEx runs background checks on all potential employees. This check is looking to see whether an application matches reality. To that end, the check may look at work history, education history, living history, and past criminal convictions. How far back this check goes depends on the state of residence and the position someone is applying for in [currentyear].

There’s a whole lot more to know about FedEx’s background check policy, so we encourage you to read all the way to the end!

What Is a Background Check?

Before getting into any specifics about FedEx’s background check policy, let’s clarify what a background check is.

A background check is a common part of any job application process. It’s where a company looks to verify the following:

  • That an applicant is who they say they are
  • Criminal history
  • Educational history
  • Employment history
  • Credit history
  • The applicant’s motor vehicle and license history

Be aware that not all of these checks are included in every company’s background check. However, criminal background checks are almost always performed.

Does FedEx Do Background Checks?

As a general policy, FedEx conducts background checks on most, if not all, of its employees.

Usually, potential new hires are asked to consent to a background check at the time of the job interview.

In other words, FedEx won’t run a background check until you’ve completed the initial phases of the hiring process and the company is ready to make you a job offer.

Those applying for a package handler position will typically only require a background check to get hired.

Those applying for a driving or courier position will need to complete a drug screening in addition to a background check.

They may also be expected to take a driving test and submit their driving history record.

What Does FedEx Need to Run a Background Check?

If FedEx wants to run a background check on you, you must provide proof of identity in the form of a driver’s license, passport, or another national identification card.

You’ll also likely need to fill out and sign a form consenting to the check.

What Is FedEx Looking for on Background Checks?

What Is FedEx Looking for on Background Checks?

In general, FedEx is looking to see whether the information reported on the application matches an applicant’s background.

This includes things like work history, past addresses, and criminal history.

For positions requiring driving, FedEx is also looking to see if there have been any accidents, DUIs, or license suspensions.

When Does FedEx Do Background Checks?

FedEx’s background check comes near the end of the hiring process.

Before being asked to submit to a background check, you will have completed the online application, taken the behavioral-aptitude test, and completed a remote or in-person interview.

Only after successfully passing these steps will FedEx request a background check.

As long as your background check comes back clean, you’ll be given a date for orientation and will start working soon after.

How Far Back Does FedEx Go on a Background Check?

There are some mixed answers to this question. This leads us to believe that it varies by state, type of FedEx location (e.g. Express or Ground), and the position someone is applying for.

In terms of how far back criminal history goes, it really depends on the state’s policy.

For example, some states will report convictions that are a decade or older. Others, like California, Nevada, and Montana stop after 7 years. Click here to see your state’s policy.

Work and living history usually go back at least 7 years, but it could be more.

Driving checks go back at least 3 years, but could be as much as 10 years. 

Given how unclear the answer to this question is, we recommend asking FedEx’s HR manager about the company’s policy for the role you’re applying for.

How Long Does a FedEx Background Check Take?

FedEx background checks can take anywhere from a couple of days to several weeks to come back.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing an applicant can do while waiting for the results, so your best bet is to be patient.

Why Do FedEx Background Checks Take So Long?

While some FedEx background checks only take a few days to come back, other potential hirees may have to wait weeks to get their results back and wonder what’s taking so long.

There could be a lot of reasons why your background check is taking a long time to come back. One is that it depends on the location where you’re applying. 

For instance, some certifications and clearances such as airports may require a federal background check, something that may take up to 3 weeks.

A background check may also take a long time to come back because of your record. If you’ve had a lot of jobs and have moved around a lot, it may take longer to compile a full report.

What Will Disqualify You From a FedEx Position in Your Background Check?

Strictly speaking, FedEx doesn’t discriminate purely from the results of your background check. However, certain positions may not be available to applicants with certain convictions. 

For example, applicants with a DUI conviction will likely not get hired as FedEx drivers.

Similarly, those with a felony conviction for robbery or fraud may not get hired for a position that requires handling money.

Whatever is in your past, be upfront about it on your application and during your interview.

Being honest will give you a much better chance of getting hired than if your background check comes back with a surprise.

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FedEx runs background checks on potential candidates as part of the hiring process. Usually, the company is looking to see if the application matches the background check. This includes things like education history, work experience, and someone’s criminal record.

It’s unclear exactly how far FedEx’s background check goes, but in some states, it could cover an applicant’s entire adult life. That may seem like a scary prospect if you’ve got a past, but just make sure to be honest in your application. You can still get a job at FedEx, even with a record.

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