FedEx Inclement Weather Policy (Rain, Snow + Bad Weather)

When you’re delivering 12 million packages a day as FedEx does, there isn’t much room for error. That’s just one reason why FedEx employs a team of meteorologists who track and predict weather up to 15 days in advance.

Having this “jump start” on potential bad weather allows FedEx to plan ahead, reroute deliveries, and schedule more employees to keep everything running smoothly.

In this article, we’ll tell you even more about FedEx’s inclement weather policy, so keep reading!

The FedEx Inclement Weather Policy for [currentyear]

FedEx does its best to avoid and adapt to inclement weather so as to keep deliveries running smoothly in [currentyear]. Rain isn’t usually a problem, but ice and snow may cause delays. If a package is delayed because of weather, customers will typically see “delivery exception” on their tracking information. FedEx’s money-back guarantee may be suspended due to bad weather.

If you want to know more about the ins and outs of FedEx’s inclement weather policy, be sure to read our helpful guide!

Where Do I Get Information About FedEx Weather Alerts?

If you hear that bad weather is coming, or if it has already arrived, you can check FedEx’s website to see general service alerts.

These alerts are regularly updated (typically daily) and contain detailed information about cities, states, and ZIP codes impacted by weather delays.

In addition to these general alerts, customers can also check the delivery status of individual packages by looking at their tracking information.

While there’s no weather-specific tracking update, you will be able to see whether or not your package is moving and when you can expect delivery.  

What Is a Weather Exception at FedEx?

While it’s true that there’s no weather-specific update, you may see the term “delivery exception” on your FedEx tracking information.

This rather vague term indicates that your package is temporarily delayed in transit due to circumstances outside of FedEx’s control.

Things like inclement weather, natural disasters, or vehicle condition (e.g. a flat tire) are all things that could trigger a delivery exception.

A delivery exception could mean that your package will arrive late, but FedEx works hard to make up for delays, so it’s still possible your package will arrive on time. 

Does FedEx Deliver in the Rain?

A little (or a lot) of rain usually isn’t enough to stop FedEx drivers from delivering packages. There’s a pretty good chance that the rain won’t even slow down deliveries most of the time.

Still, we should note that if the rain is accompanied by a tornado or hurricane watch, FedEx may cancel delivery service for the day if the storm is severe enough.

Does FedEx Deliver in the Snow?

Does FedEx Deliver in the Snow?

FedEx does its best to deliver in poor weather conditions, including snow.

This is especially true for FedEx Express deliveries.

In fact, one current driver stated that Express requires drivers to at least try to make a delivery attempt in bad weather.

He went on to say that if a package is due on a certain day, it must be delivered that day, regardless of the weather.

FedEx Ground has a slightly different policy.

Many Ground drivers are independent contractors (i.e. not employed by FedEx). Therefore, they’re able to use their discretion when it comes to deciding whether or not to deliver.

In either case, the decision whether or not to suspend delivery during a snowstorm comes from local managers. If they decide a storm is too strong, they’ll call their drivers back.

Will FedEx Deliver in Icy Conditions?

Icy conditions can be some of the most dangerous conditions FedEx drivers encounter.

Therefore, the answer as to whether or not the company delivers in icy conditions is similar to the question about snow- it depends.

Express drivers with strict delivery timelines may be willing to take more risks in icy conditions in order to get their packages delivered.

Ground drivers, on the other hand, may decide that it’s too dangerous to deliver on a certain day and therefore postpone their deliveries until the roads clear up.

What Happens to FedEx’s Delivery Guarantee in Bad Weather?

FedEx offers a money-back guarantee on services like Overnight and International. Essentially, if FedEx delivers even a minute late, customers can request a refund for their shipping costs.

This guarantee is pretty generous, but it’s important to keep in mind that FedEx can revoke it at any time, including in cases of inclement weather.

On these occasions, FedEx amends the delivery date by the length of time a vehicle was grounded.

To put it another way, if a truck was delayed 1 day, then your package will arrive 1 day late.

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FedEx handles inclement weather like a pro, but even one of the United States’ best logistics companies can’t avoid delays caused by weather.

In general, the company will work hard to get deliveries out on time (especially Express services), but snow, ice, and other natural disasters can put a wrench in the works of FedEx’s finely-tuned machine. Our advice? Try to be patient and trust that your package will come soon.

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