FedEx Pilot Salary (What Is It + Other Related FAQs)

While planes might not be the most visible part of FedEx’s network, they’re one of the most important elements of the system. Indeed, FedEx planes are responsible for transporting thousands of packages daily.

All of these planes need pilots to fly them. In fact, FedEx employs roughly 5,000 aviators. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how much FedEx pilots can earn!

FedEx Pilot Salary In [currentyear]

FedEx pays pilots based on years of experience and the type of plane in [currentyear]. First officers have a starting hourly rate of $84, while the starting hourly pay for a captain is $276. Yearly, this pays about $75,000 for a first officer in the first year and $227,000 for a captain in the first year.

There’s even more to know about FedEx pilots’ earnings, so be sure to read this entire article!

How Much Do FedEx Pilots Get Paid?

Pay for FedEx pilots is determined by factors like seniority, years of experience, and the type of plane.

So, let’s look at the differences in hourly pay for first officers and captains at the beginning, middle, and end of their careers.

First Officer Captain
Starting: $84/hour Starting: $276/hour
Average: $208/hour Average: $313/hour
Top: $237/hour Top: $335/hour

On a yearly basis, a first officer at FedEx makes approximately $75,000 in their first year on the job, $165,000 in the fifth year, and $203,000 in year 15.

In comparison, a captain can expect to make $227,000 in their first year, $257,000 in year 5, and $280,000 in the fifteenth year.

All of this said, salaries can vary enormously, with some captains making well over $300,000 annually.

Also, these numbers represent the base pay and do not include overtime or bonus pay.

How Much Do FedEx Captains Make?

Flying for FedEx is one of the highest-paying jobs amongst US carriers. In fact, captains can make anywhere between $75,544 and $390,672 annually at FedEx.

How Much Do FedEx Pilots Make In Bonuses?

How Much Do FedEx Pilots Make In Bonuses?

In addition to earning one of the industry’s best salaries, FedEx pilots also earn a lot of extra money through bonuses.

That said, all pilots are eligible to earn extra money from working overtime. What’s more, retirement-age pilots can earn bonuses ranging from $40,000 to $110,000.

Actual bonus amounts are calculated based on a portion of the pilot’s salary over the 24 months before the retirement date.

Also, FedEx offers this generous bonus to keep pilots working during the busy holiday season (i.e., the period between Thanksgiving and the end of the year).

Further, bonuses are so high because FedEx needs to be well-staffed in order to keep operations running smoothly.

This can be difficult with 150 to 200 of the company’s 5,000 pilots retiring each year. Therefore, by offering bonuses, FedEx can soften the blow and make it through the busiest time of year.

Lastly, to be eligible for the bonus, a pilot has to provide at least 12 months’ notice of the day they will retire on December 31st of a given year.   

Why Do FedEx Pilots Make So Much Money?

FedEx pilots earn a good salary because they have in-demand skills that are essential for FedEx to keep supply chains operating normally.

By offering such a generous salary, FedEx is able to keep and retain pilots, something that’s not easy to do in an era of mass pilot retirements, pilot shortages, and rising demand for cargo.

Do FedEx Pilots Get A Pension?

Not only do FedEx pilots earn good money while they’re working, but they also retire with a healthy pension.

Depending on how long a pilot works for FedEx and the amount they earned during that time, their pension could be anywhere from $75,000 to $130,000 annually for life.

So, let’s take a look at earnings and service time to get a better understanding of how FedEx’s pension plan works.

A pilot who has flown with FedEx for 15 years and has made at least $260,000 for five years will collect a pension of $75,000 to $80,000 annually.

In comparison, a pilot who has at least 25 years of service with FedEx and has made more than $260,000 annually for five years will receive $130,000 a year in pension benefits.

In addition to their pension, FedEx pilots also have a 401K and a secondary pension bucket made up of low-risk investments.

Is FedEx Pilot A Good Job?

Based on the generous pay and benefits, being a FedEx pilot seems like an excellent job.

In fact, a current employee called being a FedEx pilot the best aviation job in the country thanks to the fantastic staff, top-notch equipment, and high pay.

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Working as a FedEx pilot is an incredibly lucrative job. Even first officers starting their careers earn a healthy salary of $75,000. As you have seen, wages only go up from there.

When it comes to captains, earning a six-figure salary is an attainable goal within a couple of years on the job.

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