FedEx Transfer Policy (All You Need To Know)

Maybe you want to move to another city for better opportunities, or perhaps a family situation is bringing you back to your hometown. Whatever the reason, you’re in a position where you’re going somewhere else and need to find a new job.

While you could apply for a new position, it’s much easier to transfer from one location to another. In this article, we’ll let you know if FedEx allows employee transfers and, if so, how they work!

FedEx Transfer Policy In 2024

FedEx allows employees to transfer locations provided they’ve been at the company for at least six months and a position is available, as of 2024. Transferring within the same operating company (Ground, Express, or Freight) is the easiest course of action. Transferring to a different operating company requires employees to apply as external candidates.

Understanding FedEx’s transfer policy can be confusing, but you should understand it better after reading this article!

Can You Transfer From One FedEx To Another?

FedEx allows its employees to transfer from one location to another as long as another position is available in the desired area.

That said, transferring is easiest within the same operating company (OpCo). For example, a Ground employee would have no trouble transferring to another Ground position.

If, however, you’re a Ground employee and want to transfer to an Express or Freight position, the process is more complicated.

Essentially, FedEx does not consider moving between two different OpCos as a transfer. Rather, FedEx employees are considered external candidates.

That being said, they may receive some preferential treatment over other external candidates, given their previous experience working for the company.

How Does The FedEx Transfer Policy Work?

How Does The FedEx Transfer Policy Work?

When looking at FedEx’s transfer policy, it’s first important to make the distinction between transferring within the same operating company (OpCo) and transferring to a different OpCo.

At FedEx, Ground, Express, and Freight are each considered different OpCos. That being said, FedEx Freight, Office, Supply Chain, and Services share internal job postings.

In most cases, you’ll only be able to see open positions listed within your own OpCo.

If you’re interested in applying for one of these roles, you often need to apply (i.e., you aren’t just given the job).

However, you will likely receive preferential treatment over external candidates, given your on-the-job experience.

To apply for a different role within your OpCo, head to JCATS, FedEx’s online job posting system. Then, enter your name into the system.

When you do this, the system will retrieve information about you from the Personnel Records and Information System (PRISM).

Each employee posting for the job is given a numerical score based on job performance and length of service, and applicants are ranked according to this score.

At the end of the week, the person with the highest score is awarded the job. But, if you’re looking to transfer to another OpCo, the process is different.

First, you’ll have to apply for open positions through the public FedEx Careers webpage. Although you’re still working for FedEx, you will be considered an external candidate.

Still, your experience working for another FedEx OpCo will be viewed favorably.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that just because you applied externally doesn’t mean you weren’t technically transferred.

For example, Ground has a transfer policy that allows employees of other OpCos to keep tenure that counts towards annual vacation days.

Similarly, pension and retirement are provided by the FedEx Corporation and are transferred with employees.

How Long Do You Have To Work At FedEx Before You Can Transfer Locations?

As a new employee, you have to stay at your original job for at least six months before transferring.

During that time, you have to pass the probationary period. In the simplest terms, that means meeting job expectations and not being late.

Once you’ve received your review score, you can apply for another department or job.

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If you’re an established FedEx employee looking to move to an available position within your operating company, then the transfer process is a cinch.

That said, you’ll be able to apply for open positions by accessing the company’s internal job posting list.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to make the leap between one operating company and another, you’ll be applying as an external candidate.

But don’t feel discouraged; your vacation days, pension, and retirement will go with you.

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