Grubhub Dress Code (Can You Wear Anything While Delivering?)

If you use Grubhub frequently, you may have noticed that some of its drivers come in branded uniforms while others wear regular clothing.

I looked into the company’s policy on what its drivers should wear, and here’s what I found regarding Grubhub’s dress code!

Grubhub Dress Code In [currentyear]

Grubhub does not have a dress code, but it gives its drivers some shirts and hats with the company’s branding on them as of [currentyear]. Grubhub drivers don’t have to wear the clothes they get from the company because they’re classified as independent contractors, and the law says they can’t be forced to wear a uniform.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about the dress code at Grubhub, including what is considered uniform at the company, what you should wear, and more!

What Should I Wear For Grubhub?

You can wear whatever you want when making deliveries for Grubhub.

Since Grubhub classifies its drivers as independent contractors, the law considers them self-employed, so the company can’t force them to wear a uniform or adhere to a dress code.

Still, Grubhub sends drivers branded shirts and hats, but you don’t need to wear these.

However, they help you get identified faster when you pick up orders from a restaurant or when the customer is looking for you.

However, many drivers say they don’t like wearing these because they’re not paid to do it, and they consider it free advertising for the company.

Additionally, you could do deliveries with just the hat because it’s easier to put on and take off only when you need it.

Also, drivers recommend wearing something identifiable but not branded like a bright red or orange shirt because these are considered the company colors.

Moreover, wearing something distinct that sticks out from a crowd is good when you want a customer to pick you out and give you directions.

Does Grubhub Have Vehicle Requirements?

Does Grubhub Have Vehicle Requirements?

In the context of this article, let’s assume you’re asking if Grubhub has any branding requirements for your vehicle, to which the answer is no.

However, Grubhub sends out stickers you can put on your vehicle, but you don’t have to use these, especially if it’s your vehicle or you share it with others who don’t use it for Grubhub.

Additionally, a standard Grubhub starter kit comes with a sign that says “Be back soon. Delivery in progress” that you can leave in your window when making deliveries.

Still, this isn’t mandatory, but it’s intended to make your runs easier.

For example, if you’re delivering food to an office building, the sign lets them know that you won’t be long, so you don’t need to take your vehicle into their parking garage.

Moreover, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of getting your parking validated, meaning you won’t waste too much time on one delivery.

What Comes In A Grubhub Kit?

When you get approved for Grubhub, the company sends you a starter or welcome kit that contains the following:

  • A branded and insulated bag to carry the food (contains a foil lining that keeps food hot and is required whenever you’re making deliveries)
  • A Grubhub card and a pamphlet that includes instructions on how to activate it
  • A sign you can put in your car window that says, “Be right back. Delivery in progress”
  • Masks and hand sanitizer spray
  • Branded shirts and hats
  • Branded stickers and decals

Still, what drivers get in their kits varies, but the mandatory ones are the bag and card.

Therefore, items like stickers might be missing from your kit when you get it, but you can buy them from third-party sources like Etsy if you need them.

Also, Grubhub’s starter kit contains an insulated bag, but most drivers find it’s not big enough for larger orders and doesn’t have compartments for drinks, so they invest in different ones.

What Should I Wear To A Grubhub Interview?

Grubhub doesn’t conduct in-person or virtual interviews. Instead, Grubhub’s review process is done online and includes these steps:

  • Submit an application with your information
  • Give permission for Grubhub to run a background check
  • After a few days, Grubhub contacts you about the status of your employment

To know more, you can also read our posts on whether or not Grubhub hires felons, does Grubhub do background checks, and who owns Grubhub.


Grubhub does not have a dress code because it considers drivers independent contractors, so the company can’t make drivers wear a uniform.

However, Grubhub issues shirts and hats to its drivers, but they don’t have to wear these.

Also, when making deliveries for Grubhub without branded clothing, you could wear red or orange shirts so restaurants can identify you faster and you’re not stuck waiting.

Additionally, Grubhub sends out branded stickers and decals in the starter kits that drivers can use on their cars, but these are not mandatory.

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