Hobby Lobby Fabric Return Policy (All You Need To Know)

Hobby Lobby sells all sorts of arts and crafts supplies, including fabrics that allow you to make your own clothing and decor items from scratch.

If you bought fabric from the company recently and you want to take it back, but aren’t sure about the return policy around these kinds of items, read this article for more facts!

What Is the Hobby Lobby Fabric Return Policy In [currentyear]?

According to Hobby Lobby’s return policy, you can return fabric to its stores within 90 days after purchase in [currentyear]. For a smoother experience, you should have your original receipt when you go to return the item. If you bought the fabric online, you can’t return it if it’s been used or the original package has been opened.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about returning fabric to Hobby Lobby, including when you can’t return it, whether you can take back cut fabric, and more!

What is Hobby Lobby’s Return Policy for Cut Fabric?

Hobby Lobby’s return policy doesn’t mention fabric specifically, but going by the information the company provides about its goods in general, it generally doesn’t accept used items.

This means that you would struggle to return cut fabric to Hobby Lobby.

Whether or not your return is accepted also depends heavily on the person in charge at the time, so you might have some luck in your case.

To make the process easier, you should go in with the original receipt you were issued during purchase.

Since you do not have to take the item back to the original store where you bought it, you can look around for the location with the least strict manager in your area and try your luck there.

If you bought the item online, however, it’s going to be almost impossible to take back cut fabric to Hobby Lobby.

For your local store to accept the return, you must take the item back before 90 days have elapsed since you bought it.

According to the company policy on items ordered online, Hobby Lobby cannot accept returns if the item is used or the package has been opened.

Regardless of the reason why you want to take it back, the fact that you’ve cut it brings your chances of success down to nearly zero.

Can You Return Unused Fabric to Hobby Lobby?

Can You Return Unused Fabric to Hobby Lobby?

Hobby Lobby makes returning unused items easy, and this also applies to the fabrics you buy from these stores, whether online or from a physical location.

If you bought it from one of the physical locations, you don’t have to bring your original receipt for the return to be accepted, but you should have it to make the process smoother.

You will also have an easier time if the fabric has not been cut or altered from the time you bought it.

Despite the condition the fabric is in, even if you have a receipt, Hobby Lobby does not accept returns after 90 days.

If you bought it online, however, you’re going to need the invoice issued when you bought it.

Unlike the receipt, the invoice can be replaced if you lost the original copy. All you need to do is contact customer service to request a replacement.

Can You Return Fabric to Any Hobby Lobby?

You can return fabric to any Hobby Lobby, regardless of where you bought it.

This means that you don’t have to go back to the original store where you bought the fabric in order to return it.

If you’re going to a different store, however, you’re going to need a way to prove that you bought it from a Hobby Lobby.

If you used a credit or debit card to pay for part of or the whole purchase, store associates are going to run your information through the system to verify that you got it from them and that 90 days have not passed.

If you used cash to pay for the whole thing, and you lost the original receipt, it’s going to be more difficult to prove where you bought it, so you should be careful.

Hobby Lobby’s return policy says that even if you bought fabric online, you can return it to a store, provided you haven’t opened or used it.

This option also makes it easier for you to prove your purchase because you can always have the invoice with you.

As well, the 100% electronic payments for online purchases mean it’s easier for the company to verify important details.

You have to follow the standard procedure for returning items and you need to do so before 90 days have passed.

However, you can’t use this method to return fabric you bought online if it was part of an order that was more than $250, because the company considers that to be a bulk purchase.

For these purchases, you will have to fill out a return form and ship it back to Hobby Lobby via the following address:

Hobby Lobby

Attention: Returns

7600 A SW 44th St

Oklahoma City, OK 73179

This option will also require you to foot the fees for shipping yourself.

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Hobby Lobby lets you return fabric to its stores if 90 days have not passed since you bought it.

You’ll need a receipt if you paid in all cash so a store associate can verify your details. If you bought it online, you can also return it to a store if it wasn’t part of an order that was worth over $250.

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