Home Depot Dress Code (Hats, Leggings, Hair, Tattoos, Shorts, Aprons + More)

Employees at Home Depot, one of the largest home improvement retailers in the U.S., are easily recognizable in-store due to their signature orange aprons.

If you’re a new employee or are applying for a role at Home Depot, you may wonder – what is the Home Depot dress code? I’ve done the research, and here’s what I’ve found out!

Home Depot Dress Code

The Home Depot dress code requires employees to wear collared shirts, an orange apron, and either slacks, jeans, or shorts (no shorter than 4 inches above the knee). Home Depot is lenient with piercings, tattoos, and dyed hair as long as they are not offensive and don’t pose any safety risks.

If you want to learn more about what you should wear to work at Home Depot, what is Home Depot’s policy on piercings and tattoos, and much more, keep on reading!

What Should I Wear To Work At Home Depot?

Home Depot encourages employees to look professional despite having no set uniform.

Good clothing items to wear to work at Home Depot are modest and smart, with no holes or other damages.

Note that jeans, slacks, and knee-length shorts are good options to wear, as well as shirts with sleeves and collars.

Your shoes must also be in good working condition for Home Depot and not have noticeable brands.

Additionally, for some areas of Home Depot, you may require certain types of shoes, such as steel-toed.

Your work clothes for Home Depot must not have any branding, slogans, or logos on them aside from the Home Depot logo.

This is so customers can clearly distinguish you as a Home Depot employee while you are at work.

What Is The Uniform For Home Depot?

Home Depot has no set uniform other than the orange apron, which is required to be worn by almost all staff members.

The only exception is for the MET (Merchandise Execution Team) whose members have a collared orange or black shirt uniform with the Home Depot logo on them.

Can I Have Piercings At Home Depot?

Some Home Depot stores will allow you to have piercings, such as earrings and nose rings, as long as these do not pose a safety issue or are not too noticeable.

Note that this varies from store to store at Home Depot, so make sure you ask your manager about the individual store’s policy.

Can I Have Tattoos At Home Depot?

You are allowed to have tattoos at Home Depot as long as they are not offensive or display any upsetting content.

Your manager or supervisor will be able to provide more information on what is permitted and whether your tattoos are suitable or will need to be covered while working.

Can I Wear A Hat At Home Depot?

Can I Wear A Hat At Home Depot?

Home Depot permits you to wear a hat at work as long as it displays the Home Depot brand.

This can be purchased directly from Home Depot or licensed vendors. Any other style, brand, or type of hat is not allowed to be worn by employees at Home Depot.

Other than that, employees can also have colored hair at Home Depot, as long as the haircut does not pose a safety risk or distract others unnecessarily.

What Can I Not Wear At Home Depot?

It is recommended that you abstain from wearing branded clothing at Home Depot other than the store logo itself.

Your work clothes for Home Depot should be clean, smart, and not damaged in any way to present yourself as a neat employee.

Additionally, any garment which promotes political, religious, or personal beliefs is against the Home Depot workplace dress code policy.

This is because Home Depot believes in the right to voice opinions but does not consider it appropriate at work.

Keep in mind that Home Depot has stated that failure to comply with the Home Depot dress code policy may result in termination.

Do Home Depot Employees Wear Aprons?

The central aspect of the Home Depot logo is the orange aprons worn by the Home Depot team members.

These aprons are protective garments with pockets and are distributed carefully by store managers.

Home Depot does not allow its aprons to leave the site, even for laundering purposes. Associates can only wear the apron off-site if they are working.

If the Home Depot aprons become damaged, soiled, or worn, they will be cleaned or disposed of by the Home Depot managers.

Note that Home Depot carefully monitors its aprons as part of loss prevention to avoid non-employees using them to gain unlawful access to the Home Depot inventory.

Can I Decorate My Home Depot Apron?

There is an ongoing tradition at Home Depot where employees are encouraged to be creative with their aprons.

Adding ‘flair’ to a company apron can include company badges and pins, such as Homer Awards, as well as creating drawings and similar artwork on their aprons.

Staff often do not wear creative aprons every day but they are excellent for special events at Home Depot.

Keep in mind that not all associates may decorate their aprons at Home Depot, as they do need regular laundering, but those on the shop floor will often have decorated aprons.

What Should I Wear To Orientation At Home Depot?

It is recommended online that employees attending orientation at Home Depot wear business casual clothing.

Home Depot orientation is often a classroom-style introduction to the retailer, so it is best to dress sensibly and modestly.

Suitable clothing pieces include khakis, trousers, and a polo shirt or shirt, along with sensible shoes.

If you are going to be working on the shop floor handling stock, ask your manager or supervisor what they would recommend wearing so you’re well-equipped for the job.

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Overall, Home Depot is quite lenient for staff, advising employees to dress smartly and professionally, and requiring most employees to wear the signature orange apron.

Many Home Depot stores will allow colored hair, piercings, and tattoos as long as they are not offensive and too noticeable. Check with your Home Depot manager what is acceptable to wear to work if you are unsure.

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