Home Depot Generator Return Policy (Used, Poor Quality Product, No Receipt + More)

Home Depot sells a variety of gasoline, inverter, and dual-fuel generators to help you during harsh weather or power electronics for outdoor events.

However, there is always the chance that you may end up needing to return yours, so you may be wondering – what is Home Depot’s generator return policy? Here is what I’ve found out!

Home Depot Generator Return Policy

Home Depot allows customers to return generators within 30 days after purchase. Customers must provide proof of purchase via a receipt or valid photo ID for verification. Additionally, customers can return generators without the box or packaging as long as they have proof of purchase.

If you want to learn more about returning a used generator to Home Depot, returning a generator without the receipt, and much more, keep reading!

Can I Return A Used Generator To Home Depot?

Returning a used generator (including brands such as Honda, Ryobi, Dewalt, Champion, Generac, etc.) to Home Depot may be tricky as it depends on the condition of the generator.

If you have used the generator a few times and it is still within the return time, you may be able to return it.

However, if your generator has been damaged somehow or has gained some wear and tear, Home Depot store associates will likely deny your return request.

What If The Generator I Purchased From Home Depot Is Of Poor Quality?

When you purchase a generator from Home Depot, it will likely be inspected by an associate and yourself before the purchase is finalized and you take it home.

Home Depot’s returns policy states that if defects or damages exist on the product, the customer should refuse to take it into their possession.

Note that this also applies to products that are shipped to the customer.

However, if there is no visible defect or damage to the product and your generator is still defective, you will be eligible to return the item back to Home Depot.

Can I Return A Generator To Home Depot Without The Box?

Can I Return A Generator To Home Depot Without The Box?

If your generator is defective and you have the original receipt, you can likely return the generator to Home Depot without its box or original packaging.

In most cases, you can return a generator to Home Depot without its box/packaging if you are within 30 days of purchasing it and have your receipt as proof of purchase.

Can I Return A Generator To Home Depot Without The Receipt?

Although you cannot return a generator to Home Depot without a receipt, there are ways to regain your receipt if you have lost it.

As long as your purchase was made using a credit or debit card, it will be saved in Home Depot’s system for up to 30 days, so an associate can easily reprint your receipt if needed.

Alternatively, you can sign up for a Home Depot Pro Xtra account and save your online receipts within the app for future possible returns.

If you still do not have your receipt, you will have to bring a valid driver’s license or government-issued photo ID which will be used by a third party to verify your identity.

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Home Depot allows returns on generators as long as it is within 30 days of purchase. You may return it without the box and packaging at the discretion of the store manager.

Since the generator is inspected before it is taken home, it is unlikely that the product will be of poor quality. However, if there is a defect that was missed then you can return it to Home Depot.

Note that all returns must have a receipt or valid photo identification such as a driver’s license for verification.

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