Honey Not Working On Amazon (List Of Potential Fixes + FAQs)

Have you been using Honey to save money on your online purchases but have found Honey not working on Amazon and want to know potential fixes for this problem?

If so, keep reading below because I’ve been extensively researching this topic and have found some great solutions you can try!

Honey Not Working On Amazon In 2024

If you’ve noticed Honey not working on Amazon, try to reload the Amazon webpage to see if Honey lights up as of 2024. Additionally, you need to ensure you’re going through checkout on Amazon, or Honey won’t activate. However, Honey could be down, and in that case, you’ll have to wait for the outage to be repaired.

Are you looking for even more solutions for Honey not working on Amazon or have other questions? Well, I’ve got a lot more to tell you about this topic, so read below to learn more!

1. Reload The Webpage

The first possible fix if Honey isn’t working on Amazon is just trying to reload the webpage to see if reloading will activate Honey.

2. Go To The Amazon Checkout

Honey won’t work on Amazon if you’re on the main page, so you will need to make sure you’re in your Amazon Cart and begin the checkout process, which is when Honey will light up.

3. Restart Your Browser

If you have issues with Honey not working on Amazon, you should try to restart your browser to see if that fixes the problem.

Furthermore, restarting your browser can clear out any bugs or glitches that could be causing Honey to stop working correctly.

4. Disable & Re-Enable Honey

Honey may stop responding within your browser, and when this happens, you can toggle the switch within your browser add-ons to disable and re-enable Honey to see if it activates.

5. Uninstall & Reinstall Honey

A possible fix would be to uninstall the Honey add-on and reinstall it, which could fix bugs or corrupted files that are causing Honey not to work on Amazon.

6. Restart Your Device

6. Restart Your Device Amazon

One of the most significant remedies to issues with technology is to restart your device, which can clear RAM, cache and improve performance.

Furthermore, restarting your device could fix Honey not working on Amazon regardless of whether you’re using a computer or mobile device.

7. Ensure Honey Installed Correctly

There could be times when your browser could have disabled Honey or that Honey wasn’t installed correctly, which could cause an error.

Therefore, you want to go into your browser settings and ensure Honey was installed correctly and that the settings and preferences are where they need to be to get Honey to work.

8. Wait & Try Again In Ten Minutes

Honey not working on Amazon could result from server overload, especially if you’re on a mobile device, so close it all out and try again in ten minutes to see if that helps.

9. See If Honey Is Down

Honey may not be working on Amazon because of server issues or other problems, so check Down Detector to ensure Honey isn’t experiencing an outage or other issue.

However, if the issue is with Honey, there is nothing you can do, and you’ll have to wait for a fix before you can use Honey again.

10. Contact Honey Customer Service

The last option would be to contact Honey Customer Service and see if they can help you resolve your problem since it could be an account issue if you’re signed in.

Also, there could be an unreported bug with Honey, so if you contact them, they can pass the information to the IT department and ensure it’s not a bug within the software.

Does Honey Work on Everything?

Honey does seem to work on everythingand will work on browsers such as Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, and more!

Additionally, Honey works on many popular websites, including Kohl’s, Amazon, Nike, Nordstrom, Papa John’s, and Forever 21!

Is Honey Safe?

Honey is safe to use, and thousands of people use Honey every day; however, you should know Honey does collect private information about you when you use it.

For example, Honey will collect details on your shopping habits, but according to Honey, it does not sell this information to any third-party companies.

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If Honey is not working on Amazon, you could try to reload the webpage, restart your browser, restart your device, or disable and re-enable Honey.

Additionally, you could try to uninstall and reinstall Honey, make sure you’ve installed Honey correctly, check settings or preferences, and contact Honey customer service.

However, Honey may not be working because of server issues or bugs, and you can use Down Detector to see if other people are experiencing problems, then wait for Honey to fix them!

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