How Can I Quit Walmart? (All You Need to Know)

For a number of reasons, there are times when you have to leave a job, whether you love it or hate it. At such times, it helps to know the right way to quit so that you leave a professional impression no matter what your reasons for leaving.

Therefore, to find out how to quit your job at Walmart the right way, carry on reading. We looked it up and have lots of details to share!

How Can I Quit Walmart In [currentyear]?

To quit your job at Walmart, talk to your manager at least two weeks in advance of your last day at work in [currentyear]. You should follow up with an email or letter that also clearly states the date of your last day. It’s best to give two weeks notice to minimize disruption and to leave a professional impression. 

To find out more about how to quit your job at Walmart, what happens to your unused PTO and more, carry on reading for more useful information!

Who Do I Talk to About Quitting Walmart?

If you have to quit your job at Walmart, the best way to do this is by talking to your manager, ideally two weeks beforehand.

You can follow up the conversation with an email giving the date of your last day at work. You should also contact People Lead/Personnel, and let them also know that you are giving notice.

Does Walmart Require 2 Weeks Notice?

At Walmart and any other job, it’s a good idea to give two weeks’ notice so that you can work out your scheduled shifts.

The two-weeks’ notice also gives the manager time to reorganize schedules, and to fill in the gaps that will be left by your departure.

This will help minimize disruption for supervisors and co-workers, and leave a good impression.

If you were hired recently, it may not be necessary to give two weeks’ notice. Your managers may be able to reach out to other candidates to fill the position.

How Do I Give Notice to Walmart?

The right way to give notice to Walmart is to put it in writing. You can write a letter or email to your supervisor or manager.

If you are handing over a letter, let them know verbally as well that you are giving your notice.

In all your communications, be sure to mention the exact date of your last day at work.

It’s always best to give two weeks’ notice when quitting, which gives supervisors enough time to reschedule shifts.

Can I Quit Walmart Over the Phone?

Can I Quit Walmart Over the Phone?

You can quit Walmart by phoning it in, but it’s a good idea to follow up the phone call with a letter or email.

What Happens to Your PTO When You Quit Walmart?

When you quit your job at Walmart, you’ll have to tie up all kinds of loose ends connected with your employment there.

One of the things you’ll have to do is sort out your unused paid time off (PTO).

If you have worked at Walmart as an hourly associate for over one year, you will receive a payout of your accrued and unused PTO up to a maximum of 5 days.

Hourly employees who have worked less than one year at Walmart will not get a payout of accrued and unused PTO, except in some states where the laws require it.

Can You Quit Without Notice?

While it may be necessary for you to quit your job at Walmart immediately, you should still try and make the effort to explain the situation to your manager.

Companies will not usually sue employees who quit without notice, but it leaves a bad impression, which may count against you if you ever want to go back or need a reference.

Will Walmart Hire You Back If You Quit?

Walmart does rehire former employees who quit, but only after a six month gap.

However, employees who left as No Call/No Show are less likely to get rehired, unless they can discuss their circumstances with the manager and provide a good reason.

How Do You Get Your W2 From Walmart After You Quit?

Most companies issue W2 forms by January 31st every year, as they are required to do by law. Form W2s are mailed out to employees on February 1.

If you’ve quit your job at Walmart before that, you will still need your W2 to file taxes.

The store should mail your W2, but you could call to check with an associate that your correct address is on file.

You may also be able to pick up a copy of your W2 at the customer service counter.

How Can You Get Your Final Pay Stub From Walmart After You Quit?

Usually, your final pay stub will be mailed to you by Walmart.

If you don’t receive it, you can call customer service or Human Resources to ask if you can pick up your last pay stub in person at the store.

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If you have to quit your job at Walmart for any reason, it’s best to do it the right way, by giving two weeks’ notice to your manager or the personnel office.

You’ll also want to tie up loose ends about your unused PTO, W2 and last pay stub.

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