Leave Of Absence Policy at Walmart (Your Full Guide)

As one of the nation’s leading employers, Walmart is commonplace for people to work. Whether you need a job for a season or are looking for a career, Walmart has several options for you!

However, if Walmart just hired you, you may be curious about the leave of absence policy at the leading retailer. Well, don’t worry! I’ve done all the research on the matter, and here’s everything I discovered! 

Leave Of Absence Policy at Walmart

Walmart’s Leave of Absence policy allows eligible employees to take time off for physical, mental, or emotional health issues relating to themselves or direct family members. Eligible employees can be absent for 12 weeks. However, you must request leave within a specific period, or Walmart can deny your request.

Before requesting a leave of absence, check out the helpful information I discovered about the Walmart leave of absence policy!

What Is a Leave Of Absence Policy?

If a family or health emergency pops up, you may be worried about how it will impact your job if you need to leave for a bit.

With that, leave of absence policies are designed for people taking time off to spend with their families.

Moreover, these policies are made to take care of the needs of both the employee and the company.

Usually, leaves of absence offer up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave, which an employee can use for various personal reasons.

Are Companies Required To Offer a Leave Of Absence For Employees?

Under the federal Family And Medical Leave Act (FMLA), any company with 50 or more employees must offer up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave.

While the employee is on leave, the company must ensure that their position will be available when they return from break.

Additionally, this federal law was created to protect employees who:

  • Recently gave birth to a child or need to care for a newborn child within one year of birth.
  • Have recently adopted or are fostering a child and must care for the newly placed child within one year of placement.
  • Have a spouse, child, or parent who has a severe health condition that requires their care.
  • An employee has a serious health condition that makes them unable to perform the essential functions of their job.
  • An employee has a family member in the military or on “covered active duty” and must care for their spouse, son, daughter, or parent as related to this military service.

What Are the Different Types Of Leaves Allowed Under the Walmart Leave Of Absence Policy?

At Walmart, the company offers three types of leave of absence.

  • FMLA Leave: Under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), you can take job-protected time away from work for a qualifying reason. For details, review the FMLA policy.
  • Personal Leave: Under certain qualifying situations, you may be eligible for extended leave as described in the Personal Leave policy.
  • Military Leave: Associates in the military or on active duty are eligible for military leave. If your military pay is less than your Walmart pay, Walmart may pay you the difference. For details, see the Military Leave policy.

If you want more information, additional explanations are available to Walmart employees through a series of videos on mySedgwick.com.

When Can an Employee Take a Leave Of Absence at Walmart?

When Can An Employee Take A Leave Of Absence At Walmart?

Due to government regulations, employees are eligible for up to 12 weeks of leave if they meet eligibility requirements.

That said, leaves of absence may be taken in three ways:

  • Continuous Leave: During continuous leave, days off are taken back-to-back without a break.
  • Intermittent Leave: In some instances, employees need to take an occasional break from time to time due to an FMLA-qualifying medical reason, like continuing medical treatments. But, a physician must specify how long and how often you’ll be absent.
  • Reduced Hours: If you can’t work full-time due to a qualifying reason, then you may be able to return to work with fewer hours

Finally, Walmart employees are eligible for FMLA once they have worked with Walmart for 12 months and have worked at least 1,250 hours in the year before the leave is requested.

Who Is Eligible To Take Personal Leave at Walmart?

If you have questions about your eligibility to request a leave of absence, review the Personal Leave policy.

Overall, Walmart employees are eligible for a leave of absence if:

  • They have a severe medical condition beginning from the date of hire.
  • If a family member has a medical condition requiring an employee’s care from the date of hire.
  • They have other serious, personal reasons like COVID-19 exposures or mental health concerns.

How Do I Request a Leave Of Absence at Walmart?

When you need to request a leave of absence, the process is pretty straightforward, as Walmart allows employees to do so online.

To allow ample time for processing your request, submit your claim as soon as you know it is needed, as the cutoff date for submission is 30 days from when the absence is necessary.

When you cannot submit your request, a manager, family member, or People Partner advisor can submit a leave request on your behalf.

Additionally, you will need the following information to request your time off through mySedgwick:

  • Walmart Identification Number (WIN)
  • Your contact information
  • Provide a reason for your leave
  • Provide a fax number for your doctor when requesting a medical or family care leave
  • Provide the dates requested for leave
  • Explain whether the break will be continuous (all at once), intermittent (some now, some later), or reduced
  • Upload your most recent two-week work schedule

Associates that do not have internet access can request leave by calling 800-492-5678. Also, there are associates available to translate if English is not your native language.

Until your leave is approved, associates who take a day off should follow routine call-in procedures for reporting absences.

In most cases, leave will be approved within a day after submission.

What Is MySedgwick at Walmart?

Before you can begin your absence, online requests for leaves of absence are initiated from mySedgwick on the Walmart employee website.

That said, mySedgwick is a third-party company responsible for processing and verifying your leave of absence claim and giving formal approval. 

Once approved, they will reach out to you by mail or email.

Additionally, you will be sent a packet that approves or denies your request and covers essential information about your leave.

Can Walmart Deny a Leave Of Absence?

Walmart has all the necessary information regarding what circumstances are appropriate for taking time off and which are not.

Finally, Walmart tracks the length of your leave to ensure you continue to remain eligible for employment and can be paid.

If an associate does not meet eligibility requirements for requesting leave or fails to ask for the break within 30 days before the break is needed, Walmart can deny the request.

Am I Paid For a Leave Of Absence?

While Walmart does not pay for leaves of absence in most situations, associates can use their other benefits to replace lost income.

For example, paid time off (PTO) and short-term disability can be used in place of a leave of absence so you can get paid while on leave.

To learn more about Walmart’s policies, you can also read our posts on the Walmart late policy, Walmart termination policy, and Walmart’s social media policy.

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