Walmart Dating Policy (What You Can & Can’t Do)

The workplace is a justifiable place to meet the right match; however, dating a co-worker can be deemed unprofessional in some settings.

Walmart aims to avoid disruption between team members to maintain effective customer service throughout the team. So this may leave you wondering, what is the dating policy at Walmart? Here is what I have found!

Walmart Dating Policy

Walmart’s dating policy allows associates to date others who have the same position, e.g., cashier, stocker, or manager. However, Walmart does not allow the dating of associates who have influence over their position. Therefore Walmart store associates cannot date managers or other superiors as this can cause potential favoritism.

Keep reading if you’d like to know whether Walmart associates can freely date customers or staff members from an alternative store!

What Does Walmart Deem Dating?

Dating at Walmart is recognized as a romantic partner by Walmart’s conflict of interest guidelines.

This includes spouses (husbands and wives), partnerships, and someone with whom you have a sexual relationship.

Can Romantic Partners Work Together At Walmart?

No, you cannot have romantic relations with another Walmart associate that works in your chain of command.

Additionally, Walmart disallows anyone to date another member who has influence over the associate’s conditions of employment or performance rating.

On the occasion that your spouse or other romantic relation is moved to your physical area of work within the company, you should disclose the relationship to your manager, People Lead, or Ethics and Compliance immediately.

Can Walmart Fire You For Dating A Coworker?

Yes, you could be fired for dating a coworker at Walmart for breaching the dating policy as outlined under the conflict of interest guidelines.

Dating in the workplace is negatively viewed as the relationship could compromise the integrity of the store.

Before termination, you may receive a series of warnings or come to an agreement with your superior.

However, persistent violation of the policy typically results in dismissal. California’s state law disallows companies, including Walmart, from firing employees due to an internal relationship.

What Happens If A Walmart Manager Dates An Employee?

What Happens If A Walmart Manager Dates An Employee?

If a Walmart manager dates someone that works below them in the command chain, then both the manager and the other associate are at risk of both getting fired.

This is mainly due to the risk of managers displaying favoritism and ultimately sabotaging the store’s equilibrium.

Can You Date Someone From Another Walmart Store?

In line with the dating policy, Walmart discourages employees from dating one another.

However, two associates that work at separate branches are not inflicting on each other’s work and therefore shouldn’t feel the repercussions of a conflict of interest.

Both parties should consider informing their store manager or another superior of the relationship.

Are Supplier Relations Allowed At Walmart?

Store associates may embark on a relationship with a Walmart supplier if they do not influence each other’s work.

Speak to your manager, People Lead, or Ethics and Compliance team to receive advice on how to manage the relationship if your work jeopardizes your partner’s.

Can Walmart Associates Date Customers?

Yes, Walmart associates can date customers provided the relationship does not interfere with their work.

Additionally, associates must prioritize professionalism during their shift and therefore cannot carry out romantic gestures or pursue a customer during work hours or on the store premises.

What Is The Fraternization Policy?

The fraternization policy, commonly known as the dating policy, is enforced in most workplaces, including Walmart.

The policy ensures coworkers that are romantically or platonically involved with each other outside of work remain professional on shift.

Singing a contract of employment binds you to these rules. You may experience disciplinary actions or even termination if you decide to breach these terms. California’s state law is an exception to this rule.

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Conclusion: Walmart Dating Policy

Walmart’s dating policy is determined in line with the conflict of interest guidelines. Associates cannot date another member in their area of work or a supplier manager (or other superior) who influences their work.

Walmart has the right to discipline or dismiss (unless based in California) anyone who violates these terms. Associates from entirely different stores may be romantically involved unless a manager.

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