How Do I Redeem Tim Hortons Points? (App, In-Store, Point Expiry + More)

If you’re looking to redeem your rewards points at Tim Hortons, you might want to know: how do I redeem Tim Hortons points?

If so, know you’re not alone because I asked the same question! Here’s everything I discovered throughout my research about Tim Hortons!

How To Redeem Tim Hortons Points In 2024?

Tim Hortons points can be redeemed through the Tim Hortons app as of 2024. If you’re accumulating points, you should already have an account, so all you need to do is log in. Then, you can see your points and redemption options. Simply select the item you would like to redeem, add it to your cart, and checkout.

Do you want to know more about Tim Hortons’ points and how you can redeem them for free stuff? If so, read on to learn what I’ve found out! 

How To Redeem Tim Horton Points On The App?

Redeeming your Tim Hortons points is easy and can be done in a few simple steps.

  1. First, you will need to download the app to your phone if you have not done so.
  2. Then, create an account if you do not have one.
  3. Next, link any Tim Horton rewards cards that you have.
  4. Lastly, go to a Tim Hortons and select the reward you want to redeem.

After these steps, your order will be prepared and ready for you to enjoy.

How To Redeem Tim Hortons Points In-Store?

Redemption at a Tim Hortons store is not available without using the mobile app. Put differently, the point system moved entirely online, and redemption must be carried out as a mobile order.

Do I Have To Make A Purchase To Redeem Points At Tim Hortons?

Making a purchase is not required when redeeming points at Tim Hortons. However, additional items can be added to your order when redeeming points.

Can I Make Multiple Redemptions At Once At Tim Hortons?

Only one redemption is allowed per transaction at Tim Hortons. Therefore, to redeem more than one item would require placing multiple orders.

Are Points Earned When Redeeming Points?

Ten points are earned when making an eligible purchase only. For the purchase to be eligible, it must be more than $0.50 before tax.

So, if your order when redeeming points is more than $0.50, you will earn 10 points for that visit.

Do I Need A Card To Redeem My Points?

Do I Need A Card To Redeem My Points?

No, you do not need to have a card to redeem your points. In fact, Tim Hortons is phasing out the use of plastic cards entirely and going completely virtual.

What Can I Redeem My Points On?

Items that can be redeemed include donuts, coffee, pastries, and cold drinks. Remember, what you can get at Tim Hortons depends on how many points you have.

Naturally, reaching set increments in points will allow more selections. With that, check the app to see what items you qualify to redeem.

How Do I Redeem My Points?

The easiest way to redeem Tim Hortons points is through the mobile app. Here, eligible free items will show up once they are available to you.

After that, you can use the app to add the free items to your order.

Do Tim Hortons Points Expire?

Tim Hortons rewards points expire 12 months after you earn them.

Can I See How Many Points I Have?

You can see how many Tim Hortons points you have by checking your account online or on the Tim Hortons mobile app.

Do Tim Hortons Points Expire?

Tim Hortons points do expire by rolling off after 12 months. Therefore, once your earned points pass the 12-month mark, they will expire automatically if not redeemed.

Can I Have Too Many Points?

Technically, there is a maximum of how many Tim Hortons points you can have.

However, points are capped at 20,000 points, which means it would be near impossible for you to reach the maximum.

Where Can I Redeem Tim Hortons Points?

Tim Hortons points can be redeemed for menu items at any participating Tim Hortons location.

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Tim Hortons points are easy to redeem by mobile ordering your next order via the app. On the app, you can track and manage your points in addition to placing orders.

Additionally, rewards points at Tim Hortons can be redeemed for select menu items depending on the number of points you have at that time.

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