What Time Does Tim Hortons Serve Lunch? (+ Other FAQs)

If you are hungry for lunch earlier in the day, you may wish to know what time Tim Hortons begins serving lunch. Of course, you would hate to make a trip to Tim Hortons only to find out the restaurant is closed.

So, you might be asking, when does Tim Hortons start serving lunch? And, is it the same time at all the locations? I asked the same questions and researched it further. Here’s everything I discovered!

When Does Tim Hortons Serve Lunch In [currentyear]?

Tim Hortons serves lunch at different times, depending on location as of [currentyear]. However, most restaurant locations begin serving lunch at 10 AM and stop at closing, which may be as early as 5 PM. Typically, Tim Hortons serves lunch after breakfast hours end. Most locations are not open late into the evening.

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Does Tim Hortons Serve Lunch All Day?

No, Tim Hortons does not serve lunch all day, nor does it offer an all-day lunch menu.

Instead, lunch begins when breakfast ends, around 10 AM at most Tim Hortons locations. Then, lunch is served from that time until closing.

Does Tim Hortons Serve Breakfast All Day?

No, Tim Hortons does not serve breakfast all day. However, some locations do offer a limited breakfast menu into the afternoon.

Usually, breakfast ends when lunch begins; at this time, select locations begin serving the limited breakfast menu.

What Time Does Breakfast End At Tim Hortons?

Breakfast ends between 10 and 11 AM at most Tim Hortons. At this time, lunch will be available and select locations will offer a limited breakfast menu.

Does Tim Hortons Serve Donuts For Lunch?

Tim Hortons locations that have an all-day breakfast menu serve donuts until closing.

Does Tim Hortons Serve Dinner?

Most Tim Hortons locations are open for dinner. Also, Tim Hortons serves its lunch menu through dinner time.

Is Tim Hortons Open 24 Hours?

Some Tim Hortons locations may be open 24 hours, but most are only open for breakfast and lunch.

What Are Tim Hortons Hours?

Tim Hortons’ hours vary by location as the locations are franchised. So, the best way to be sure of Tim Hortons’ hours is to check the website for the location nearest you.

What Does Tim Hortons Have For Lunch?

What Does Tim Hortons Have For Lunch?

Tim Hortons offers an array of lunch options. For example, the main offerings include sandwiches and wraps.

Additionally, Tim Hortons offers drinks and pastries to go with your meal.

Does Tim Hortons Have Lunch Combos?

Yes, Tim Hortons offers lunch combos, which come with a meal, donut, and small coffee.

Does Tim Hortons Have Lunch Specials?

Tim Hortons currently does not have any specials. But, the restaurant does have a rewards program. Also, there may be specials that vary by location.

Is Tim Hortons Drive-Thru Open For Lunch?

The drive-thru at Tim Hortons is open for lunch and may even be open longer than its dining area.

Does Tim Hortons Have A Rewards Program?

Yes, Tim Hortons does offer a rewards program that includes a rewards card to scan when ordering.

Then, points will be awarded for eligible purchases and can be redeemed for free menu items once you have enough.

Is Tim Hortons Open On Holidays?

Tim Hortons is only closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas day; the restaurant is open for all other major holidays.

Does Tim Hortons Have Poutine?

Poutine is a favorite in Canada, and it was once a favorite on Tim Hortons menu. However, Tim Hortons no longer has poutine on its menu.

Does Tim Hortons Lunch Menu Have Salads?

Tim Hortons currently does not offer salads. However, Tim Hortons does offer an array of healthy options such as sandwiches and wraps.

Does Tim Hortons Have Soup For Lunch? 

Tim Hortons offers three types of soup at its locations in Canada, including Cream of Broccoli, Chicken Noodle, and Potato Bacon.

Do Other Restaurants Have All Day Breakfast?

Jack in the Box is one of the few fast-food restaurants that offer lunch during breakfast.

Additionally, some Taco Bell, Chick Fil A, and Burger King locations offer lunch items during breakfast time, but this will vary by location and ownership.

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Most Tim Hortons locations begin offering lunch at 10 AM. However, this may vary by location. Also, lunch at Tim Hortons starts immediately following the conclusion of breakfast.

Also, you can continue getting select breakfast items that are part of the all-day lunch menu even after lunch begins. However, lunch items are not sold during breakfast time.

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