How Does Verizon Prepaid Work? (All You Need To Know)

Did you know that Verizon offers both standard postpaid phone plans and prepaid plans for customers who don’t want to be in a contract and just pay-as-you-go?

Well, I’ve been thoroughly researching this topic and am going to tell you all about how Verizon Prepaid works, so keep reading to learn all about it!

How Does Verizon Prepaid Work In 2024?

Verizon Prepaid is a pay-as-you-go cell phone plan where you don’t have an annual contract to worry about, no credit check, and no deposit in 2024. Therefore, it’s perfect for someone with no credit or wanting to avoid a phone contract. There are four different prepaid plans you can choose from so you have flexibility on how much you spend!

Do you want to know additional details about how Verizon Prepaid works, such as how long a $30 card lasts? If so, continue reading to find out even more useful information!

How Does a Prepaid Phone Work With Verizon?

With the Verizon Prepaid phone plans, you will just pay as you want to add data, text, and voice services to your phone as you need them.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about credit checks, any deposits, or contracts, so you’re free to leave Verizon anytime you want without any Early Termination Fees or other charges.

For example, you just need to go to the Verizon Prepaid page, select a phone you want to purchase, select which prepaid plan you want, and start using Verizon!

How Do I Activate a Verizon Prepaid Phone?

You will first need to sign up for Verizon Prepaid through the Verizon Prepaid website and then follow the steps below to activate your Verizon prepaid phone:

  1. Turn on the phone
  2. Select either “Existing Customer” or “New Customer”
  3. The on-screen prompts guide you to link your Verizon account and phone together
  4. Make a phone call using the phone to complete the setup

However, you will need to use your phone in some capacity within 60 days of putting money on your phone, or else your prepaid phone service is disconnected.

You’ll also lose any of the funds that had been on your prepaid phone, so make sure you use your phone within 60 days of adding money to continue service.

What Is Included With Verizon Prepaid Plans?

Verizon offers the same high-quality service and coverage that come with the postpaid plans and each Verizon Prepaid plan comes with the following features:

  • Unlimited Talk & Text
  • 5G coverage or 4G LTE coverage where 5G isn’t available
  • Unlimited texting to 200 international locations
  • AutoPay $5 discount if you enroll
  • Specific data allowance which varies by plan
  • Loyalty discounts if the plan is higher than $40

In addition, with Verizon Prepaid plans you will get several of the best calling features that Verizon offers customers, including:

  • Wi-Fi Calling
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Voicemail
  • Caller ID
  • Caller ID Blocking
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Waiting
  • 3-Way Calling

However, additional details of what’s included with the Prepaid plans will change depending on which Prepaid plan you choose and could include perks such as no data or unlimited data.

How Long Does a $30 Verizon Prepaid Card Last?

How Long Does a $30 Verizon Prepaid Card Last?

A $30 Verizon Prepaid card will last for 90 days before it expires, so make sure that you know when you’ll need to get another card to extend your service on the Verizon network.

Is Verizon Prepaid Really Unlimited?

Verizon Prepaid has an Unlimited plan available which is unlimited data, text, and talk, and will cost $65 per month.

Can I Use an Unlocked Phone With Verizon Prepaid?

Unlocked phones aren’t tied to a specific mobile carrier, and Verizon Prepaid is part of the Bring Your Own Device Program.

Therefore, as long as it’s compatible with the Verizon network, unlocked phones are perfectly acceptable to use and bring over to a Verizon Prepaid plan.

Is Verizon Prepaid Slower?

One of the downsides to Verizon Prepaid is that it’s believed by many prepaid users that the Verizon Prepaid network is slower on average.

Furthermore, the prepaid customers are pushed to the back of the line and the postpaid customers are given priority when it comes to data speeds, especially during peak times.

How Do I Add Funds to Verizon Prepaid?

You have several different ways to add funds to your Verizon Prepaid account, including by using the following:

  • AutoPay
  • Prepaid Instant Pay Online
  • My Verizon App
  • My Verizon Online
  • Calling #PMT from the prepaid device

Also, you can use a credit card, debit card, or purchase a prepaid plan card at your local Verizon store to add the funds to your account.

Credit cards that Verizon will accept for payment include American Express, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover.

How Do I Check My Verizon Prepaid Balance?

If you have a My Verizon account, you can either use the website or the My Verizon app to check the balance on your prepaid Verizon phone.

Additionally, you can dial #BAL from your Verizon prepaid phone to see the balance left on your account, or simply call 1-888-294-6804 from a landline phone and enter your phone number.

Does Verizon Prepaid Include Taxes & Fees?

Verizon Prepaid requires that you pay additional taxes and fees on top of the price of your prepaid phone plan.

Therefore, the price you see for the prepaid plan does not include the taxes and fees, which are added to the total before you make your payment.

What Loyalty Discounts Are Offered for Verizon Prepaid?

Verizon Prepaid offers loyalty discounts if you keep your phone active, and each time you pay your phone, you are getting closer to one of the loyalty discounts.

For example, once you’ve paid your phone three times you’ll get $5 off per month beginning on the fourth month of your service.

Once you’ve renewed your prepaid plan 9 times you’ll be getting another $5 off per month.

So, that way you save up to $10 per month off your prepaid plan by the 10th month of continuous service.

Can I Use a Verizon Prepaid Phone on My Monthly Plan?

Once you’ve had your 4G prepaid phone active for one month on a prepaid service plan, you are free to switch the phone to a postpaid service plan.

Therefore, you’re free to switch from a prepaid Verizon plan to a postpaid plan anytime you want after that initial month of prepaid service is over.

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Verizon Prepaid works by allowing you to choose which phone plan you want without a contract, credit check, or deposit.

Furthermore, you can bring your own compatible phone to use for Verizon Prepaid and you’ll get a lot of the same calling services and benefits postpaid customers use.

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