How Far Does Grubhub Deliver? (All You Need To Know)

Grubhub allows its customers to receive deliveries from their favorite restaurants via their network of drivers.

If you’re interested in knowing how far Grubhub drivers can take deliveries, I looked into the subject, and here’s what I found!

How Far Does Grubhub Deliver In [currentyear]?

Grubhub delivers up to 70 miles away from the location of the restaurant you’re ordering from as of [currentyear]. When restaurants sign up to use Grubhub, they can choose how far they want to deliver because they’re in charge of setting the delivery fees. Some drivers might not make the trip to your location if it’s far or considered unsafe.

Read on to learn all you need to know about how far Grubhub delivers, including how drivers know the distance they need to travel, where they won’t deliver, and more!

Which Food Delivery Service Has The Farthest Range?

With a 70-mile radius, Grubhub has the farthest range out of all food delivery services.

However, this is the maximum distance restaurants can choose, so it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get delivery within 70 miles of a restaurant.

Also, Food delivery services like Doordash and Uber Eats haven’t revealed their maximum delivery radius.

But, they’ve also left the decision to restaurants, most of which choose between five and ten miles.

Does Grubhub Show Distance?

Grubhub shows the distance that drivers need to travel to make a delivery using a recently introduced feature.

Prior to this, Grubhub drivers would only see where they needed to pick up the order and the address of where they needed to take it.

If they wanted to know how far they had to travel, they had to enter the addresses into another service like Google Maps.

Additionally, this feature was rolled out gradually before being fully released in late 2021.

Further, Grubhub was one of the last to add mileage to its offer screen since its competitors, including Doordash and Uber Eats, already had it.

Does Grubhub Deliver In My Area?

Whether or not Grubhub delivers to your area depends on whether any restaurants around your location sign up for the service.

Also, you have to be within at least 70 miles of a restaurant to request delivery via Grubhub.

However, this is the maximum radius that restaurants can set, meaning you’re not guaranteed delivery even if you’re within that distance.

Moreover, you can only find out if Grubhub delivers in your area by opening the app and searching for available restaurants.

Does Grubhub Deliver To Rural Areas?

Does Grubhub Deliver To Rural Areas?

Yes, Grubhub delivers to rural areas as long as there’s a nearby restaurant and drivers willing to pick up the orders.

Remember, restaurants on Grubhub have the option to deliver up to 70 miles out from their location, so you might get lucky if you’re within this range.

However, this is the maximum distance Grubhub allows deliveries, meaning you’re not necessarily guaranteed service if you’re located within that range.

Additionally, whether or not Grubhub delivers in rural areas also depends on the availability of drivers in the region.

Since rural areas are often less populated, fewer drivers are usually available. Even if there’s an urban area nearby, many drivers ignore orders when they have to drive too far out.

Does Grubhub Deliver In Bad Weather?

Grubhub delivers in bad weather as long as the restaurant you want to order from is open and a driver is willing to accept the job.

Also, businesses like food trucks are usually closed during snowstorms, so you shouldn’t expect to get these.

Further, most restaurants are closed if the bad weather is something like a hurricane or tornado.

Moreover, bad weather usually impacts Grubhub deliveries on the drivers’ side because it’s difficult and potentially dangerous to navigate the roads, so many of them don’t bother.

Does Grubhub Deliver In Snow?

Yes, Grubhub delivers in snow as long as there are restaurants to order from and drivers to complete the delivery.

If the snow is bad enough, you’ll likely struggle to get Grubhub deliveries because many drivers can’t or won’t try to get through the snow because it’s too much of a hassle or dangerous.

Does Grubhub Deliver To Hotels?

Yes, Grubhub delivers to hotels provided they’re within the eligible range, and drivers are available to complete delivery.

Does Grubhub Deliver To Schools?

Grubhub delivers to schools as long as they’re within the delivery range of the restaurants on their platform and drivers are willing to take the orders.

However, regardless of distance, Grubhub doesn’t deliver alcohol to schools, including from kindergarten to 12th grade, college campuses, and frat houses.

Does Grubhub Deliver To Airports?

Ideally, Grubhub would deliver to airports, but most drivers wouldn’t take the orders if delivery had to be made inside the airport because it would be a hassle to get in.

Therefore, you’d have more luck if you were outside where security checks aren’t required.

Also, most airports have restaurants within them, so you could try ordering from those if you can.

Does Grubhub Deliver To Military Bases?

Grubhub delivers to military bases if they’re within a restaurant’s eligible range, but how they do it depends on how the base handles visitors.

For example, you might need to call the customer and have them meet you at the gate.

Does Grubhub Deliver To Hospitals?

Grubhub delivers to hospitals if they’re within a restaurant’s range of operations. Depending on the location’s restrictions, you might have to ask the customer to meet you outside.

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Grubhub delivers up to 70 miles away from a restaurant’s location, but this is a maximum radius, and restaurants have the freedom to lower it.

Additionally, how far Grubhub delivers also depends heavily on the drivers’ availability. For example, most of them won’t drive long distances or in bad weather.

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