What Restaurants on Grubhub Accept Cash? (All You Need to Know)

Grubhub allows you to order food from your favorite local restaurants and have them delivered straight to your location.

One of the tradeoffs for this convenience on Grubhub is how there aren’t many restaurants on the platform that accept cash. We looked into it so you know how to proceed when you’re stuck!

What Restaurants on Grubhub Accept Cash In 2024?

Unfortunately, Grubhub doesn’t have a list of restaurants on its platform that accept cash in 2024. To find a restaurant on Grubhub that takes cash, you would have to go through the whole ordering process as usual and look for the option at checkout. Most of the restaurants on Grubhub that accept cash are small businesses in small communities.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about the restaurants on Grubhub that use cash, including why it’s not a common option, other payment methods you can use, and more!

Why Don’t Grubhub Restaurants Accept Cash?

Most of the restaurants on Grubhub don’t accept cash because it’s significantly harder to work with than electronic modes of payment where the funds get sent immediately.

With cash, payment isn’t guaranteed and it’s easier for restaurants not to receive money after sending the order off.

There are very few restaurants on Grubhub that accept cash and most of them are small businesses in tight-knit communities like rural areas.

Large chain and franchise restaurants especially usually don’t take cash payments on Grubhub.

This is because the company handles several orders, so electronic payments make everything run smoother and they’re easier to keep track of.

How to Find a Grubhub Restaurant That Takes Cash

If you want to find a restaurant on Grubhub that accepts cash, the only way you can is to go through the normal order process and then look through the payment options.

Grubhub lets you filter restaurants by location, cuisine, and more, but not by payment methods so you’d have to do some digging on your own.

Even if you do find a restaurant on Grubhub that takes cash, it might be a while before you find a driver willing to accept the offer.

This is because a lot of drivers don’t trust the customer to have the money when they get there.

How cash payments on Grubhub and most other food delivery services work is the driver keeps the money but the payment gets deducted from their earnings.

Overall, this is what makes it such a risk for them.

What Restaurants on Grubhub Don’t Accept Cash?

What Restaurants on Grubhub Don't Accept Cash?

As we’ve stated above, a lot of larger restaurants on Grubhub don’t take cash, including the following:

  1. Del Taco
  2. Jersey Mike’s
  3. Wendy’s
  4. Popeyes
  5. Denny’s
  6. Hooters
  7. Taco Bell
  8. Sonic
  9. Shake Shack
  10. Primanti Bros
  11. Carrabba’s Italian Grill
  12. BJ’s Restaurants and Brewhouse
  13. Applebee’s
  14. Dairy Queen
  15. Panda Express
  16. White Castle
  17. Wendy’s
  18. PF Chang’s
  19. On the Border
  20. Five Guys
  21. Famous Dave’s
  22. Chipotle
  23. Arby’s
  24. Big Boy
  25. Bob Evans
  26. Buffalo Wild Wings
  27. Burger King
  28. California Pizza Kitchen
  29. Checkers
  30. Chipotle
  31. Dunkin’
  32. IHOP
  33. KFC
  34. McDonald’s
  35. Panera Bread
  36. Primanti Bros.
  37. Qdoba Mexican Eats
  38. Red Lobster
  39. Steak ‘n Shake
  40. Subway
  41. Taco Bell
  42. White Castle
  43. Shake Shack

These are just a couple unearthed by one investigation but the number is much higher since cash is not a popular payment method on Grubhub.

How to Pay With Cash on Grubhub

If you manage to find a restaurant on Grubhub that takes cash, you would need to proceed to checkout as usual and select “Pay with cash” from the options.

When the driver gets there with your order, hand them the money to pay for your food.

It’s best to have the exact amount just in case the driver doesn’t have any spare change on them, but you could always give the extra amount to the driver as a tip.

What If a Grubhub Restaurant Doesn’t Accept Cash?

If a restaurant on Grubhub doesn’t accept cash, the best thing you can do is look for a similar one that does.

If you only want to order from that restaurant, you could look online for the contact information and reach the restaurant directly to ask if they can deliver themselves and you’ll pay.

What Payment Methods Does Grubhub Accept?

Aside from cash, Grubhub also accepts the following payment methods:

  1. Credit cards
  2. Debit cards
  3. Paypal
  4. Venmo
  5. Gift cards
  6. Apple Pay
  7. Android Pay

To learn more, you can also read our posts on whether or not Grubhub takes Venmo, if Grubhub takes cash, and if Grubhub takes EBT.


Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing whether a restaurant on Grubhub accepts cash unless you go through the whole ordering process until checkout and look through the payment options.

Grubhub lets restaurants choose what payment methods they accept and most of them avoid cash because it’s harder to work with.

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