How Long Do Amazon Seasonal Jobs Last? (Months + Positions)

Millions of Americans take up seasonal jobs, whether it be during the holiday rush or busy summers. A lot of seasonal jobs offer benefits like competitive pay and short-term commitment, providing a financial boost with flexibility for the future.

If you, a friend, or a family member is looking for temporary work, you may be thinking: how long do Amazon seasonal jobs last? I needed to find this out, so I did some digging, and here’s what my research on Amazon seasonal jobs confirmed!

How Long Do Amazon Seasonal Jobs Last?

Amazon seasonal jobs generally last from the start of November to the start of January, but this can vary based on the job position and location. However, because Amazon is growing rapidly and stays busy all year long, many seasonal workers are invited to stay on for longer, especially if they work hard and are considered a real asset to Amazon.

If you’re intrigued by the thought of seasonal work at Amazon, then keep reading for our full guide on how long these jobs last and how to get hired for the holidays.

What Are Amazon Seasonal Jobs?

Amazon has a wide range of seasonal jobs available, whether you’re looking for your first job out of high school or you want to take your corporate career to the next level.

Just keep in mind that while Amazon is undeniably busy during the last few months of the year, this e-commerce retailer is so huge it’s almost always hiring.

While smaller stores may hire 10-100 seasonal workers depending on their needs throughout October, November, and December, Amazon is bringing on staff by the thousands.

If you live close to a fulfillment center, especially one of Amazon’s newer locations, chances are you will have no issues finding seasonal job openings at Amazon.

Traditionally, seasonal jobs only last for a few months, and many of Amazon’s seasonal staff will work from October to January or something similar.

However, a lot of seasonal employees may stay on for longer or even become regular part-time or full-time workers if they make a good impression and love what they’re doing.

Some of the most popular Amazon seasonal jobs include:

  • Admin Assistant
  • Customer Service Team Manager
  • Employee Resource Center Trainer
  • Group Manager Recruiter
  • HR Contact Center Associate
  • IT Equipment Coordinator
  • Material Handler
  • Process Assistant
  • Seller Onboarding Associate
  • Vendor Manager

You can view a full listing of seasonal jobs, as well as part and full-time positions, on

When Can You Apply For Amazon Seasonal Jobs?

When Can You Apply For Amazon Seasonal Jobs?

You can apply for Amazon seasonal jobs whenever they are posted.

While Amazon posts many seasonal jobs ahead of the holiday rush around August, September, and October, you can check any time of year to see what seasonal jobs are available.

Amazon lists temporary jobs, including those with fixed contract terms, under seasonal on its dedicated careers website.

All of the information about the job and any requirements are listed, too, so you can make the right call on which seasonal job to apply for with Amazon.

Something else to keep in mind when applying for seasonal jobs at Amazon is that some positions are remote while others are in-person.

Additionally, you can search through the different filters on Amazon’s website to find the best seasonal position for your lifestyle and location.

Also, don’t forget to check on the intended start date and finish date.

With so many different departments, Amazon doesn’t maintain a set seasonal schedule for every single employee but instead outlines the expectations in the job listing, interview process, and throughout the seasonal work.

While you can expect Amazon seasonal jobs to last for at least a few months, from the pre-holiday rush In October and November through to January or February, you should confirm with each job opening just to be sure.

Who Is Eligible For Seasonal Work At Amazon?

The good news for anyone looking into seasonal work is that Amazon has an exciting variety of jobs to suit all experience levels.

This means most people over age 18 are eligible for at least some sort of seasonal work at Amazon, so long as they have a high school diploma or GED and can pass a background/drug test.

Unlike some smaller companies, Amazon exclusively hires adults 18 years and older.

But if you meet Amazon’s basic eligibility requirements and demonstrate competency and willingness to learn throughout the interview process, you have a good chance of earning a spot as a seasonal warehouse worker.

If you prefer to work in customer service or employee relations, there may be more prerequisites, such as a college degree or several years of professional experience.

As with any position, the more senior it is, the more requirements there are when applying for jobs.

Amazon has seasonal work available for both people starting out in their careers and those looking to take the next step in their management journeys.

Additionally, you can explore all the available jobs and see if you meet the eligibility criteria on

Can You Work At Amazon After The Holiday Rush?

In addition to the numerous job openings and opportunities, the nice thing about taking seasonal work at Amazon is that you may get the chance to stay on for longer if you want. 

While Amazon is happy to have seasonal workers, it also helps to have trained employees who can keep working even after their initial seasonal term is up.

This depends on each department, the employee, and the manager, but overall, there is plenty of potential to transition into a more permanent role at Amazon.

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