How Long Does Amazon Take to Respond to Job Applications? (+ Other FAQs)

Amazon currently employs over 1.6 million people, everyone from the executives at headquarters to the workers in the warehouse. For many Americans, news that a warehouse is coming to their area is welcome, as these buildings can add hundreds of jobs for locals.

So, if you are considering applying, you might be wondering: How long does Amazon take to respond to job applicants? It’s a nail-biting situation, so here’s some peace of mind below!

How Long Does Amazon Take to Respond to Job Applications In [currentyear]?

Amazon endeavors to respond to its applicants in a timely manner, starting five business days from the date they received the application in [currentyear]. However, if the location is urgently hiring, it might take only a few days to hear back. Conversely, Amazon may also take over a week to respond.

The reasoning behind how long it could take Amazon to get back to you for a job application varies, so let’s look at the hiring process. We will see if Amazon ever ignores applicants, how you know if Amazon hired you, and much more, so keep reading!

How Long Is the Amazon Application Process?

The entire Amazon hiring process can take anywhere from a week, all the way up to a few months.

This process depends on a few factors: How fast the hiring team is looking to fill the position or how urgent the need is, what the position is, and how many applicants they receive.

Whatever the case, when you apply you create an account at, and you can use that account to monitor your progress.

Thus, a few days after you submit your application, you might want to check back and see if your status has changed.

Additionally, Mentor Cruise points out that there are three overarching stages to the hiring process: Application submitted, Under consideration, and No longer under consideration.

If you sign in and see that your status has changed to No longer under consideration, that means your application has been rejected, and you are no longer in the running for the position.

However, if your status has changed to Under consideration, you haven’t been immediately rejected, and the hiring team is evaluating your application materials more closely.

If they like what they see, they’ll reach out to you.

You might also receive word from an Amazon hiring manager before you even get a chance to check your account, too.

According to Amazon’s hiring site, if you hear from a hiring manager it’s because they are offering you a job.

You’ll then choose what shift you want to work and consent to them running a background check on you (more on that further down).

Should everything look good, you will schedule a time to come in and have a short appointment to receive your ID badge (smile! They’ll take your picture) and administer a drug test.

If everything passes, you’re on your way to your first shift with Amazon!

Does Amazon Respond to All Job Applicants?

Does Amazon Respond to All Job Applicants?

Amazon does respond, in a fashion, to all of its job applicants, however, not everyone will receive word from the hiring team.

Only people who are being offered a position will hear from Amazon’s hiring team directly, likely via email.

Everyone else will monitor the status of their application account at

There are three phases to the process: Application submitted, Under consideration, and No longer under consideration.

Rather than receive a call or email, if your application has been rejected, your status will switch to No longer under consideration.

While not the personalized experience job seekers could hope for, at least Amazon does keep you updated.

If you’re hired, you will receive a notification – most likely an email, as this writer at Medium received- letting him know to come into a warehouse with documents.

Is It Hard to Get Hired at Amazon?

It does not appear to be difficult to get hired at Amazon, but there’s a process involved, and you have to really want it.

For example, part of the application process can involve a written exam.

Or, they might have you play puzzle games to test your analysis, organization, and problem-solving skills.

Luckily, though, certain factors, such as felony convictions or DUIs aren’t immediate rejections.

Does Amazon Do Background Checks?

Amazon does do background checks on every single one of its prospective hires, going back up to seven years.

Additionally, you will give your consent to the company running the check on you, in the form of handing over your social security number so they can search public records.

However, If you have something like a felony conviction on your record, it’s best not to lie and try to hide it – the background check will discover it.

Amazon is not strictly against hiring convicted felons, especially if they are long in your past and you have shown rehabilitation of your life since then.

Does Amazon Drug Test?

Amazon very likely will drug test you (though not always for all positions), but it is better to assume it will happen, versus not.

However, the company has moved to discontinue testing for marijuana for non-DOT positions, as of 2021.

Drug testing actually takes place after an offer of employment has been made, and if you fail it, well – you can count on your offer vanishing.

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Amazon has streamlined hiring for some of its positions, making it more likely you’ll hear whether or not you were not hired in a timely manner.

Applicants should find out up to five days from the date their application was submitted if they are under consideration or if their application has been rejected.

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