How Long Does Domino’s Delivery Take? (All You Need to Know)

Domino’s is a worldwide pizza chain that is known for its wide menu of tasty food items, as well as its convenient delivery service. On busy days, Domino’s is a great option for getting food delivered to you and your friends and family.

But you may wonder- how long does Domino’s take to deliver? Well, this article will tell you all you need to know, so keep reading!

How Long Does Delivery Take for Domino’s in 2024?

Domino’s usually take between 30 minutes and 50 minutes to deliver your pizza in 2024.  However, estimated delivery times very greatly due to various circumstances, and some customers have experienced wait times of over an hour during busy days. So, if you have questions about times of day that are often quicker for delivery, try calling a local store. 

Keep reading for more information about Domino’s delivery, including why the order might be taking longer than expected, along with other related facts!

Why Is My Domino’s Order Taking So Long?

There are many possible reasons why your Domino’s order is taking longer than expected to arrive.

First, something that most Domino’s stores are experiencing, especially in the US, is a shortage of staff.

Not enough people are working in restaurants and other businesses, which leads to longer wait times for food, and a slower operating process overall.

In addition, there is a shortage of delivery drivers.

So, not only does it take longer to make your pizza, but fewer people delivering on a given day also means it will take longer to arrive.

In addition, road conditions like congestion, traffic incidents, and weather can all affect the timing of your delivery order.

In other words, a delivery driver may encounter various obstacles while delivering your pizza.

Can I Order Domino’s Ahead of Time?

You can order a Domino’s order for pickup or delivery in advance at most locations.

Ordering online, on the app, or over the phone should allow you to schedule a time for your order to be ready.

However, Domino’s cannot guarantee that your order will arrive exactly on time, since there are many factors at play that affect arrival times.

How Does Domino’s Pizza Tracker Work?

How Does Domino's Pizza Tracker Work?

An innovative feature on Domino’s website is the Pizza Tracker, which allows you to see what step of the process your order is currently in.

You can access the Pizza Tracker by entering your order number or clicking the link on the order confirmation page.

This tracker will tell you when your order is being prepped, when it’s baking, and when it’s sent out the door.

Overall, the Pizza Tracker is a great way to stay on top of your dinner plans and keep everyone updated on how soon the pizza will arrive.

What Happens If Domino’s Is Late?

Domino’s offers Delivery Insurance, which applies to any delivery orders that are problematic in some way, including late orders.

If you file a claim through your order confirmation page or email, Domino’s will give you 20% off your next order or 60 Piece of the Pie Rewards Points.

However, this isn’t the only possible compensation for late orders.

Since most stores are franchises and individually owned, each one has its own policies regarding refunds and things of that nature.

(You can learn more by reading our article on late Domino’s orders.)

Does Domino’s Still Have a 30 Minute Guarantee?

Domino’s’ famous 30 minute guarantee that stated that your pizza would arrive in 30 minutes or it’s free was discontinued in 1993.

Although the guarantee was a successor marketing strategy, it led to safety concerns among the public which culminated in a lawsuit.

After the court case, Domino’s discontinued the guarantee to avoid further problems.

However, Domino’s still tries its best to deliver pizza in 30 minutes in areas where this is possible.

Does Domino’s Take Longer at Night?

It is difficult to know consistently whether Domino’s deliveries take longer at night. Often, due to fewer orders and less traffic late at night, deliveries actually take a shorter amount of time.

Since each store has its own circumstances and location, there are many factors that can affect delivery times. Wait times are also effected by which day of the week it is.

Therefore, to check how long deliveries take on a given night for a certain Domino’s store, try calling the store to talk to an employee.

You can find the local store phone number using the Store Locator on Domino’s’ website.

How Long Does Domino’s Delivery Take for Lunch?

Domino’s doesn’t have a consistent estimated wait time for lunch orders.

However, depending on your location and the level of demand for pizza, you may be waiting slightly longer than you would at night, since there are more people on the road during the day.

Factors including the number of employees, amount of traffic, and number of Domino’s orders can all affect the wait time for your order.

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Domino’s aims to deliver your pizza in 30 minutes when possible. However, various factors like traffic, the number of employees, and the number of pizza orders can affect wait times.

Domino’s often takes longer to deliver on weekends and certain times of day. Therefore, you may experience shorter wait times if you order pizza late at night.

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