How Much Are Sugar Gliders at PetSmart? (All You Need to Know)

Though sugar gliders make great pets for the right pet family, they are hard to keep and illegal to breed, sell and own in some states.

If you are curious to know whether PetSmart sells sugar gliders, how much they cost, and how to get one, please read on.

How Much Are Sugar Gliders at PetSmart In 2024?

PetSmart does not sell sugar gliders, since they are illegal to sell in some states in 2024. However, the company sells equipment that may be used by sugar gliders. PetSmart, who want sugar gliders, must liaise with private breeders where it is legal to own them. In such instances, prices range from $100 to $500.

If you want to know more about sugar gliders, whether PetSmart sells them, how to get one and keep it, plus much more, keep on reading!

Does PetSmart Sell Sugar Gliders?

Unfortunately, PetSmart does not sell sugar gliders in any of its outlets.

Why Doesn’t PetSmart Sell Sugar Gliders?

PetSmart does not sell sugar gliders, because the animals are banned in several states in the US.

Therefore, it would be illegal for PetSmart to breed, own, or offer sugar gliders for sale.

Sugar gliders are considered exotic. It’s feared that they can be vectors of human and animal diseases alien to the US, and for which immunity is undeveloped.

Also, there is the risk of the animals overpopulating and adversely affecting indigenous species by competing for food.

What Pets Can I Buy at PetSmart Instead of Sugar Gliders?

You can find a variety of pets to buy or adopt from PetSmart. There are dogs, cats, and monkeys you can adopt through partner rescue groups.

If your preference is a smaller pet, you can opt for hamsters, mice, squirrels, and even gerbils and guinea pigs.

It’s possible to get any of these pets for the price range of a sugar glider. You will get as much satisfaction out of it with less trouble.

Where Can I Buy a Sugar Glider Apart From PetSmart?

You can buy sugar gliders from pet shops, private breeders, or adopt from rescue groups in any of the areas where it’s legal to have them.

Before you consider getting a sugar glider, make sure it is legal to own in your state, as well as your municipality.

Some municipalities like St. Paul in Minnesota and New York City in New York ban ownership of sugar gliders, even though the rest of the state allows them.

However, the good news is that sugar gliders are legal in 41 states, and in another three states, you can own them with a permit.

How Much Will I Pay for a Sugar Glider at PetSmart?

How Much Will I Pay for a Sugar Glider at PetSmart?

PetSmart does not sell sugar gliders, so it has no price.

But where sugar gliders are sold, the price depends on age, training, and coloration. The more attractive or unique coloring is, the more it fetches.

Also, note that sugar gliders are highly social animals, and it’s recommended that you buy at least two. Factor this into the final costs.

Adults spend between $100 to $200, while infant sugar gliders cost $200 to $500.

Can I Buy Sugar Glider Equipment and Foods at PetSmart?

You can buy most of what you need for your sugar glider in a PetSmart outlet.

Listed are some of the supplies you need for your sugar glider, and sample prices from PetSmart:

  • Cages – $58.40 to $94.99
  • Cage accessories – 3.99 to 45.99
  • Food dishes – $5.99 to $9.99
  • Water bowls – approximately $7.99
  • Nest pouches and boxes – approximately $12.99
  • Toys – $9.99
  • Travel carriers – $19.99 to $25
  • Treats – $8.99 (for a veggie kabob)
  • Beddings and cage liners – approximately 9.99
  • Food – approximately 4.99

Note that the items listed above exist in variety. The best way to get what’s suitable is to visit a PetSmart store or

How Should I Prepare to Receive My Sugar Glider?

Sugar gliders get around quite a lot, and can quickly get hurt or even killed. Follow these tips to proof your home and make it safe for your pet:

  • Find a reputable and knowledgeable breeder to instruct you in all you need to know, and even help you prepare your home for the sugar glider.
  • Have a vet experienced with sugar gliders at hand for medical issues, since not every vet can treat a sugar glider.
  • Plan to have your sugar glider microchipped or collared since they are easy to lose sight of due to their size and excessive mobility.
  • Prepare the cage accessories, and have all sugar glider supplies ready.
  • Keep the toilet lid down every time, and avoid having water-filled containers lying around in your home.
  • Keep cabinet doors closed, and close up holes in the walls and ceilings that your sugar glider may squeeze through. Keep vents covered and windows closed, too.
  • Make sure razors and all sharp things are out of the sugar glider’s reach. Turn off ceiling fans so that your sugar glider does not fly into them by mistake.
  • Apply outlet covers to every outlet. Sugar glider feet are tiny enough to go into those holes with potentially fatal results.
  • Limit your sugar glider’s access to only a few rooms in your house. Keep it out of the kitchen, since it is an area filled with hazards to the sugar glider.

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Sugar gliders may be exotic and exciting to own, but they cannot be found at PetSmart due to legal restrictions. Though they can be purchased elsewhere, prepare adequately to give them a safe and conducive home.

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