How To Access Verizon Email? (All You Need To Know)

Are you trying to get into your Verizon email but don’t know how to access it? Do you want to know where to go to log in to your account?

If so, continue reading below to learn how to access Verizon email quickly so you can stay caught up on the latest news and updates!

How To Access Verizon Email In 2024?

You can no longer access your Verizon email as Verizon has retired the email service, and customers should have been notified of this in 2017. You can still access your email by going to AOL or Yahoo, which is where you would have had to migrate to when it retired.

Do you want to know more about accessing your Verizon email, such as what information you’ll need to get into your email? Well, keep reading below and I’ll answer that question and more!

Can I Still Access My Verizon Email?

If you migrated your email in 2017 to either AOL or Yahoo, you can still access your Verizon email by going to either or

For example, if you chose to migrate to Yahoo, then go to and enter your full Verizon email address on the login page.

You will need to select “Next” and then enter your password which is case-sensitive and you cannot have Caps Lock on during the login process.

Lastly, just select “Login” after you’ve entered your password and you can still access that email account.

Similarly., if you switched over to AOL in 2017, you would just go to and enter your login credentials just as in the step above.

What Happened to Verizon Email?

Verizon chose to retire the email in 2017, and in the statement released, Verizon said it wanted to focus on providing customers with what the company does best.

Furthermore, Verizon said it was going to keep moving forward with the best internet, television, and voice services possible, therefore, the email client and email business had to go,

Why Is Verizon Email Not Working?

If you’ve tried to log in to AOL or Yahoo to load up your email account and noticed it’s not working, you may not have migrated to the platforms in 2017 when Verizon email retired.

Additionally, anyone that did not migrate by December 15, 2017, no longer will have access to their email, address book, emails, or calendar, and the information has since been deleted.

This means that you’ve missed the window on migrating, exporting your data, or switching email providers to keep your email and there’s no way to get it back!

Does Verizon Fios Have Email?

Verizon Fios does not have email either since the retirement of email in 2017, which impacted both Verizon Wireless and Verizon Fios customers.

Does AOL Still Support Verizon Email?

Does AOL Still Support Verizon Email?

AOL still supports Verizon email as long as you had migrated in 2017 before Verizon shut down their email client.

However, if you’re having trouble logging into your Verizon email through AOL you need to make sure you’re entering the full Verizon email address.

For example, you’ll need to type the part of your email when trying to log in and that will be your username.

Does Yahoo Still Support Verizon Email?

To this day, Yahoo is still supporting Verizon email so as long as you made the switch back in 2017, there are no issues with you using Yahoo to check your account.

Furthermore, if you find yourself having trouble logging into the system through Yahoo, keep in mind you need to type your full email including in the username section.

Can I Use Outlook for Verizon Email?

You can use Outlook to log in to your Verizon email as long as you switched in 2017, and it’s easy to configure Outlook to get your Verizon email by following the steps below:

  • Launch Outlook
  • Select “File” and then select “Add Account”
  • Select “Manually configure server settings”
  • Click on “Next” and then “Next” once again
  • Enter your name into the field
  • Enter the email address into the field
  • On the “Incoming Mail Server” field you want to type
  • On the “Outgoing Mail Server” line you want to type
  • Input your Verizon username and password in the correct boxes
  • Select “More Settings”
  • Select “Outgoing Servers”
  • Checkmark the box that says “My outgoing server requires authentication”
  • Select “Advanced”
  • Enter “995” in the POP3 field (incoming server)
  • Enter “465” in the SMTP field (outgoing server)
  • Select “OK”
  • Click “Next”
  • Select “Finish” to complete the process

What Are The Settings For Verizon Email On iPhone?

To use your iPhone to log in to your Verizon email if you switched to AOL you’ll need to input some settings, which you can do if you follow our guide below for the AOL mail server:

  • Incoming Mail Server- (POP3)
  • Incoming Mail Server- (IMAP)
  • Incoming Server Port- 995 or you can try IMAP-993-SSL
  • Outgoing Mail Server-
  • Outgoing Server Port- Either SMTP-465-SSL or enter 465

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You can only access your Verizon email if you switched to AOL, Yahoo, or a third-party service provider before December 2017, which is when Verizon retired email.

However, if you did migrate to another provider, you’re still able to log in to your Verizon email using your whole email as your username and your old password.

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