How To Clock In At Walmart (All You Need To Know)

Walmart is widely known for the success and efficiency of several implemented systems. For instance, the employee clock-in system has made it easier for the management to record employee shifts and track the hours of individual employees.

However, the main question by new employees on the system remains: How do you clock in at Walmart? I was wondering about the same thing, so here’s what I discovered!

How Do You Clock In At Walmart In 2024?

You can clock in at Walmart by swiping your badge on the Electronic Time Clock in Walmart stores or through the Me@Walmart app as of 2024. These systems provide Walmart with automatic tracking and recording of employee hours, making it easier to prepare payroll. Moreover, the systems help the management in tracking employee attendance.

If you want to get more information on how Walmart tracks employees, Walmart’s clock-in and clock-out guidelines, and much more, keep reading!

How Does Walmart Track Employees’ Hours?

Walmart tracks the number of employees’ hours through an Electronic Time Clock (ETC) feature.

Through this feature, Walmart associates can track their hours at the store by swiping their badge and selecting one of the options:

  • Clock-in
  • Going to a meal
  • Back from a meal
  • Clock-out

Then, once an associate feeds the Electronic Time Clock with information on activities during their shift, the clock automatically tracks the hours of individual employees.

Therefore, for efficient and effective tracking of an employee’s hours, employees are required to clock in at the beginning of shifts, record any unpaid breaks, and clock out when leaving.

Further, the activities are automatically updated on the Walmart store mainframe computer system and are compiled at the end of two weeks to calculate and process payments.

Alternatively, associates can use the Me@Walmart app to clock in and track their schedules on time. 

How Does Walmart Clock-In Work?

Walmart associates clock in work using the Electronic Time Clock or the Me@Walmart app explicitly designed for Walmart associates.

So, while the traditional method of clocking in at work involves swiping the associates’ badge on the Electronic Time Clock, Walmart has recently introduced a more convenient way of clocking in through the app.

That said, the app uses geofencing technology and requires that you tap on a button once you arrive at your store to record your hours.

Also, the Me@Walmart app displays scheduling up to two weeks in advance to plan their time and request change if employees need to.

What Do You Do After You Clock In At Walmart?

What Do You Do After You Clock In At Walmart?

Once you clock in at Walmart, you are expected to run your daily duties and responsibilities until it’s time for you to take a break.

Ideally, Walmart will expect you to take a lunch break of one hour during the eight-hour shift.

Therefore, you have to record on the “clock–in” option you chose when taking your breaks in between the shifts.

Then, once your shift is over as dictated by the stores’ scheduling, you can clock out and leave work till your next shift.

Do You Get A Point For Clocking In Early At Walmart?

No, you do not get points for clocking in early at Walmart. However, you get points at Walmart for clocking in late and clocking out earlier than your scheduled time.

With that, you’ll earn a point if you clock in more than ten minutes late and clock out more than ten minutes early since Walmart would record the shift as incomplete.

According to Walmart’s company policy, arriving ten minutes late and leaving ten minutes earlier earn you points that could be the basis for termination of your employment.

Further, arriving or leaving between ten minutes to two hours earns you half a point, while anything more than two hours would earn you a full point, which leads to coaching that could result in termination.

Also, it’s important to note that constantly arriving late within the ten-minute mark and leaving early within the time frame may result in summoning by management and possible coaching.

What Happens If You Forgot To Clock Out At Walmart?

If you forget to clock out at Walmart, the system will record when you first clocked in.

However, when you attempt to clock in for a subsequent shift, the system will prompt you to clock out the previous shift before you clock in a new shift.

Also, you can liaise with management to amend the timesheet and correct your hours before Walmart prepares payroll.

Can I Get Fired For Not Clocking Out At Walmart?

No, you cannot get fired for not clocking out. Instead, to amend the mistake, the system will automatically request that you complete a previous entry before you attempt to clock in a new entry.

Do You Get A Point For Leaving Early At Walmart?

Yes, you get points for leaving early at Walmart.

For example, if you leave within ten minutes to two hours earlier, you earn half a point.

Similarly, if you leave more than two hours earlier, you earn a full point. So, it’s important to note that the accumulation of points could lead to the termination of your employment with Walmart.

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In conclusion, Walmart uses automated clocking in systems such as the Electric Time Clock and the Me@Walmart app to track employee hours at work.

That said, these systems make it easier for management to calculate hours worked by employees and spot incomplete shifts.

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