How to Get Free Popeyes (7 Different Methods)

Do you know that you can eat at any of Popeyes’ 3000 locations for free? Are you aware that Beyonce has a lifetime’s Popeyes free pass?

It may not be possible to have a lifetime’s Popeyes free pass as an ordinary American, but you can get free Popeyes if you follow these clever hacks. Read on to find out what they are!

How to Get Free Popeyes In [currentyear]

Popeyes customers can get a free meal on special occasions like birthdays, holiday seasons, or Valentines in [currentyear]. Customers can also use coupons, employee benefits, or occasional discounts and deals. Also, Popeyes offers a free meal when you download its app or register an account. Participating in Popeyes surveys can also earn one a free meal.

Stay on if you want to know when you can get a free meal from Popeyes, what you can get, and what to do to get your free meal!

How Can I Get a Free Meal From Popeyes?

You can get a free meal from Popeyes either fully or partially through several ways.

Note that though most of these methods are frequently regular, they are impermanent, and you must always have your ear to the ground so that no opportunities pass you by.

Join and be an active member of Popeyes communities online and offline, and you will always be among the first to know when an opportunity arises.

Remember that some opportunities may require that you have an account to limit the number of times you can claim them.

Here are 7 methods you can use to snag a free meal at Popeyes:

1. Participating in Surveys

Popeyes wants to know how it is performing in meeting customers’ needs and will pay for that information since it helps it shape the customer’s experience.

The restaurant rewards survey participants with a gift card, coupon, or voucher.

Completing the survey automatically qualifies you for the sweepstake, where you stand to win a gift card worth $1000- that’s a lot of free Popeyes meals!

This gift card is not transferable, but nothing stops you from sharing the meals with your loved ones once you have redeemed them.

Otherwise, you receive a validation code at the end of the survey to redeem something at Popeyes.

How to Participate in the Popeyes Survey for a Free Offer

You must be at least 16 to participate, you must not be an employee of Popeyes, and your receipt must be no more than two days old.

Also, you must not have completed the survey in the past 30 days and must have visited a Popeyes location and purchased something.

A link to the survey site is always given to you at the back of your receipt. Follow this to complete the survey and wait for your reward.

2. Under Popeyes Loyalty Scheme

Popeyes uses the loyalty scheme to reward loyal guests who keep coming back.

You qualify for the scheme by downloading the Popeyes App or registering your name and email on

Every member that signs up immediately qualifies for the free offer of an apple pie, regular side, or small drink.

If you buy the “Welcome to the Popeyes ® Fam” meal on sign-up, you are rewarded 500 points to go with it.

Afterward, you earn a point for every dollar you spend, with bonus points on family meals and combos.

Go to your app or under the ‘Rewards’ tab to find out what you can spend your points on. 

Use the ‘Rewards’ tab to redeem your points by clicking on the items you wish to spend your points on.

As a member, you can order during Happy Hour every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM for $1 for regular-sized sides.

3. Popeyes Coupons

3. Popeyes Coupons

Coupons can be found on Popeyes’ website. Use the following procedure to redeem them:

  1. Click on ‘Offers’ to see what is available. The offers are constantly changing, so you should keep on refreshing.
  2. You need an account if you intend to use your coupon online. Sign up for one, or log in.
  3. Popeyes will send you a verification email requiring you to log in.
  4. When you click on log in, it will redirect to the Popeyes webpage.
  5. Navigate back to offers and click on the item of choice.
  6. Click Order in Restaurant, or Add to Mobile Order.
  7. Enter the nearest Popeyes and select your food.
  8. The coupon is automatically applied at check out.

You do not need an account if using the coupon in person. Find a printable coupon on the Popeyes website, choose a location, and print out the coupon you want.

You can now use the coupon to pay for your order!

4. Employee Benefits

One way of getting free Popeyes is to work for the company itself. Among the many perks is an employee discount you can use to buy food.

Some locations also give employees free food to eat during their break. The food cannot be taken home and must all be consumed during the break.

This information may be handy if you consider several places to work. Only note that it is not exactly a company policy, and locations oscillate between offering discounts or free meals.

5. Special Occasions

Popeyes likes to celebrate with its customers and tries to offer something on those red-letter days that mean something to an individual or community.

While the fried chicken is Popeyes’ most sought-after offering, you won’t get that on your birthday. Instead, Popeyes will give you a free apple pie dessert.

The restaurant also runs some offers on Valentine’s, which you and your loved one can exploit to reduce the cost of your outing.

Popeyes has been known to offer a Buy One Get One Free deal on its chicken sandwiches. That means you and your loved one will get fed for the price of one.

During the Christmas season, Popeyes runs sweepstakes in which customers can win free food and prize money worth $50,000.

The last time, this promotion ran for 12 days during the festive season.

6. The Grubhub App

Sometimes Popeyes fulfillment partners run promotions either on their own or with Popeyes.

Most recently, Popeyes ran a promotion with Grubhub in which all those who ordered food via the Grubhub App were rewarded with a free chicken sandwich combo.

The order had to be over $20 to qualify and ran from October to December 2021.

7. The National Sandwich Day

There is no better day to be hopeful of a Popeyes chicken sandwich than on National Sandwich Day.

To qualify, you buy any food worth at least $10, and you get a free chicken sandwich.

Alternatively, you can enter the competition to craft the next sandwich hit. If you win, your sandwich is added to the menu, and you get a free sandwich for yourself.

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Popeyes has made it possible for its ardent customers to get a free meal by simply keeping an ear to the ground and complying with simple instructions. Customers can acquire free meals on certain promotional days, through surveys, and other discount opportunities.

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