How to Pronounce Shein? (All You Need to Know)

Most people have trouble pronouncing the name Shein. It’s not a difficult name to say, but it’s not pronounced the way most people think it is.

So, in this post, we’ll teach you how to pronounce Shein correctly and also give you some background on the name and its origins. Keep reading to learn more!

How to Pronounce Shein?

Almost everyone stumbles over how to pronounce the brand name Shein in English correctly in 2024. Commonly it is mispronounced as “sheen,” “shine,” or even “she-in.” However, since the first syllable has a “ch” sound, the correct way to pronounce the word in English is actually  closer to “shay-in” rather than “sheen.”

Keep reading, and by the end of this post, you’ll be able to say Shein correctly without any hesitation confidently!

What Was the Brand Shein Originally Called?

When the company was founded in 2008, it was called ZZKKO and in 2011 changed its name to Sheinside.

At the time, the company specialized in wedding dresses and also sold some women’s clothing.

However, in 2014, the company bought Romwe, an e-commerce fashion retailer. After this acquisition, the company rebranded under the name Shein.

Why Did the Company Change Its Name From Sheinside to Shein?

Why Did the Company Change Its Name From Sheinside to Shein?

After acquiring Romwe, the company changed its name from Sheinside to Shein because it made the name easier for searches and more recognizable to the general public. 

Is It Pronounced Sheen or Shine?

By far, the most common mispronunciation of Shein is “sheen” or “shine.” Another common mispronunciation is “she-in.”

However, while these are perfectly acceptable pronunciations in English, they are not how the name is actually pronounced.

If you want to get it right, you need to say “sheen” with a hard “ch” sound for the first syllable, like in the word “loch.”

Therefore, the correct pronunciation is closer to “shay-in” than either “sheen” or “shine”.

What Does Shein Mean in Chinese?

After searching online, we found different means for the name Shein.  Shein is of Chinese origin, and it means “beautiful” or “elegant,” and has also been translated as “sound of hope.”

How Is Shein Written With Chinese Characters?

When writing Shein in Chinese, you would use the characters 希音. In addition, in English writing, it would translate as Xiyin.

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Although there are many ways to say the brand name Shein, the correct pronunciation of the brand’s name begins with a hard “ch” sound, making the proper pronunciation “shay-in.” However, in English, it’s considered acceptable to pronounce the brand as “she-in” or “sheen.”

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