How To Quit KFC? (Amount of Notice, Letter of Resignation + More)

No matter how much you like a job, you’ll likely need to quit. In today’s job market, people often switch jobs every few years.

KFC usually isn’t a job that people stay at for very long unless you’re a manager. So, the managers at this store are used to people quitting all the time. To figure out how to hand in your resignation letter, keep reading!

How To Quit KFC In 2024

Quitting KFC is like quitting any other job; preferably, you should submit a two-week notice, though this is not legally required as of 2024. Also, it’s best to offer to train your replacement or ease the transitions in other ways. Your letter of resignation should state your intent and the date you intend to leave.

For more information on writing your resignation letter and how to quit your job at KFC, take a look below!

How Do You Write A Letter Of Resignation For KFC?

Writing a letter of resignation to KFC is pretty simple, as it is for all fast-food jobs. That said, start by listing the date and your name near the top.

Then, simply state that you intend to resign from your job. If you wish, you can provide a two-week notice. While this is requested and commonplace, it is not a legal requirement.

Either way, we recommend stating the date you intend to leave – even if it is the day you hand it in.

Technically, this is all you need to write a letter of resignation. Beyond that, everything is optional.

However, you may choose to put in a reason for leaving or a statement of gratitude for the work the fast-food restaurant provided you.

Typically, it is recommended that you stay positive. If possible, securing your resignation as a positive event may increase the odds of them leaving you a good review.

As always, include your signature at the bottom.

Can I Just Quit My Job At KFC?

Typically, it is recommended that you provide a two-week notice for a few different reasons.

Most importantly, it allows you to leave on a positive note, which may help with your job references later on.

However, you do not legally have to provide anyone with a two-week notice.

In many cases, certain establishments may act as you do, but there are no state or federal laws that say you must provide notice.

So, you can simply quit your job at KFC if you wish. If you have another job already lined up, the promise of a reference may not mean much.

Still, keep in mind that there are potential consequences of providing no notice.

For example, providing no notice means severing your relationship with your employer. They likely will not hire you back and may not speak well of you to other potential employers.

How Do You Quit A Job At KFC Without Being Rude?

How Do You Quit A Job At KFC Without Being Rude?

If you’re trying to be as friendly as possible, provide a two-week (or more) notice before quitting.

Also, listing these reasons why you’re leaving is polite, and most people keep the reasons positive so they can rely on a good reference letter down the road.

We recommend leaving a specific statement of gratitude in your resignation letter. With that, say “thanks for letting me work while earning my degree” or “thanks for letting me gain experience.”

Further, hand this letter to your boss in person, do not leave it on their desk or email them. Keep the resignation brief and offer to help with the transition.

Lastly, we recommend letting your co-workers know, as this will help maintain the relationships you have built with them.

How Do I Quit KFC If I Just Started?

Quitting a job you just started can be complicated. After all, you usually haven’t worked there long enough to provide a two-week notice.

However, it still may be in your best interest to offer one. Usually, if you were just hired, the company already has a list of other applicants to replace you.

Therefore, the manager may not need this notice at all. Still, it is always better to be safe rather than sorry and offer it.

You may offer to train the next person if you’ve already undergone training. But, if you’re very new, then this won’t be necessary.

You may want to outline the reason for quitting, as well. Quitting after just starting can look bad on your resume, so try to leave on a good foot for a good reference later.

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When quitting your job at KFC, handing your manager a two-week notice is the best practice.

That said, make sure your notice includes your last day of work, a short thank you, the reason for quitting, and your name.

Additionally, a two-week notice is not required, but it makes it easier to receive a good recommendation from your KFC manager down the road.

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