How to Reactivate Grubhub Driver Account (All You Need to Know)

Grubhub promises its drivers flexibility in when they work and how much they do so they have more control over what they make.

What a driver chooses to do might have an impact on their account and could sometimes result in deactivation. Here’s how to reactivate your Grubhub driver account if that happens!

How to Reactivate Your Grubhub Driver Account In 2024

To reactivate your Grubhub driver account, you will need to fill out a form on the website to make a formal request in 2024. You will also be asked to provide documents to prove your qualifications to continue as a driver, which will be very similar to what you did when going through the approval process the first time.

Keep reading if you’d like to learn what you need to do to reactivate your Grubhub driver account, why your account was disabled, and more useful information!

What Steps Do I Need to Follow to Reactivate my Grubhub Driver Account?

To reactivate your Grubhub driver account, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Open the requests page for Grubhub drivers with the form you need to fill out
  2. Select “Delivery partners request form” from the first box with a list of issues
  3. Enter the important account information you used when originally signing up, like your email address, phone number, and name
  4. In the topics, select “I have delivered a Grubhub order”
  5. Select “I think my account has been paused or is inactive”
  6. Select “I received an email telling me my account has been paused”
  7. Upload the required up-to-date documents like your driver’s license and proof of insurance
  8. Provide additional details in the text box at the bottom of the page and explain the reason why you were deactivated and why the company should reactivate you
  9. Submit the request and wait for a response

Read on to learn all you need to know about reactivating your Grubhub driver account, including why you might have been deactivated, what you need to submit with the request, and more!

What Do I Need to Reactivate My Grubhub Driver Account?

To reactivate your Grubhub driver account, you will need to provide a copy of your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and your Grubhub driver card.

Your driver’s license upload should include the following:

  1. It should be sharp and not blurry
  2. Your full legal name and expiration date must be easy to read
  3. All four corners should be visible in the picture

Your proof of insurance could be your insurance ID card or declarations page and should include the following:

  1. Your full legal name
  2. Your policy’s expiration date to show that it’s still in effect
  3. Make and model of the vehicle you use for deliveries to show that it’s covered by the policy
  4. Proof that you’re also covered by the policy. You don’t need to be the primary holder of the policy but you need to be one of the drivers listed as covered
  5. Your policy’s coverage limits

If you don’t have a motor vehicle that requires insurance and you do deliveries using something like a bicycle, you’ll need to mention that in your request.

If you never got your Grubhub driver card or you lost it, you will have the option to indicate either when making your request.

Why Did Grubhub Disable My Account?

Why Did Grubhub Disable My Account?

Grubhub says it can deactivate your driver account for one of the following reasons:

  1. Saying that you’ve delivered orders when you haven’t
  2. Unreasonably canceling or failing to deliver orders that you accepted
  3. Anything that results in multiple or serious complaints from customers or restaurants saying your services are unprofessional, unsafe, incomplete, or violate their standards in any other way

As far as that last one, Grubhub says its drivers shouldn’t communicate in any way that:

  1. Is harmful, threatening, unlawful, vulgar, abusive, harassing, obscene, invasive of someone else’s privacy, or otherwise objectionable
  2. Is illegal or promotes illegal activity
  3. Violates a trademark, copyright, trade secret, patent, or right of privacy
  4. Has a political, religious, or commercial purpose
  5. Is misleading, false, or not done in good faith
  6. Is intended to limit, interrupt, or destroy the functionality of materials, hardware, or software in the driver app or related sites

Grubhub can decide how to interpret your actions to determine whether they go against the guidelines described above.

This means your account might get deactivated for something you don’t think was a violation.

In practice, this means that a lot of people get their accounts deactivated for reasons that were beyond their control and, in some cases, things that could be considered Grubhub’s fault.

Can I Have 2 Grubhub Accounts?

As a Grubhub driver, you can’t have 2 accounts because the company collects a lot of information that it can use to make the connection.

For example, when you sign up, you will need to provide your social security number which you can only have one of regardless of where you live or your insurance provider.

If your Grubhub driver account gets deactivated, you can only submit a request for reactivation or switch to a different service like Doordash, Uber Eats, or Postmates.

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To reactivate your Grubhub driver account, you will need to submit a request via the website and provide personal information, as well as supporting documents like your driver’s license and proof of insurance.

Grubhub deactivates its drivers for violating the guidelines, including for actions that are illegal and by posing a threat to the customers or restaurants. You can’t have 2 Grubhub driver accounts, so if your request is rejected you can only sign up for a different food delivery service.

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