How To Recover Deleted Voicemail With Verizon? (3 Step Recovery + More)

Did you accidentally delete a voicemail, and you’re wondering how to get it back? Do you want to know how to recover deleted voicemail with Verizon?

If so, continue reading because I’ve been researching this topic and can tell you if it’s possible to recover deleted voicemail with Verizon and how it works!

How To Recover Deleted Voicemail With Verizon In 2024?

It is possible to recover deleted voicemail with Verizon, although the timeframe you have to recover the deleted voicemail depends on whether you’re using the app or are trying to recover it through contacting Verizon Customer Service as of 2024. For example, if you use the app, you may have an easier time restoring it on your device.

Do you want to know more about recovering deleted voicemails with Verizon, such as how long you can recover voicemails with Verizon? Well, continue reading to find out!

1. Contact Verizon Customer Service

One of the best ways to recover a deleted voicemail with Verizon is to contact Verizon Customer Service at 1-800-922-0204.

Furthermore, if Verizon can access the deleted voicemail, a representative will send the voicemail back to you so that you have it again.

However, you will need to be both quick and lucky to get your voicemail back since Verizon keeps voicemails in the pending queue for only around 24 hours!

2. Try Calling Your Voicemail

You can try calling your voicemail to see if you can recover the deleted voicemail yourself by going to the end of your voicemail prompts and pressing the option to check erased messages.

Additionally, you will be able to check those erased messages and choose to restore them, so press option “9” to get into your erased messages and then “7” to recover that message.

3. Check Your Voicemail App

If you’re wondering how to recover deleted Voicemail with Verizon, check your voicemail app,and if you’re on Android, it’s a relatively simple process that involves the steps below:

  • Open your Voicemail app
  • Click on the three dots to bring up the menu
  • Select “Deleted Voicemails”
  • Find the voicemail you want and hold it down
  • Select “Save” to bring that voicemail back out of the deleted folder

Additionally, if you’re on iOS, you can recover deleted voicemails using your voicemail app by following these steps:

  • Open your Phone app
  • Select “Voicemail”
  • Look for “Deleted Messages” at the bottom
  • Select which voicemail you want to recover
  • Select “Undelete”
  • Select “Voicemail” to get back to your main screen
  • You should now see the deleted voicemail back in your inbox

How Long Does Verizon Keep Deleted Voicemails?

How Long Does Verizon Keep Deleted Voicemails?

Verizon only keeps deleted voicemails in its system for 24 hours or thereabouts, so the company could remove them in 12 hours or 30 hours, so you have to have a little luck to retrieve them.

However, it will depend on whether the voicemail deletion is still pending in the Verizon system, and there is no guarantee it will still be pending after 24 hours.

Can Verizon Recover Lost Voicemails After Deletion From The System?

According to a Verizon Customer Service Representative, there is no way that Verizon can recover any lost voicemail after it’s been deleted from their system.

Therefore, if you’ve accidentally deleted a voicemail, you will need to contact Verizon as soon as possible to have the best chance to recover the voicemail.

How Do You Prevent Losing Deleted Voicemails With Verizon?

The best way to prevent losing your deleted voicemails with Verizon is to use a cloud backup service, which will sync messages and allow you to retrieve them from the cloud.

Additionally, with cloud backup, even if you delete the voicemail from your device, you can still use either Apple iCloud or Google Drive.

On top of that, you can save your voicemails to an SD card,so you have an archive of them by following the steps below:

  • Open the voicemail app on your phone
  • Hold down the messages to backup
  • Select “Save” or “Archive”
  • Find the SD storage option from the list
  • Select “Save”

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To recover deleted voicemail with Verizon, your best bet would be to contact Verizon Customer Service if it’s been 24 hours or less to see if a representative can retrieve it from the pending system.

However, once Verizon has deleted the message, the company cannot restore it, so you can prevent this by saving messages to an SD card or using Cloud backup.

Additionally, you can try to call your voicemail, press “9” to hear erased messages, and then press “7” to restore the deleted message if it’s still in there.

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