How To Set Up Verizon Voicemail? (All You Need To Know)

Voicemail is important for a lot of people as it’s how you can keep track of important missed calls and know who you need to call back, but do you know how to set up Verizon voicemail?

Well, keep reading below because I’ve got all of the important information you need to know to set up your Verizon voicemail and begin using it today!

How To Set Up Verizon Voicemail In 2024?

You can set up your Verizon Voicemail with your Verizon phone by dialing *86 and pressing the Call button. You’ll hear a recorded message for language selection, press #, and then enter a passcode for your voicemail that’s 4 to 7 digits. Select #  and record your name, then hit # again. Record your greeting, hit #, and then hit # again to confirm.

Do you want to know more about setting up your Verizon voicemail, such as how to reset it? If so, continue reading to learn about the steps you’ll need to take and a lot more!

How To Set Up Verizon Voicemail On Landline?

If you want to set up your Verizon Voicemail using a landline it’s very easy to do if you follow our guide below:

  • Dial your 10-digit phone number from a landline phone
  • Press # if you hear a greeting to interrupt it
  • Select your language, which is 1 for English, and then press # to confirm it
  • Enter a passcode that’s 4 to 7 digits long and press #
  • Say your name and then hit #
  • Confirm the name by pressing #
  • Make your greeting when prompted and press #
  • Confirm it by pressing # again

How Do I Check Verizon Voicemail?

If you have your Verizon phone, it’s simple to check your voicemail by following the steps outlined below:

  • Select the Phone app
  • Dial *86 and then hit the Call button
  • Enter your password and then press #
  • Follow the prompts to listen to your voicemail

Why Does My Verizon Voicemail Not Work?

It can be frustrating if you’re trying to check your Verizon voicemail only to realize it’s not working, which can be caused by the following problems:

  • The passcode is entered incorrectly
  • The phone isn’t dialing the right number
  • Dual Tone Modulated Frequency has been turned off

How Can I Fix These Common Problems Accessing Verizon Voicemail?

  1. If the passcode isn’t working and you know you’re entering it correctly, then you may need to reset your passcode, which we will talk about below.
  2. Instead of dialing #86, you can try to dial your entire phone number to see if you can hear your voicemail greeting, and at that time you can hit “#” to access your voicemail.
  3. If the Dual Tone Modulated Frequency has been turned off, you can find it within the “Settings” section of your phone and turn it back on

How Do I Reset My Verizon Voicemail?

How Do I Reset My Verizon Voicemail?

You have the option to reset your Verizon Voicemail passcode by either using your Verizon phone or the My Verizon app.

Furthermore, if you’d like to use your Verizon phone just dial *611 from the device and hit “Send” to begin the call and follow the steps below:

  • Enter the information for security verification that it asks for
  • Say “Reset voicemail password” when asked for the reason for your call
  • Follow all of the prompts to reset the passcode and make sure there are no repeating or consecutive digits
  • You may have a text come in from a digital assistant and may need to complete additional steps

Similarly, you can use your My Verizon app to change your Verizon Voicemail passcode, and to do that just follow these simple steps:

  • Open My Verizon app on your device
  • Select “More” and then select “Settings”
  • Enter your password if prompted
  • Select “Security”
  • Select “Manage voicemail password”
  • Enter the new voicemail password and enter again for confirmation
  • Select “Update”

What’s the Difference Between Verizon Visual Voicemail and Basic Voicemail?

The difference between Verizon Visual Voicemail and Basic Voicemail is that Basic Voicemail is an audio-only voicemail whereas Visual Voicemail shows the list of your voicemails.

Further, Visual Voicemail allows you to see all of your voicemails and choose to reply to them with a text or call, delete the voicemails, or play them from specific numbers.

You don’t have to pay for the Visual Voicemail feature as it’s free with both iOS and Android devices, except Android devices that are on prepaid plans.

However, you can choose to upgrade to Premium Visual Voicemail for $2.99 per month per line and this allows you to read your voicemails on the screen.

How Do I Activate Visual Voicemail Verizon?

If you’d like to activate the Visual Voicemail option on Verizon instead of the basic voicemail, just follow the steps below:

  • If you’re on an Android device open up your Voicemail app and simply follow the prompts
  • On an iPhone, you’ll need to open the Phone app and then select “Voicemail” and click on “Set Up Now”

Additionally, if you already have a basic voicemail, you’ll use the same passcode for Verizon Visual Voicemail.

Does Verizon Visual Voicemail and Basic Voicemail Sync?

If you already have basic voicemail on your Verizon phone, you can set up Visual Voicemail and have peace of mind in knowing it will sync automatically.

Furthermore, since Visual Voicemail is a display of what the audio voicemail is, there is no difference between them and both mailboxes will sync together.

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It’s simple to set up your Verizon Voicemail right from your Verizon phone by dialing *86 and then choosing your language option and hitting the # key to begin the process.

Additionally, you’ll be asked to make a passcode between 4 to 7 digits long, and then you will need to say your name, confirm it, say your greeting, and then confirm it by pressing #.

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