How to Send a Grubhub Gift Card? (All You Need To Know)

Gift cards allow you to get someone credit to spend at a place of your choosing but without limiting what they can get from there.

Well, Grubhub provides gift cards, so if you’re interested in getting one for someone, read on to find out how to send them!

How to Send a Grubhub Gift Card In 2024

You can send a Grubhub gift card when you buy it by specifying an address when prompted in 2024. When you buy an electronic gift card, you can send it to someone’s email address with an optional message. When you buy a physical gift card, you can send it to someone’s physical address with an option to alert them beforehand.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about sending Grubhub gift cards, including the different ways you can do it, where to get them, and more!

Can You Send a Grubhub Gift Card Via Text?

Unfortunately, you can’t send a Grubhub gift card via text directly, but you can get one and send the code to someone else via text so they can redeem it as long as you haven’t already.

Gift cards from Grubhub come with a code that you enter on the company platform to redeem.

You can send this code to someone via text so they can add it to their account and use it themselves.

They can also use this code to check the gift card’s balance.

A lot of places that sell gift cards let you send them to a recipient via text but Grubhub does not have this option.

Can You Send a Grubhub Gift Card by Email?

You can send a Grubhub gift card by email when you buy it by selecting the electronic gift card option and entering the recipient’s address.

When you send a Grubhub gift card by email, the recipient will get it with a code they can enter on the platform to redeem it.

If you don’t specify at this point when you would want them to get the gift card, they’ll get it the same day.

You also have the option to include a message that will display with the email the recipient will get with the gift card.

You can also buy one for yourself by entering your name in the “Recipient’s name” and your own address when prompted for the email.

There’s also an option to specify that you’re buying a gift card for yourself and you can choose from a variety of designs or upload your own picture, then have it delivered to your email.

Can You Send a Grubhub Gift Card to a Friend?

Can You Send a Grubhub Gift Card to a Friend?

You can send a Grubhub gift card to a friend using the dedicated function.

This function lets you buy one, load some cash into it, and send it directly to the recipient through email or their address depending on whether you got an electronic or physical card.

When buying a Grubhub gift card for a friend, you will need to provide your name and theirs, which will be used in the message that accompanies the card.

You can also include a custom message and schedule when they get it, both of which are features that are ideal for special events like birthdays.

If you opt to send a physical card you’ll need to provide an address for shipping with the following information:

  1. Their name
  2. Country – it’s currently restricted to the US
  3. Street address
  4. Suite, apartment, etc. (optional)
  5. City
  6. State
  7. Postal code

You can also choose to give the recipient a heads up so they expect the gift card in the mail and select from one of the following shipping options:

  1. USPS First Class – free
  2. FedEx Ground – $9.99
  3. FedEx 2 Day – $13
  4. FedEx Standard Overnight – $19

When you send physical Grubhub gift cards via USPS, the company will only ship one in each envelope and you can’t track it.

Where to Get Grubhub Gift Cards

You can get Grubhub gift cards from the following places:

  1. The company website – Grubhub provides gift cards directly on the company website through email and physical delivery
  2. Paypal’s website – Paypal sells Grubhub gift cards but only electronic versions. You can get one for yourself or someone else directly from here
  3. Amazon
  4. Authorized retailers like Safeway and Target

Third party gift card sites also sell Grubhub gift cards, but we recommend going through the sources listed above just to be safe.

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You can send a Grubhub gift card either by email or by shipping a physical one after buying it from the website. Grubhub lets you buy a gift card on the website and send it to someone on a date of your choosing along with an optional message.

Aside from the company website, you can also get Grubhub gift cards from Amazon, Paypal, and Target. Sending an e-gift card from Grubhub is free but it could cost nearly $20 in some cases to send a physical one.

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