IKEA Bookcases (6 Things You Should Know Before & After Buying)

If you need more space to accommodate your ever-growing collection of books, knick-knacks, and porcelain, IKEA’s affordable bookcases are an excellent option to consider.

However, here are 6 things you should know before and after purchasing an IKEA bookcase to make the right choice and benefit in the long run!

IKEA Bookcases

IKEA stocks over 40 different types of bookcases in its store and online across multiple series, including LAIVA, HEMNES, HAVSTA, and others. These are made of different materials and can be used for more than just storing books. All bookcases come with detailed instructions for assembly.

If you want to learn more about what materials IKEA bookcases are made of, whether these are easy to put up, what bookcase series are available at IKEA, and much more, keep on reading!

What Are IKEA Bookcases Made Of?

IKEA’s many bookcases are made with a variety of materials, including wood veneer, particleboard, solid wood, and plastic.

Some of these bookcases can also come with metal framed glass doors to make the bookcase also double as a cabinet.

Depending on your budget, you may wish to go for a lower-priced particle board bookcase such as the LAIVA series.

These are also more suitable for smaller spaces, so they’re perfect for a brand-new apartment.

Alternatively, you can go for a more expensive solid wood bookcase such as the ones available in the HEMNES series, some of which also double as storage for other items.

Note that these larger bookcases are perfect for book lovers who have homes with plenty of space, and they come in either white stain or black/brown stain.

Are IKEA Bookcases And Bookshelves Sturdy?

It’s important for bookcases and bookshelves to remain sturdy over the years, especially since they’ll be holding all of your wonderful books for years to come.

Fortunately, you’ll be pleased to discover that IKEA does indeed offer sturdy and reliable bookcases, with some being sturdier than others.

For example, as the particleboard is quite light, it can appear to be less sturdy than a heavier, solid wood bookcase.

However, picking your chosen material will also affect your budget, so keep this in mind when deciding on your new bookcase.

What Series Of Bookcases Does IKEA Offer?

What Series Of Bookcases Does IKEA Offer?

IKEA has several different types of bookcases constructed with different materials.

Some of these IKEA series are based on storage rather than books in general so that they may be a little more costly, however, they’re still of great value and would fit well in any home.

Here is the list of bookcase series offered by IKEA:

  • EKET

Are IKEA Bookcases Good?

IKEA bookcases are renowned for their high quality and superb cost.

Regardless of the material used, these bookcases are highly popular for those moving out for the first time and long-time homeowners.

Additionally, IKEA offers so many varieties of bookcases that most people can find something within their budget to fit their own tastes.

IKEA also offers replacement parts which you can buy separately should you have a mishap with your bookcases, such as extra shelving or a new glass door.

Are IKEA Bookcases To Assemble?

IKEA furniture is well known for being flat-packed with instructions on how to build it yourself (which is a great way to cut out the middleman).

However, with so many varieties of bookcases and bookshelves available, you may want to know if they are easy to build as well.

Unfortunately, this all depends on the bookcases you purchase.

While some can be simple projects such as the smaller GERSBY or KALLAX shelves, the larger bookcases, such as the LIATORP combo bookcase with additional storage, are difficult to build.

Note that this will also depend on your DIY skills, as IKEA does leave in-depth instructions on each piece of furniture it sells.

In addition, if you are missing any parts in your purchase, you can receive those items free when you report the error to IKEA.

What Is The Difference Between A Bookcase And A Bookshelf?

While knowing the difference isn’t usually important, it can be important when looking for a new piece of furniture to hold your books.

As IKEA sells both bookcases and bookshelves, it’s worth learning the small differences so you know what to look for.

A bookshelf is usually smaller than a bookcase and can often be as simple as a normal shelf hanging on a wall.

The adaptive nature of these bookshelves can be useful in smaller spaces like apartments where space is in short supply.

A good example of a great IKEA bookshelf would be a KALLAX shelving unit which can also be used to hold ornaments for decoration.

In comparison, a bookcase is an enclosed piece of furniture that is designed to sit on the floor and can often take permanent residence in a room due to its size and weight.

These come in more modern styles and even have glass doors to protect the items inside.

IKEA has many great bookcases available, such as the FINNBY bookcases that come with backing boards.

To get the most out of your IKEA shop, you can see our other guides in the IKEA BILLY bookcase, if you can disassemble IKEA furniture, and if you can chalk paint IKEA furniture.


IKEA sells a variety of bookcases and shelving units both in stores and on its website. This furniture can come in different materials, such as wood veneer and solid wood. Prices range based on materials used and the size of the bookcase.

Bookcases sold by IKEA are sturdy and resilient, however, their construction difficulty will vary depending on the simplicity of the design and the skill of the person constructing it.

Additionally, customers may find that solid wood bookcases are more sturdy than the cheaper particle board alternative.

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