Can You Chalk Paint IKEA Furniture? (How To, What Can & Can’t Be Painted + More)

Choosing to upcycle and reuse furniture is a great eco-friendly option that can be easily done with materials like chalk paint. 

Those looking to give their IKEA furniture a new lease of life may be wondering if you can chalk paint IKEA furniture, how to do it, and what furniture you can paint. I’ve looked into it, and here is what I have found out!

Can You Chalk Paint IKEA Furniture?

Many types of IKEA furniture, such as wardrobes, dressers, and drawers, can be painted with chalk paint. It is recommended to use a primer and sand the surface when painting IKEA furniture with chalk paint, as it gives a better finish. Apply two layers of chalk paint and a sealant for full coverage, then let it cure for 7 days.

For more information on if IKEA furniture can be painted with chalk paint, what tools are best to paint it, and why you should chalk paint IKEA furniture, then keep reading!

How Do I Chalk Paint IKEA Furniture?

To chalk paint IKEA furniture, it is recommended that you prepare it first by sanding and removing any features, such as drawers so it is easier to paint.

Repairing any holes or other imperfections is also recommended before you paint.

To paint your IKEA furniture, it is advisable that you use a bristle brush to apply the paint. Then use a roller brush to smooth out the application of the paint on your IKEA furniture.

As for the amount of paint to use, applying two coats of chalk paint to your IKEA furniture will provide the best look and coverage.

Once the chalk paint has been applied, it is recommended you leave the chalk paint to dry on your IKEA furniture until it is dry to the touch.

Afterward, you can spray a top coat or sealant to secure the chalk paint finish.

This is recommended to do as if you don’t; the chalk paint can easily rub off, especially onto clothes or other ornaments.

If applying a sealant, it is ideal to wait around a week before using your IKEA furniture to allow the chalk paint to cure properly, as this will improve the longevity of your chalk paint.

What is the Best Chalk Paint to Use for IKEA Furniture?

When selecting a brand of chalk paint to use on IKEA furniture, it is best to consider the color options and the chalk paint finish.

Paint suitable for IKEA furniture is available in satin, eggshell, gloss, or chalk-based paint.

Chalk paint is advisable for IKEA furniture as it is highly pigmented and available in a range of colors. Chalk paint also requires less preparation of your IKEA furniture before you choose to paint.

Recommended chalk paint brands for IKEA furniture include Rust-oleum, Annie Sloan, Recolour, and Retique It.

How Should I Prepare My IKEA Furniture for Chalk Paint?

Before you apply your chalk paint to your IKEA furniture, it is recommended that you correctly prepare the furniture for painting.

Cleaning your IKEA furniture first with a degreaser will help to remove grime and dirt and offer a smoother surface to paint.

It is also recommended you sand your IKEA furniture with sandpaper or an electric sander, as it will help the paint attach better.

Once you have finished these steps, you should clean your IKEA furniture again to ensure no dust particles are attached to the furniture, which can lead to lumps and uneven application of your chalk paint.

What IKEA Furniture Can I Chalk Paint?

What IKEA Furniture Can I Chalk Paint?

Many styles of IKEA furniture can be used with chalk paint to renovate them.

Popular styles of IKEA furniture that can be painted include wardrobes, dressers, drawers, bookcases, storage units, and other pieces made from wood or chipboard.

Due to the material of the IKEA furniture, it is recommended that you disassemble and sand the individual components before painting with chalk paint.

What IKEA Furniture Can I Not Chalk Paint?

It is difficult to paint IKEA furniture pieces made from laminated veneer chipboard, such as KALLAX, LACK and MALM, as chalk paint does not adhere well to the non-porous melamine surfaces.

Therefore, it is essential that you sand IKEA furniture made from this type of material, as it will benefit the application of your chalk paint and give a smoother finish.

You can check what your product is made from by heading to the IKEA website. Locate your item and click on the ‘Materials and Care’ tab under ‘Product Description.’

Should I Chalk Paint My IKEA Furniture?

Choosing to chalk paint your IKEA furniture is a great, eco-friendly way to renovate furniture and reduce waste.

Due to the variety of chalk paint colors available, painting your IKEA furniture can also enable you to have a great custom piece of furniture that can match any space.

IKEA offers many great low-cost furniture options, meaning it’s easier than ever to customize your furniture with chalk paint.

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IKEA furniture can easily be chalk painted with a variety of styles available for customization. It is recommended you clean and sand your IKEA furniture before painting for better application.

Disassembling your IKEA furniture before painting is recommended to get even more coverage from your chalk paint. Upcycling your IKEA furniture with chalk paint is a great eco-friendly option for renovation.

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