Can You Disassemble IKEA Furniture? (Bed Frames, Drawers, Tools Needed + More)

Around the world, IKEA is popular with customers searching to outfit their homes with the perfect furnishings. You can find anything at IKEA, from soft goods like bedding and linens to larger items such as bookcases and bed frames.

But with all the options for furniture that IKEA offers, you might question how easy it is to take it apart for moving or storage reasons: can you disassemble IKEA furniture? I did some digging into the question, and here is everything that I could find out about it!

Can You Disassemble IKEA Furniture?

Customers can disassemble their IKEA furniture, whether it’s for moving or storage purposes. In most cases, IKEA furniture such as bed frames, dining tables, bookshelves, TV units, chairs, and outdoor furniture can easily be dissembled. However, IKEA wardrobes, drawers, and sofas can be more difficult to take apart.

If you want more information on IKEA’s furniture disassembly process, what furniture items can be disassembled, the necessary tools and instructions, and more, keep reading!

Can You Take Apart And Put Back Together IKEA Furniture?

Yes, all buildable IKEA furniture can be assembled and disassembled many times over.

However, every disassembly and reassembly will put unnecessary strain on the furniture parts and the screws, pegs, and nail holes that hold it all together.

You should only disassemble your IKEA furniture when strictly necessary to keep its lifespan as long as possible.

Can You Disassemble IKEA Wardrobes?

Yes, you can disassemble wardrobes and armoires purchased from IKEA.

However, with a variety of moving parts, these can be more complex pieces of furniture to disassemble.

You will need an Allen key, screwdriver, and nail puller to complete this job.

Can You Disassemble IKEA Bed Frames?

IKEA bed frames are surprisingly easy to disassemble on your own, armed with a screwdriver and Allen key.

Depending on the model of your bed frame, disassembly instructions are also available, including how to disassemble the BRIMNES bedroom set.

You can also find disassembly instructions for MALM bed frames online.

Can You Disassemble IKEA Desks?

Yes, IKEA desks, including computer desks, can also be disassembled.

These are typically a larger dismantling job, as the furniture parts are relatively large and unwieldy, but anyone can disassemble IKEA desks at home.

Typically with several metal parts, make sure to use caution when taking desks apart, as the struts can easily pinch or scratch you.

Can You Disassemble IKEA Drawers?

IKEA drawers are somewhat easy to disassemble, and you can even find disassembly guides online, including for dismantling MALM drawers.

Because a variety of IKEA furniture includes storage systems with pull-outs and drawers, you will likely have to disassemble IKEA drawers to relocate the item.

Bear in mind that dissembling IKEA drawers can take 30 minutes – 1 hour as they have more parts than, say a bed frame.

Can You Disassemble IKEA Couches?

Should the need arise, IKEA couches and sofa beds are also eligible for dismantling.

You can compress the soft cushions and pillows into a box or sturdy plastic bag and disassemble the entire sofa base easily, with LYCKSELE disassembly instructions.

Can You Disassemble IKEA Bookcases?

Can You Disassemble IKEA Bookcases?

Bookcases are among the most common IKEA furniture items for people to purchase, making them easy to dismantle and transport.

There are a wide variety of IKEA bookcase disassembly guides to be found online, including the popular BILLY line of bookcases.

What Tools Do You Need To Disassemble IKEA Furniture?

Typically, the only tools that you will need to disassemble IKEA furniture of all types are the ones necessary to build it in the first place.

IKEA furniture mainly depends on a combination of Allen keys, screwdrivers, and hammers to construct items, so you likely only need these tools to take it apart again.

Other tools that might be useful in disassembling IKEA furniture include crowbars, nail pullers, or tape.

Is It Easy To Disassemble IKEA Furniture?

IKEA’s flat-packed furniture is designed to be easily assembled and dismantled.

Some products or models can be more difficult to disassemble, meaning you need to keep track of all the parts and small bits, such as screws, pegs, and hinges.

To make the disassembly process as easy as possible, ensure you have a resealable plastic bag ready to put all the small pieces into and packing tape to secure the larger furniture parts together so that nothing gets lost.

Where Can You Find Instructions For How To Disassemble IKEA Furniture?

Instead of figuring it all out yourself, you can find instructions on how to disassemble your IKEA furniture online.

As of [currentyear], most popular furniture items sold by IKEA are included in disassembly guides, with more on the way.

Alternatively, if your furniture item is not included in the IKEA disassembly instructions, you can look up the item’s assembly instructions at’s product catalog or dig out the original physical instruction booklet it came with.

Working backward with these guidelines, you can safely and efficiently disassemble your IKEA furniture for storage or moving.

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Yes, IKEA furniture is designed to be assembled and disassembled for easy moving and storage.

Items that can be disassembled include wardrobes, bed frames, desks, bookcases, with disassembly instructions added to IKEA’s website regularly.

Generally, the tools necessary for disassembly are an Allen key, screwdriver, and hammer, but you should also have a plastic bag to store small parts in.

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