IKEA Employee Discount (Benefits, Who Can Use, Products, Other Stores + More)

When you need to furnish your home at great prices, you can often get amazing flat-packed products at IKEA without going over your budget. With that in mind, have you ever thought of working there yourself?

If you have, you may be wondering about their employee benefits, like an employee discount. I’ve been curious too, so I’ve been doing some research. Here’s what I’ve found!

IKEA Employee Discount

IKEA offers a 15% employee discount for all employees as soon as they begin working at IKEA, regardless of any probationary period. This discount cannot be used by any other persons, and the employee in question may receive disciplinary action if it is used by someone other than the employee.

But what are the other benefits of working at IKEA? Read on to find out more, including whether IKEA gives out Christmas Bonuses!

Who Can Use IKEA’s Employee Discount?

Only the employee in question can use IKEA’s employee discount.

If any other associate is caught using their discount for another person, this is liable to land the employee in question with disciplinary action.

In some cases, if an employee is knowingly using their discount for another person, this can lead to the employee losing their position.

This is likely because IKEA has placed its trust in employees with a 15% discount on products as soon as the employee starts.

If that trust is broken, they may end up no longer have the right to use the discount.

What Products Can The IKEA Employee Discount Work On?

With such great benefits and discounts available while you work at IKEA, you may be wondering whether your discount will work on that nice little bookshelf you’ve had your eye on.

Well, I’m here to tell you it will! IKEA’s employee discount is available to be used on all products and merchandise throughout the store, including marked-down items.

Can You Use IKEA’s Employee Discount At Other Stores?

Can You Use IKEA’s Employee Discount At Other Stores?

Yes, you can use your IKEA employee discount at other IKEA stores across the country and receive cheaper meals thanks to your employee benefits.

Can You Use The IKEA Employee Discount Online?

Yes, you can use your IKEA employee discount online.

In order to activate this, you will need to create an account on IKEA’s website and link your employee number to your account.

While you can order IKEA products from your own home, IKEA management will encourage you to order these at work on the computers in store. This can still be shipped either to your home or to your store.

IKEA Employee Benefits

IKEA also offers a number of other employee benefits, including;

  • Medical/RX
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Paid Time Off
  • Paid Parental Leave (up to 16 weeks)
  • Retirement Fund (Known as “Tack!”)
  • Income Protection
  • Disability
  • Pet Insurance
  • Cheaper Meals At Work In All Stores And Staff Restaurants ($3-4)

These benefits become available to all IKEA workers as long as they work up to 20hrs a week regularly.

Some benefits, such as Medical/RX, will begin after 15 days of working.

Is IKEA A Good Employer?

You’ve seen all the benefits you’d get from working at IKEA, but you may be wondering, with so many enticing advantages, is IKEA a good employer?

The answer is yes! IKEA has been voted one of the top places to work by PEOPLE 2018/17 Companies That Care, Fortune 100 Best Companies To Work For, and Best Workplaces For Diversity.

Over 70% of workers at IKEA would recommend others work at the company, with most employees working there for more than 5 years.

The most popular generation working at IKEA is currently Millennials, with a smaller percentage of Gen X and Baby Boomers.

How Much Does IKEA Pay Per Hour?

IKEA employs a number of positions in any given store, with different pay ranges depending on experience. The average hourly rate for IKEA workers is approximately $16.66, though this will vary.

For food service work, you can expect to receive between $10 – $20, a visual merchandiser between $13 – $27, a retail sales associate between $12-$21, and a customer services associate would receive between $9-17.

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IKEA’s employee discount is 15% off all products and merchandise, both in store, online, and in restaurants. IKEA employees can also enjoy benefits such as Medical, Dental, Vision, and paid parental leave.

IKEA employees can use their 15% discount as soon as they start, provided they work 20 hours a week regularly. However, they cannot let others use this discount, as this will lead to disciplinary action.

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