Does IKEA Have Military & Veteran Discounts? [Plus Other Ways To Save]

Every year, billions of customers around the world spend their fortunes on IKEA’s stylish yet functional homeware and accessories.

The brand is a real money maker renowned for selling reasonably priced merchandise; you may wonder whether IKEA leaves room for any further customer savings.

While many major retailers maintain discounts for Military and Veterans, the question is raised, is IKEA equally as generous Here’s what I found!

Does IKEA Have Military & Veteran Discounts?

No, IKEA does not offer Military or Veterans discounts. However, Veterans are entitled to a free meal on Veteran’s Day. The easiest way to gain frequent discounts is to become an IKEA Family Member. Alternatively, save money by looking on third-party selling websites, checking for coupons, and looking for sale events.

Keep reading to find additional ways to reduce your IKEA shopping bill!

Why Doesn’t IKEA Offer Military & Veteran Discounts?

Why Doesn’t IKEA Offer Military & Veteran Discounts?

Unfortunately, IKEA rarely allows honorary discounts outside of their own sales and coupons, intending to encourage customers to join its loyalty club.

IKEA’s business strategy aims to generate high profits, which maintain low-cost items suggesting the company is reluctant to further reduce prices.

Because of this business strategy, IKEA does not provide any Veteran or Military discounts. While this is definitely sad news, there are other ways to save at IKEA.

Here are a few different methods!

Receive Discounts As An IKEA Family Member

One of the best ways to save at IKEA is to become an IKEA Family Member which will allow you to receive exclusive discounts on all IKEA products labeled with the blue family logo.

The more you shop the greater your rewards plus, you’ll be entered into a monthly draw where a $100 IKEA Gift Card is up for grabs.

Furthermore, you’ll be entitled to a free coffee or tea anytime you swing by a restaurant!

Additional perks include a welcome discount of $25 off your next purchase worth $250 or more, and yearly birthday treats.

How To Sign Up:

Signing up is super easy for anyone over the age of 18, all you’ll need is a home and email address. Your IKEA Family Card will arrive within 4 weeks; in the meantime, you’ll receive a digital Card allowing you to enjoy exclusive discounts straight away.

Check Out The As-Is Section at IKEA

On your next IKEA visit, keep an eye out for the ‘as is’ section where you can find valuable items with price reductions of 10% or more.

Products such as floor samples,  discontinued pieces, and customer returns are often sold with minimal damage.

If you’re a bargain enthusiast, we suggest visiting on a Monday after a return-filled weekend. The ‘as is’ section is frequently replenished with discounted goods due to IKEA’s fast stock turnover.

Look Out For Coupons

As a thriving contemporary brand, IKEA has a fast turnover of stock, meaning they tend to hold several clearance sales throughout the year.

Find IKEA discount codes at trustworthy sites such as Forbes. Retrieve 10-50% off or $10+ off on high-demand items such as sofas, bed frames, mattresses, microwaves, and more! We recommend you check the page every month for updated coupons.

Shop During IKEA Events

If you’re looking to maximize your kitchen, the IKEA Kitchen Event could help Family Members earn up to 20% on kitchen purchases over $1,000. Make sure you sign up for IKEA’s email newsletter to avoid missing out.

Furthermore, IKEA hosts an annual ‘Teacher’s Appreciation Event’ where stores organize giveaways plus hand out Gift Cards and prizes to teachers.

Meanwhile, Veterans are entitled to a free meal on Veterans Day. Keep track of your local store for news on upcoming events and sales.

Pay With An IKEA Gift Card

Gift Cards are a great way to save your own money. Efficiently pay for goods online and in-store using the unique numbered code and 4-digit PIN.

Instead of relying on friends and family to present you with a Gift Card, we recommend looking at discount websites such as Raise, where IKEA Gift Cards are regularly sold at a 5% reduction or more!

Purchase IKEA Items From Third-Party Sellers

Purchase IKEA Items From Third-Party Sellers

If you’re keen to push the price even further, there are plenty of third-party merchants selling quality pieces for a fraction of the original cost.

Check out sites such as eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, and Facebook Market for second-hand products. Don’t forget to search Etsy for uniquely customized IKEA pieces.

Additionally, you’ll find an impressive range of IKEA products at Walmart, where you’ll qualify for free delivery.

Use The IKEA App To Your Advantage

The IKEA Place app uses your smartphone camera to display a virtual version of your room. Digitally place IKEA furniture and accessories to see how well they work with your space before purchasing. The app helps to minimize the temptation of impulse buys!

The free app is compatible with Android and Apple devices that support iOS11 or further developed software.

Save With The IKEA Credit Card

Earn up to 5% back in IKEA rewards with the IKEA Visa Credit Card on all company purchases.

Alternatively, sign up for the IKEA Projekt Credit Card, where you’ll receive a low promotional rate allowing you to finance large IKEA purchases over an agreed period.

IKEA Employee Discount

One of the top perks of working at IKEA is the 15% employee discount spendable on all items excluding:

  • Sale items
  • Gift Cards
  • ‘As is’ goods

Friends and relatives of IKEA employees can also reap the benefits of 15% off on purchases worth $100 or less. Use employee discounts in-store with ease, or call customer services to help you apply the discount online.

To learn more, also see my guides on when IKEA restocks, what IKEA furniture fits in cars, and the size of IKEA boxes.

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