IKEA NHS Discount (Do They Have One + Other Ways Health Care Workers Can Save)

Known for their competitive prices and easy to assemble furniture, IKEA is one of the largest retailers in the world. IKEA offers a number of products within their stores, making them a firm favourite with customers.

Frequent shoppers at IKEA may be wondering if IKEA does NHS Discount, how much they offer and who can get it. I’ve looked into it, and here is what I have found out about IKEA NHS Discount!

IKEA NHS Discount In 2021

IKEA does offer valid NHS badge and Blue Light Cardholders a 10% discount on their purchases in-store and online as of 2021. To receive NHS Discount at IKEA, shoppers must show their NHS identification badge and Health Service Discount card. Cardholders can use their discount on most full-price items in-store and online.

For more information on IKEA NHS Discount, including how you can use it, if you can use it online, and who is eligible for NHS Discount, then keep reading!

How Much is IKEA NHS Discount?

IKEA is able to offer a 10% NHS Discount to valid NHS staff who provide the appropriate ID.

Additionally, the 10% IKEA discount applies to full-price items and requires no minimum spend which can be used in-store and online.

How Do I Get NHS Discount at IKEA?

To receive the 10% NHS discount at IKEA, all you need to do is to show proof of your status as employed by the NHS.

When you are purchasing your IKEA items, simply provide your NHS identification badge and Health Service Discount Card to the cashier and they will be able to provide your discount.

Does IKEA Take Blue Light Cards?

IKEA is able to offer discounts for NHS workers who hold Blue Light Cards, as well as other essential service people.

It has been reported online that Blue Light Cardholders will be able to log into the Blue light website and search for IKEA discount codes to see if their policy changes.

Those eligible for a Blue Light Card to obtain a discount at IKEA include NHS workers, the Royal Air Force, Fire Service, Ambulance Service, and more.

A Blue Light Card costs £4.99 for two years and can be applied for online at their website to use in cinemas, restaurants, and retailers including IKEA.

Additionally, having a Blue Light Card tends to give users around 4% to 8% discount throughout the year.

Can I Use IKEA NHS Discount Online?

Can I Use IKEA NHS Discount Online?

It is possible to receive NHS Discounts online at IKEA.com.

To receive the NHS Discount of 10% on IKEA.com, sign up for the NHS Club to receive discount codes that can be applied at checkout.

Can I Use IKEA NHS Discount With Other Offers?

Unfortunately, IKEA is unable to combine offers in their stores, meaning you cannot use your NHS Discount with sales or “as is” products in-store or online.

Additionally, the discount cannot be applied on top of discount codes, vouchers, IKEA Family Card discounts, and special offers.

Who Can Use IKEA NHS Discount?

Anyone who currently works for the NHS is eligible for the 10% NHS discount at IKEA and on the website.

The IKEA NHS Discount applies to all workers, including full-time, part-time, contractual, bank staff, doctors, porters, admin staff, and more.

Unfortunately, if you are the partner of a family member of an NHS worker, you are not eligible to receive the discount.

How Else Can NHS Workers Save at IKEA?

If you are not entitled to an NHS discount, there are other ways you can save at IKEA.

The retailer offers discounts including becoming an IKEA Family Member, which provides exclusive discounts, savings events, and sale announcements.

There are also various promotions throughout the year on the IKEA website that can be utilised to help shoppers save money.

You can also save money in the IKEA restaurant through various schemes such as free tea and coffee.

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IKEA is able to offer valid workers 10% NHS Discount in store or online. To be eligible for a discount, NHS workers must provide a current form of NHS ID as well as a Health Service Discount Card.

For NHS staff and service workers, IKEA will also accept Blue Light Cards to help NHs staff save money. NHS DIscount at IKEA can be used both in store and online to help shoppers save even more.

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