IKEA Sofa Warranty (Time Frames, Claims, Sofas That Are Covered + More)

With IKEA’s wide selection of sofas, you might be feeling spoiled for choice when it comes to changing your living room furniture for something more cozy and comfortable.

However, have you ever looked into the sofa warranty that IKEA offers for its customers? It caught my interest, so I’ve been doing some research. Here’s what I’ve discovered!

IKEA Sofa Warranty

IKEA offers a 10-year limited warranty on most of its sofa products as of 2024. If an IKEA sofa is to break or becomes damaged due to poor manufacturing, then customers may get a store credit of a replacement. However, the IKEA sofa warranty does not cover any damage done by the customer or general wear and tear.

But what are the time frames for IKEA’s Sofa Warranty? Read on to find out more, including how IKEA solves these issues free of charge!

What Are The Time Frames Of IKEA’s Sofa Warranty?

IKEA’s sofa warranty will last for a maximum of 10 years and is valid from the date of purchase.

However, this warranty will not apply if the sofa(s) are placed outdoors or in a humid environment, and will also not apply if the sofa(s) have been improperly cleaned, abused, altered, misused, used inappropriately, installed or assembled incorrectly, or stored incorrectly.

IKEA’s limited warranty also will not cover incidental or consequential damage. However, some states will not allow this limitation to the warranty.

How Do You Make A Claim On IKEA’s Sofa Warranty?

To make a claim on your IKEA sofa, you’ll need your original receipt as proof of purchase. Head to your local IKEA with this receipt to speak to an associate, or call 1-888-888-4532 for assistance.

For calling, IKEA’s hours of operation are Sunday to Saturday, 9 am – 10 pm (Eastern Time).

Once you have made your claim, IKEA will send a team to evaluate the defect and determine whether it is a manufacturer fault or the fault of the customer.

Which Sofas Are Covered In IKEA’s Sofa Warranty?

This limited warranty covers the frames, seat, and back cushions in the following sofas:

  • DAGSTORP seating series
  • EKTORP seating series
  • KARLSTAD sofa
  • KIVIK seating series
  • KLIPPAN loveseat
  • KNISLINGE seating series
  • KNOPPARP loveseat
  • LANDSKRONA seating series
  • NOCKEBY seating series
  • NORSBORG seating series
  • SKOGABY seating series
  • SÖDERHAMN seating series
  • STOCKHOLM seating series
  • STOCKSUND seating series
  • TIDAFORS seating series
  • TIMSFORS seating series
  • VALLENTUNA seating series
  • EKENÄS armchair and ottoman
  • EKERÖ armchair
  • GRÖNADAL rocking chair
  • MELLBY armchair
  • NOLBYN armchair
  • NOLMYRA armchair
  • POÄNG armchair and ottoman frames
  • STRANDMON wing chair and ottoman

What Is Not Covered In IKEA’s Sofa Warranty?

What Is Not Covered In IKEA’s Sofa Warranty?

There are a few couch products that are not covered under this limited 10-year warranty, including:

  • Fabric covers
  • Leather covers
  • TULLSTA armchair
  • JENNYLUND armchair
  • MUREN armchair
  • POÄNG cushions
  • POÄNG children’s armchair

If you attempt to make a claim on these items through this warranty, you will be unsuccessful, and IKEA will immediately deny your claim.

Will IKEA Replace a Broken Sofa?

When you make a claim on your sofa through this limited warranty, IKEA will send a team out to discover the root of the issue.

If they return and judge it as a material or workmanship defect, your sofa will be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

In addition, IKEA will cover the cost of this, including labor, time, and materials.

How Do You Clean & Take Care Of IKEA Sofas?

IKEA offers a guide for customers once they’ve received their sofas on how to clean them appropriately. Not adhering to these recommendations will otherwise void the warranty.

Additionally, IKEA advises customers to plump their cushions on a regular basis, at least once a month, and alternate them around the sofa with less used ones to maintain comfort.

Customers should also tighten the screws on the sofa legs after two weeks of use and check them a few times a year to make sure they are still tight.

For washable covers, IKEA recommends that customers follow the cleaning instructions on the label, iron while slightly damp, and refit the cover while still slightly damp, as it will stretch more easily.

For leather sofas, IKEA recommends that they are vacuumed regularly with a soft vacuum brush and cleaned thoroughly a few times a year using leather care products.

Additionally, it is advised not to clean leather sofas with detergents and keep leather furniture away from direct sunlight to prevent the leather from drying out.

For coated fabric sofas, IKEA recommends vacuuming regularly with a soft vacuum brush and wiping them with a damp cloth.

You should also receive additional care and advice with your product so it is recommended to refer to this when cleaning your sofas as well.

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IKEA’s Sofa Warranty lasts for 10 years and covers 25 different sofas in IKEA’s catalog. This warranty covers defects in material or workmanship in the product, however it does not cover customer use of the product.

To make a claim, you will need your original receipt as proof of purchase. Once you have made your claim, a team from IKEA will judge whether the issue with your sofa is a defect under the warranty or not.

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