IKEA Wine Glasses (6 Things You Should Know Before & After Buying)

If you thought IKEA only sold flat-packed furniture, you’d be amazed at the glassware they have on offer for your kitchen! Whether you’re buying new glassware for a dinner party or simply to fill your shelves, IKEA has great wine glasses for sale.

I’ve been researching their wine glasses, so here are 8 things you should know before and after buying wine glasses at IKEA!

IKEA Wine Glasses

IKEA has a wide range of differently shaped wine glasses to suit the tastes of red wine, white wine, and champagne drinkers. IKEA’s range of wine glasses are beautifully made with different wines in mind and reasonably priced, the lowest starting at $2.99.

But are IKEA wine glasses good? Read on to find out more, including whether IKEA sells crystal wine glasses as well!

Are IKEA Wine Glasses Good?

IKEA wine glasses are praised for their resilience and high-quality material.

Their wine glasses are designed for general drinking and specific types of wine so that they can be enjoyed in the manner they were produced.

For example, IKEA offers STORSINT wine glasses specifically designed to help the aromas and flavors of red wine develop after leaving the bottle.

These glasses are made to be sturdy yet stylish, perfect for small parties.

Can IKEA Wine Glasses Go In The Dishwasher?

Yes, IKEA states on their main page for wine glasses that all wine glasses and champagne glasses are dishwasher safe and will not break in the dishwasher.

If you find your IKEA wine glasses have broken in the dishwasher, you can take your broken product to the IKEA service desk and discuss a return with the associate available.

What Wine Glasses Does IKEA Sell?

If you’re having a dinner party soon, or even looking to supply glasses to a fancy party event, IKEA sells a number of differently shaped wine glasses to suit any type of occasion.

For red wine specifically, IKEA has the DYRGRIP and STORSINT series which allows the wine to mellow out and breathe before being enjoyed.

For hot red wine or mulled wine in the colder seasons, you can go for a stemless wine glass like the IVRIG series.

DYRGRIP also has a wine glass for white wine, and for champagne glasses, there is STORHET, STORSINT, SÄLLSKAPLIG, and SVALKA.

Are IKEA Wine Glasses Lead-Free?

What Is The Point Of A Stemless Wine Glass?

Yes, IKEA began phasing out lead crystal glass production in 1994 as it contains the highly toxic heavy metal known as lead.

However, if you are still concerned about leads in your glassware, you can request more information either online or at one of IKEA’s customer service desks.

Are IKEA Wine Glasses Crystal?

Glasses sold by IKEA are not made with crystal, but IKEA does sell hand-blown or machine-blown glass. These glasses will not contain lead crystals and are completely lead-free.

The KONUNGSLIG series of glasses states that each glass is mouth-blown by a skilled craftsperson, therefore making every glass unique despite being available in a set.

Does IKEA Sell Other Glassware?

Yes, IKEA sells a number of different types of glassware, including drinking glasses for both alcohol and regular non-alcoholic drinks.

In their specialty glass section, they sell multiple cocktail glasses such as the STORSINT martini glass, the IKEA 365+ goblet, and the LODRÄT beer glass.

Other glassware includes pitchers, glass sets, and carafes.

What Is The Point Of A Stemless Wine Glass?

When you pour wine into a regular wine glass, the shape of the glass allows it to breathe, but the stem is what allows you to keep the wine cool and refreshing.

By taking away the stem, you’ll add heat from your hands to the wine and warm it up.

However, if you’re drinking casually or having some mulled wine to warm you up, then a stemless wine glass is perfect.

It can keep your hands warm and you don’t have to worry about your wine getting too warm.

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IKEA sells a number of wine glasses for every occasion and type of wine. They offer glasses to suit champagne, red wine, white wine, and general wine glasses that suit both.

They also offer a number of other glassware to complement these sets. All of these wine glasses are dishwasher safe though you should check the packaging to be sure.

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