Are IKEA Kitchen Products Dishwasher Safe? [Plates, Glasses, Bowls, Pans, Mugs + More]

IKEA is well known for its versatile, long-lasting range of kitchenware products. However, you may be wondering if IKEA’s kitchen utensils and products are dishwasher-safe.

I have done plenty of research, and this is what I have found!

Are IKEA Kitchen Products Dishwasher Safe?

Yes, most IKEA plates, bowls, and mugs made from ceramics, tempered glass, and polypropylene plastic are dishwasher-safe alongside most glassware, including tumblers, wine glasses, flutes, and serving bowls. Delicately made IKEA products like aluminum-based pots and non-stick coated pans should be hand washed only.

IKEA usually states whether an item needs hand washing. However, if you are unable to identify the dishwasher-safe symbol, it’s likely to need washing manually.

Alternatively, you can quickly look up the item online or through the IKEA app.

Simply type in the product’s unique name and head to the product details tab. Safety information will be listed under ‘materials and care.’

Are Children’s Plates, Bowls, And Cutlery Safe In The Dishwasher?

Are Children’s Plates, Bowls, And Cutlery Safe In The Dishwasher?

Yes, children’s plates, bowls, mugs, and cutlery from IKEA are dishwasher-safe. Children’s products are made with either polypropylene or polylactic plastic, which can withstand dishwashers up to 158°F/70°C.

Consider selecting an eco-friendly wash to ensure the dishwasher temperature remains low.

For additional convenience, IKEA lunch boxes are often designed with polypropylene plastic and, therefore, dishwasher safe.

All products designed for children have undergone intense testing before entering the market to ensure safety.

Can I Put Porcelain Plates, Bowls, And Mugs In The Dishwasher?

IKEA’s porcelain plates, bowls, mugs, and oven dishes are specially crafted with Feldspar porcelain to enhance durability.

Therefore these products are dishwasher safe which is pretty handy considering products need washing before use.

Are IKEA Plates, Bowls, And Mugs Made From Ceramics Dishwasher Safe?

Yes, ceramic materials such as bone china and stoneware are popularly used to craft plates, bowls, and cups to enforce durability.

Painted patterns or colors may begin to fade if you frequently use your dishwasher at high temperatures.

At IKEA, you’ll discover a range of 18-piece serving sets such as the DINERA and IKEA 365+ made from stoneware and, therefore, dishwasher safe.

Are IKEA Plastic Food Containers And Chopping Boards Dishwashers Safe?

Yes, most plastic food containers are made from polypropylene which, as we know, is dishwasher safe. Similarly, plastic chopping boards are dishwasher-friendly.

At IKEA, most plastic containers are designed to withstand heat up to 212°F/100°C. Fortunately, most efficient dishwashers run from 120°F/49°C – 190°F/88°C.

Can I Put Bamboo Products In The Dishwasher?

No, bamboo bowls, salad servers, or chopping boards cannot be put in the dishwasher.

Bamboo products are crafted by a method that binds and flattens materials together, making them vulnerable to dishwasher heat.

Additionally, the heavy water pressure may compromise the overall quality of products.

Luckily, the BLANDA serving bamboo bowl is also crafted with glass and metal that can be used in the dishwasher.

Is IKEA Metal Cutlery Dishwasher Safe?

Yes, for best results, put stainless steel cutlery in the dishwasher to effectively remove grease and bacteria. IKEA specifically designed cutlery sets with minimal risk of corrosion, so you won’t need to worry about which dishwasher tablets you use.

Which IKEA Glass Products Are Safe In The Dishwasher?

Customers will be pleased to know that many IKEA tumblers, wine glasses, and flutes made from glass or crystalline are fit for the dishwasher.

If you’re concerned about the fragility or intricate designs of glasses such as the INBJUDEN flute or SÄLLSKAPLIG wine glass, simply place them securely on the top shelf.

Can I Put IKEA Tempered Glass Plates, Bowls, And Mugs In The Dishwasher?

Yes, many bestselling IKEA plates, bowls, and mugs are made with tempered glass due to their resistance to sudden heat change.

Although delicate by touch, tempered glass products are dishwasher safe. Additionally, tempered glass plates are designed with a sleek shine which should withstand dishwashers.

Are IKEA’s Cooking Utensils Safe In The Dishwasher?

Are IKEA’s Cooking Utensils Safe In The Dishwasher?

Rubber utensils such as the silicone-based GUBBRÖRA spatula, FULLÄNDAD polyamide utensil set, stainless steel GRUNKA, and non-electric IKEA whisks are all suitable for dishwasher use.

Can I Put IKEA Pots And Pans In The Dishwasher?

Stainless steel cookware pots and lids are dishwasher safe; your main problem will be finding a place for them to fit.

On the other hand, aluminum pots and works require handwashing. You’ll also need to hand wash frying pans with a non-stick coating to maintain their function.

Which IKEA Kitchen And Dining Products Are Not Dishwasher Safe?

Glassware products such as the STORSNIT glass carafe or most glass vases are labeled as hand wash only due to their fragility and unique shape.

Additionally, the KORKEN jar and bottles should be hand cleaned to avoid damage to the stainless steel or silicone lid. Alternatively, sterilize the products with hot water.

Slicing tools such as sharp IKEA 365+ knife sets should be hand washed alongside the KEA 365+ mandoline slicer as dishwashers can compromise sharp edges. Aluminum-made products are also not dishwasher-friendly.

To learn more, also see my guide on what IKEA products are microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and oven safe!

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