Is Aldi Coming To Las Vegas Or Nevada? (Plans, Potential Locations + More)

When it comes to discount grocery shopping, competition is fierce. Shoppers want to get the best bang for their buck, and when they hear of stores offering just that but lacking a location close enough to them, it can be pretty frustrating.

Aldi is an in-demand grocery chain in the U.S., with fan-powered social media accounts and pages creating serious hype, especially among the Aldi-devoid. So you might be wondering if Aldi is coming to Las Vegas, one of the best-known places in the world. Read on to find out.

Is Aldi Coming To Las Vegas Or Nevada?

Aldi currently has no plans to open a store in Las Vegas or Nevada. Aldi has instead declared their intention to focus on opening stores in areas like the Gulf Coast region, with their newest distribution center in Loxley, Alabama, as well as Florida and the Northeast.

While Aldi is not coming to Las Vegas any time soon, let’s examine why that might be, where they could potentially place the store, and what alternatives there are to Aldi in the Las Vegas area. Keep reading!

Why Isn’t Aldi Coming To Las Vegas?

There is no reason to think Aldi is avoiding Las Vegas or the state of Nevada on the whole; rather, the powers-that-be have opted to focus on the Gulf Coast region, with new stores in states like Louisiana (which became its 38th state in the U.S.) and Mississippi.

Aldi is also opening a bunch of new stores in Florida, specifically the western side of the state, and Georgia, too.

While the company is large and international, its U.S. expansion is clearly a methodical process that establishes footholds in certain areas and then rapidly populates them.

Where Could Aldi Open If They Did Come To Las Vegas?

Aldi stores come with a set of real estate requirements that they outline on their website, including space for both the building and 95+ parking spaces, proximity to shopping centers, and a preference for an intersection with traffic lights.

The city itself is quite built up, but potential shoppers cite areas just outside the city limits – Henderson, for one, Summerlin, for another, or areas in North Las Vegas, as good locations for stores.

Do Shoppers Want Aldi In Las Vegas?

Do Shoppers Want Aldi In Las Vegas?

Shoppers in Nevada definitely want Aldi in or near Las Vegas. One Facebook thread on Aldi USA’s page has over 100 Vegas commenters begging Aldi to open up shop in their area.

One person remarked, “Everything I want is at Aldi’s (sic), but Aldi’s isn’t in Las Vegas. Please help.” Another said, “I agree! Please come to Vegas! I did all of my shopping at Aldis (sic) in Florida; now that I’m in Vegas, I’m lost without it.”

If Aldi decided to open in Las Vegas, from the looks of it, the stores would be incredibly busy.

What Aldi Alternatives Are There In Las Vegas?

Lacking any Aldi stores in Las Vegas, its residents have found other comparable places to get their groceries at low prices.

Trader Joe’s has five stores in the Las Vegas area, including the aforementioned Summerlin and Henderson regions.

While Trader Joe’s can be slightly more expensive and might not have all the basics shoppers need to stock up their kitchens and pantries, they have a lock on fun, gourmet goodies at a fraction of the price of upscale shops.

Another good option is the Smart & Final chain, which has seven locations in the Las Vegas area. While it’s more comparable to a warehouse store like Costco (no membership needed), it’s great for feeding a family on a budget.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the closest Aldi to Las Vegas is in Hesperia, CA, a mere 170-mile drive. Its hours are 8:30 or 9 a.m. till 9 p.m., and the truly Aldi-devoted could make a day trip out of it.

To learn more, you might also be interested in reading up on Aldi’s competitive advantages, if Aldi is coming to Utah or Salt Lake City, and if Aldi owns Trader Joe’s.


Aldi has shown no signs yet that they are opening any stores in the Las Vegas, NV area, though the desire for these supermarkets is strong.

Perhaps, given time, Aldi will turn its attention to the American southwest, which it clearly recognized recently when the company opened four stores in the Phoenix, AZ region.

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