Is Aldi Coming To New Zealand? (All You Need To Know)

Entering a new country is a massive undertaking for a retail chain, even when they have done it dozens of times. There is market share to consider and possible locations that will suit their needs, among many other considerations.

Aldi has opened locations worldwide now, far from their Essen, Germany headquarters. But you might be wondering if Aldi is coming to New Zealand any time soon. The answer you seek is just below.

Is Aldi Coming To New Zealand?

Aldi currently has no plans to come to New Zealand. Aldi made an official statement to a New Zealand publication in 2020, confirming that they would not enter the New Zealand grocery chain market, though they did not explain why.

Let’s dive deeper into this issue and discuss why experts think Aldi isn’t coming to New Zealand, how New Zealanders feel about Aldi’s lack of presence in NZ, and more! Keep on reading!

Why Isn’t Aldi Coming To New Zealand?

With a population of only five million and a total area of about 103,000-some square miles (by contrast, the U.S. has an area of 3.8 million square miles), New Zealand’s grocery market is dominated by Foodstuffs (which owns Pak ‘n Save) and Countdown (owned by Woolworths).

These two combined have about 85 percent of the supermarket share in New Zealand, which is one barrier that experts see to Aldi establishing a foothold.

In fact, one retail expert predicted if Aldi ever did come to New Zealand, they would have to come to terms with “making a loss” for a few years while establishing brand recognition and loyalty.

Another reason Aldi hasn’t set up shop in New Zealand yet may have to do with location – or rather, the difficulty in finding any to build their stores, especially when the current big players – Foodstuffs and Countdown – already claimed the best sites.

Despite these barriers, another expert in retail management thinks that Aldi entering the New Zealand market is “inevitable.”

With Costco announcing they are opening a three-story location in Auckland in 2022, perhaps Aldi will watch closely and see how the discount warehouse chain fares before reassessing.

What Is Being Done To Bring Aldi To New Zealand?

What Is Being Done To Bring Aldi To New Zealand?

New Zealanders might be used to the high cost of living in their country, but ex-pats from the UK and Australia, both of which have Aldi stores, come face-to-face with severe sticker shock when they visit grocery stores.

And it isn’t just ex-pats; just because Kiwis are used to paying exorbitant grocery bills doesn’t mean they like it. In fact, one New Zealander named Willow Falleni created a Bring ALDI to New Zealand Facebook page in 2017.

In her interview with, Falleni insisted that the need and desire for Aldi supermarkets in NZ would make the chain “hugely popular.”

How Can You Convince Aldi To Come To New Zealand?

One of the things I love best about Aldi is that they say they are listening to their customers – and then they actually do.

Hopefully, this would also include potential customers, so if you live in New Zealand and would like to have a store near you, consider the saying about the squeaky wheel getting the grease.

Reach out to Aldi via their contact page and let them know! Join Falleni’s Facebook group and sign her petition. Get everyone you know to do it, too.

It might not happen overnight, but Aldi listens to and watches potential markets.

Where Can Shoppers Go Instead Of Aldi In New Zealand?

While cost-of-living in NZ is high, the cheapest grocery store – and therefore the most comparable to Aldi’s steeply discounted prices – is Pak ‘n Save, which a consumer report found cheaper than its competitors, Countdown and New World, by $10 per week or over $500 a year.

To see other potential locations that Aldi might be expanding to, you might also be interested in reading up on if Aldi is coming to Colorado, if Aldi is coming to Canada, and if Aldi is coming to Las Vegas or Nevada.


Aldi is not coming to New Zealand any time soon, but if the chain learned anything from its entry into close-by Australia, gaining a foothold in the crowded market takes time – but it can work.

Kiwis should not lose hope; Aldi has been eyeing their country since 2005, and with Costco opening their first store in Auckland in 2022, Aldi might finally get the push they need to make the leap.

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