Is Aldi Coming To Seattle Or Washington State? (Plans, Potential Locations + More)

Seattle is one of the most famous cities in the States, as the birthplace of Starbucks, grunge music, and retail giant Amazon, but its residents’ cost of living soars at 49 percent higher than the national average.

Clearly, Seattle and the state of Washington are expensive places to live.

A great discounted grocery store chain could help bring the cost of living down in this trendy Pacific Northwest area, but does Aldi have any plans to come to Seattle or Washington state? Read on to find out!

Is Aldi Coming To Seattle Or Washington State?

Aldi does not have any plans to open stores in Seattle or Washington State. The German supermarket chain is expanding its presence in the American Southwest and the Gulf Coast region while funneling funds into store makeovers in the Northeast.

Why isn’t Aldi coming to this popular area of the U.S.? Where could Aldi potentially put stores if they did come? And where can Washingtonians get cheaper groceries until Aldi finally (hopefully) makes their move? See below for all the answers!

Why Isn’t Aldi Coming To Seattle Or Washington State?

Aldi is currently focusing their building largely in the American Southwest (they just opened their fourth store in Arizona), especially in the Gulf Coast and Florida.

Additionally, Aldi has started building a new distribution center in Loxley, Alabama, to facilitate the movement of goods throughout the Gulf Coast region. This is in conjunction with Aldi entering its 38th state in the U.S., Louisiana.

The chain has also been immersed in a series of store renovations, updating interiors and layouts throughout the Northeast.

I wondered why Aldi might focus on the Gulf Coast region over a state like Washington, with the major hub of Seattle. I think it might have something to do with population density at this point.

Washington State has a population density of 106.3 people per square mile, which sounds like a lot, but the state of Florida, which is receiving major attention from Aldi, has a population density of 397.2 people per square mile – almost four times higher!

I would be surprised if this didn’t factor in somewhat with Aldi’s expansion plans.

Where Could Aldi Potentially Locate Stores In Seattle Or Washington State?

Where Could Aldi Potentially Locate Stores In Seattle Or Washington State?

Would-be Aldi fans and Aldi fans who have been forced to relocate from an Aldi-rich state to an Aldi-barren one like Washington have taken to Aldi US’s Facebook page and have ideas about where stores should go.

One city that pops up again and again is Spokane, which received a few mentions on one thread.

An enterprising commenter even scouted locations for them in Renton, WA: “…There are lots of great spaces for your store here; there’s an old Albertsons here in the Fairwood area that’s closed; it would be nice to bring a great company like this to the area!”

Yet another commenter got more specific about the state’s most populous city, “West Seattle needs an Aldi.”

So if/when Aldi decides to come to Washington state, they have their choice of cities to welcome them with open arms.

What Is The Closest Aldi Store To Washington State?

The residents of Washington state are really out of luck when it comes to shopping at Aldi; the closest one is in Clovis, CA, and it is about 750 miles away. Ouch.

Where Can Shoppers Buy Groceries Instead Of Aldi In Washington State?

Despite the high price tag of living in the Seattle area, Washingtonians generally have some options for finding comparable grocery prices.

For example, distant cousin Trader Joe’s has 18 stores in Washington, ranging from the capital Olympia to Seattle to Spokane.

The state is also well-populated with WinCo Foods stores, an employee-owned warehouse-style shopping experience with low grocery prices.

Finally, Grocery Outlet Bargain Market is a good option, with its close-to-expiration or discontinued food items at knock-down prices.

If you are looking to learn more about Aldi, you can also see our related articles on whether or not Aldi is coming to New Zealand, if Aldi is coming to Colorado, and if Aldi is coming to Canada.


Aldi has no plans to come to Seattle or the state of Washington any time soon, but that shouldn’t dishearten anyone.

Aldi will no doubt eventually make their way to all 50 states, and in the meantime, it appears as though Washingtonians have plenty of other supermarket options.

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