Is Amazon Evil? (The Good & Bad Weighed Up)

Amazon is one of the most widely recognized companies in the world, with millions of products for sale and billions of dollars in revenue every year.

Considering Amazon is a massive corporation that continues to grow exponentially, there are a few concerns about the company. In fact, it’s the question on a lot of people’s minds: is Amazon evil?

I find this debate to be quite interesting, so I looked more into it, and here are all the details you should know to help you decide how you feel about Amazon.

Is Amazon Evil In 2024?

Amazon topped Slate’s list of the 30 most evil tech companies because of its monopoly over small businesses, questionable working conditions, and potential privacy concerns with its technology services. However, the debate continues over whether Amazon is evil or not, as the company is known for its commitment to sustainability and job creation.

If you are still curious about Amazon’s good and bad sides, and you want to decide for yourself whether Amazon is evil or a trustworthy company, then keep reading for all the important details!

Why Is Amazon Evil?

There are mixed opinions on whether Amazon is good or bad. It depends on individual beliefs as there are certainly valid arguments on both sides.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key reasons why people believe Amazon is evil.

  • Domination of small businesses
  • Huge factories and carbon footprint
  • Greedy with $386 billion in revenue
  • Demanding working conditions
  • High fees and challenges for third-party sellers
  • Potential privacy concerns with technology

These issues were addressed in Slate’s rankings of the most dangerous and evil companies in the world, as the online magazine noted how Amazon quickly went from an online bookseller to a global phenomenon, selling over 12 million items and creating crazy tech products.

Questionable security tech, cheap human labor, negative tax bills, and an alarming reliance on Amazon Web Services are also listed as major concerns.

Also, while Amazon warehouses are known for their incredible efficiency, it comes at a cost.

Many warehouse employees report harsh working conditions where they are treated almost like robots, with minimal breaks and extreme pressure to meet fulfillment targets.

Even Amazon delivery drivers say the pressure is on to deliver as many packages as possible, meaning they often forgo lunch and bathroom breaks to avoid marks against their performance.

Also, small business owners who are just trying to get by almost always have to compete with Amazon.

While there are 1.9 million small and medium-sized businesses selling on Amazon, the fees are high and it’s hard to achieve ideal product visibility when AmazonBasics sits right at the top with the most popular products.

Essentially, all of these negative factors combine to give Amazon a questionable or even downright evil reputation depending on who you speak to.

This is especially true for small business owners who have been burnt by Amazon firsthand.

Why Is Amazon Good?

Why Is Amazon Good?

On the flip side, there are lots of things people love about Amazon too. The company definitely isn’t all bad, and there are quite a few reasons why Amazon is good.

Here are a few advantages Amazon offers to consider when deciding how you feel about this cutting-edge e-retailer.

  • Top-ranking in consumer satisfaction
  • Inclusive working environment with a focus on equality
  • A high minimum wage of at least $15 per hour
  • Job creation with over a million U.S. jobs
  • Generous employee benefits
  • Charitable donations through AmazonSmile

On the Corporate Equality Index created by The Human Rights Campaign Foundation, Amazon scored 100 for treating its LGBTQI employees with the highest level of support through policies and benefits.

The average starting pay for Amazon jobs is $18 per hour, even higher than the company’s $15 per hour minimum wage achieved in 2018.

While Amazon jobs may be demanding, the benefits are typically more generous than other corporations, and Amazon employees also have access to training and support.

Amazon has created enough jobs around the U.S. to now employ 1 out of every 153 American workers. These jobs are located across the country, both in huge fulfillment centers and smaller regional areas.

Not only does Amazon take care of its employees, but Amazon has also donated $286 million to charities through the AmazonSmile shopping program, which benefits over one million local and national nonprofits.

Then there’s Amazon’s commitment to sustainable packaging and delivery, which is enough to impress millions of companies who appreciate the convenience and wide range of products available all the time.

Is Amazon Good Or Bad For The Environment?

Unlike traditional mail delivery services, Amazon offers delivery seven days a week, with Amazon Prime and Amazon Fresh customers enjoying especially fast delivery times, sometimes within one or two days or even a couple of hours.

Considering how quick Amazon is to get packages on the road, and the millions of packages Amazon ships every day, there’s a notable carbon footprint for all those packages to get fulfilled and delivered.

In 2020, Amazon’s carbon emissions grew by 19%, emitting 60.64 million metric tons of carbon dioxide.

While these numbers aren’t great, Amazon is taking steps toward a better future, specifically with The Climate Pledge the company co-founded in 2019.

Amazon is striving toward net-zero carbon emissions by 2040 and is set to power all operations with 100% renewable energy by 2025.

That’s why most people say that, although Amazon isn’t great for the environment right now, it has taken actionable steps to improve, as evidenced by Frustration-Free Packaging, The Climate Pledge, and more.

To know more, you can also see our posts on what is Amazon, Amazon’s ethics policy, and if Amazon is safe to shop on.


Amazon is an absolute game-changer in the global retail, e-commerce, and tech industries, and the company shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

After all, if you want to place an order or track your Amazon package, you can do so with the touch of a button.

When you need something for your home or work, you can order just about anything on Amazon, whether you’re in the U.S. or elsewhere in the world.

The list of on-demand Amazon retail solutions and tech services goes on and on, which is why many people find it truly alarming how much this corporation has changed in just a few decades.

While you’re not alone if you think Amazon is harming humanity through tracking technology, environmental impacts, and domination of small businesses, Amazon isn’t all evil.

There are some good things about Amazon, including its AmazonSmile charity donations, commitment to sustainability, and increased job creation every year. That’s not to mention how easy the e-retailer has made it to shop safely online.

At the end of the day, only you can decide for yourself if you believe Amazon is evil or if you’re happy to keep shopping there.

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