Is Costco Coming To Rhode Island? (Potential Locations, Delivery + More)

Costco has been on an expansion spree over the last few years, opening new stores and warehouses in states where it had not previously been in the US. 

Therefore, Costco customers in Rhode Island wonder whether they will eventually get a Costco store. I have conducted in-depth research on the issue and here is what I discovered!

Is Costco Coming To Rhode Island in [currentyear]?

Costco has tried previously to come to Rhode Island but has failed to agree with the state authorities on the ideal location as of [currentyear]. There has been no indication recently whether Costco intends to move forward with the project. Meanwhile, Costco customers can shop from other stores or Costco’s in the neighboring states.

Keep reading if you want to know whether Costco is opening a warehouse in Rhode Island, where it may open a warehouse, and much more!

Is Costco Opening A Warehouse In Rhode Island?

Currently, we cannot be certain whether Costco will eventually come to Rhode Island or not.

Additionally, the retailer has tried several times before to set up in the state but has not been successful.

The conflict has been with the Cranston city authorities over the ideal site for the store, with neither side willing to yield.

Therefore, Costco seems to have halted all progress for the time being and gives no schedule for any expected date of resumption of construction.

Although It is hoped that the two sides will work out a deal that brings joy and convenience to Costco’s many customers in Rhode Island.

However, nothing can be expected from Costco in the meantime, as it is its policy to never comment on new openings until they are only a couple of months away.

Why Hasn’t There Been A Costco In Rhode Island?

There isn’t a Costco store in Rhode Island because Costco has not been able to get its desired location yet.

Moreover, the retailer has been set on Mulligan’s Island Golf and Entertainment, but Cranston’s authorities have resisted the project as unsustainable.

The City Council’s Ordinance Committee has offered Costco opportunities to make substantial alterations to its building plans which it has not done satisfactorily.

However, Costco outright rejected the other locations offered by Cranston and prefers to hold on for the moment with further construction.

Interestingly, the Rhode Island population is nearly adequately served by BJ’s Wholesale Club and a Costco not very far off.

Perhaps this market saturation makes Costco insist on Mulligan’s Island as the only location that can guarantee a return on investment worth the risk.

This would be vital in determining if Costco would still be willing to set up in Rhode Island if its location of choice were denied.

What Are The Potential Locations For Costco in Rhode Island?

Costco has had its heart set on the prime location of Mulligan’s Island Golf and Entertainment in Cranston and has applied many times for licenses and permits.

Furthermore, Cranston’s city authorities on their part, have resisted the move viewing it as unsustainable, and have offered other locations instead.

Additionally, unless Costco substantially changes its construction plans this move will not be happening.

However, the retailer prefers Mulligan’s Island for a Costco store but also has access to Johnston and other alternative locations offered by Cranston if need be.

Does Costco Deliver In Rhode Island?

Does Costco Deliver In Rhode Island?

Costco offers nationwide delivery, subject to specific qualifications.

To qualify for same-day delivery, one has to have bought a particular category of goods and live in a specified Zip code area.

Therefore, It all depends on how far one is from the nearest warehouse, and this may be excluded for states without a Costco store like Rhode Island.

However, Rhode Island residents may qualify for two-day delivery and in-home delivery on goods bought in bulk or oversized items.

When buying online, you will always be informed what type of delivery your purchase qualifies for.

What Is The Nearest Costco Store To Rhode Island?

Rhode Island is beset on all sides with Costco stores, which is convenient to customer residents in the state.

Additionally, there are over 10 Costco stores within a 70-mile radius, with the nearest being only 40 miles away.

E Lyme, Avon MA, and Dedham all have Costco stores within a 45-mile radius, while Waltham, South Windsor, Everett MA, and Enfield stores are only up to 60 miles away.

However, customers can visit the warehouse locator on its website for the nearest Costco store.

Would Rhode Island Residents Welcome A Costco Store?

Many Rhode Island residents realize that Costco offers fantastic deals and have waited long for one of their own.

Although they have access to stores that make offers comparable to Costco’s, many shoppers still prefer Costco and make out-of-state purchases for its products.

In their state or town in Rhode Island, a Costco would be a big convenience and money saver.

Also, Rhode Island residents welcome the jobs and taxes that Costco would bring to their town.

Some, however, decry the perceived negative impact on the look of their town and the availability of recreational facilities diverted to hosting the retailer.

Are There Stores Like Costco In Rhode Island?

Costco’s most vital selling point is that it offers its customers products at a very affordable price, often in bulk.

However, several stores offer a similar advantage to which Costco customers may resort.

For example, BJ’s Wholesale Club operates under the same business model as Costco and has a presence in Rhode Island.

Furthermore, customers can find BJ’s in Johnstone, Coventry, Middletown, and Warwick, where it has introduced the market concept to test its innovative ideas.

Other than BJ’s, other grocery stores offer products at an affordable price and in bulk, even though it is not their only way of doing business.

Some of these grocery stores that can substitute Costco’s in Rhode Island include Target, Walmart, Amazon Prime, the Dollar stores, Big Lots, and Aldi.

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Rhode Islanders may have to wait longer for a Costco store of their own while Costco and Cranston officials hash out a deal.

In the meantime, they can take advantage of the Costco store just 40 miles away in Connecticut or shop in Costco equivalents in their towns.

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