Is Costco Coming To West Virginia? (Potential Locations, Delivery + More)

Alongside Maine, Wyoming, Rhode Island, Arkansas, and Mississippi, West Virginia is one of the few states without a Costco within its borders.

However, the retailer is expanding into new locations. Will the residents of West Virginia finally enjoy the benefits of shopping from Costco? Read on to find out!

Is Costco Coming To West Virginia In 2024?

Costco is not in West Virginia, and it has no plans to build a warehouse in the state as of 2024. West Virginia’s population is low, even in its urban areas. Further, it has one of the lowest median incomes, which could discourage the establishment of Costco. Therefore,  Sam’s Clubs and Wal-Mart in the state serve customers instead.

Stay with me if you want to find out more about Costco coming to West Virginia, reasons it may not come, alternative places to shop, and much more!

Is Costco Planning To Open A Warehouse In West Virginia?

There is no Costco warehouse in West Virginia, and neither has the retailer shown any interest in opening one.

In the past, West Virginians have had to do with alternative stores or traveled out of state, and it appears they will continue to do so.

Moreover, Costco’s website page dedicated to upcoming locations does not include West Virginia in the latest list of expected location openings.

However, as a matter of policy, Costco rarely publicizes upcoming locations until they are sure and are two or three months away from opening.

Why Isn’t There A Costco Warehouse In West Virginia?

West Virginia has a small population, at the last census, the population stood at 1.8 million.

Furthermore, Charleston, its largest town, has a population of 44,628. The next two largest towns, Huntington and Morgantown, have a population of 73,161.

Additionally, the median income for West Virginia is $25,320 a year. This is about twice as low as the average Costco customer earns in a year, at $92,000.

There is not enough population with sufficient income to afford Costco products, and investing heavily in opening a warehouse would not make economic sense for Costco.

However, while there are certainly Costco enthusiasts in West Virginia, they must be content with shopping out of state for the time being.

What Are The Potential Locations For A Costco Warehouse In West Virginia?

The only plausible locations for Costco in West Virginia are Charleston and some other big towns for their centrality and population.

Therefore, Costco would have a population from which to draw custom in Charleston, though going by the demographics, it may not suffice. 

However, West Virginia tries to create a conducive atmosphere for companies like Costco to set up and even thrive in the state, for example, Sam’s Club and Walmart.

Will Costco Deliver To West Virginia?

Costco delivers throughout the United States but with qualifications.

For instance, it will only offer same-day delivery in a select number of locations for a particular type of product.

Therefore, the service is primarily available for fresh produce in locations it can deliver conveniently.

However, conditions do not prevail in West Virginia that would make same-day delivery practical.

Similarly, two-day delivery is available for a broader range of products and in more places. However, still out-of-state delivery to a location in West Virginia may be costly.

The best way to find out if Costco will deliver to your location is to inquire from the store’s associate.

You can contact customer care on the phone or through Costco’s website.

Where Are The Nearest Costco Warehouses In West Virginia?

Where Are The Nearest Costco Warehouses In West Virginia?

The closest Costco warehouse depends on where you live in West Virginia.

Those in the border regions find themselves closer to the neighboring state’s Costco than those in the hinterlands.

Charleston, for instance, is the farthest from a Costco warehouse of any of the central West Virginia cities. The nearest Costco is 136 miles away in Easton, Ohio.

On the other hand, Morgantown is luckier, with five Costco warehouses within 100 miles. The closest is at Homestead, Pennsylvania, only 53 miles away.

Additionally, the closest Costco in Huntington is 110 miles away in Lexington, while it is 91 miles away in Easton in Parkersburg.

The surest way to find out which Costco is closest to you is through the Location Finder online. There, you go to the page and type in your location.

The site will then bring up all the Costco warehouses around you and indicate how far they are.

Do The Residents Of West Virginia Want A Costco Warehouse?

The residents of West Virginia desire a Costco warehouse of their own.

Despite the proliferation of other wholesales in their state, many people make the long journey to the neighboring states to shop at Costco.

Furthermore, Costco fans have made numerous calls for the wholesaler to set up in West Virginia, and the retailer has promised to look into the matter.

What Are The Stores Similar To Costco In West Virginia?

Sam’s Clubs are the closest thing to a Costco West Virginia has. They are wholesalers who cater to a membership-based custom that shops in bulk.

Therefore, West Virginia has many Sam’s Clubs spread out in all its major cities and towns.

Additionally, Sam’s Club has warehouses in Beckley, Clarksburg, Morgantown, South Charleston, Vienna, and Granville.

There are also Walmart stores and the option to shop online at Amazon.

Other than the big players are the smaller wholesalers, who offer goods in bulk, and for whom membership may be unnecessary.

However, the product range, pricing, and other customer privileges may be unequal to what you may get from Costco.

These include:

  • D&A Wholesale, Parkersburg
  • Liquidation Wholesalers of West Virginia, St. Albans
  • Weirton Wholesale Distributing, Weirton
  • Hardin’s Wholesale
  • Stablein’s Wholesale

Some of these wholesale outlets are local, while a few like Stablein’s, have a presence in West Virginia and even in Pennsylvania.

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Costco has shown no indications that it wishes to establish in West Virginia, which can be attributed to fears that the move would be fruitless.

However, West Virginia residents can get a semblance of Costco benefits from other wholesalers in the state or Costco warehouses in the neighboring states.

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