Is Costco Coming To Wyoming? (Potential Locations, Delivery + More)

Costco is almost everywhere in the U.S, except in a few states. If you live in Wyoming you might be wondering if there will be a Costco soon near you.

Additionally, the wholesaler has been on an expansion spree, and most states that previously had no Costco will now have one. Is Wyoming one of them? Read on to find out!

Is Costco Coming To Wyoming In 2024?

There is no Costco in Wyoming and there has been no word on one opening there in 2024. The absence of a centralized enough population and the presence of similar style businesses like Sam’s Club may explain the lack of interest for one. However, until one is open residents can shop from any nearby Costco.

Stay with me to find out if there will be a Costco in Wyoming soon, its potential locations, and whether Costco delivers in Wyoming, plus much more!

Will Costco Be Building A Warehouse In Wyoming?

Costco is yet to express interest in building a warehouse in Wyoming, making it one of the few states without a Costco.

Somehow, the state has not been a favorite of many national chain stores.

However, as times change and the competition for increased market share grows fierce, the national chain stores will turn to Wyoming.

Additionally, it is unlikely that Costco will want to be left out in such a case.

Why Isn’t There A Costco In Wyoming?

Wyoming is one of the largest states in the United States and one of the most sparsely populated.

Moreover, because of its unique geography, the state’s population density is only slightly higher than in Alaska.

Therefore, It is common to have your nearest neighbor live over a mile away.

Therefore, the resultant consumer environment is unfavorable for companies like Costco.

This is because the company heavily relies on market size to justify the huge capital necessary to set up a warehouse.

Additionally, the population consists of infrequent shoppers who shop even only once a month and are used to driving long distances to do their shopping.

Therefore, letting those in Wyoming shop from Costco stores in neighboring states makes business sense.

But, as the population increases and urbanizes, it may be profitable for Costco to build a warehouse in Wyoming finally.

Where Is Costco Likely To Build A Warehouse In Wyoming?

If Costco were to set up in Wyoming, Cheyenne, Casper, and Laramie are favorable locations.

Moreover, Costco’s choice of potential locations is guided by where it is likely to get many customers and make money.

However, the choice would also be determined by the availability of ideal space and the prevailing business atmosphere.

Therefore, any of these locations meet several of those vital conditions.

Additionally, the population of these cities is increasing, becoming more diversified and growing more youthful.

Does Costco Deliver To Wyoming?

Does Costco Deliver To Wyoming?

Costco will deliver to Wyoming, but with qualifications.

First, Costco’s same-day delivery is available only in select places, especially those within easy reach of a warehouse.

However, it is unlikely that Wyoming qualifies with no warehouse of its own.

Furthermore, two-day delivery is available nationwide, except for Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

Additionally, the amount you are charged for delivery depends on the distance, among other things.

Moreover, you can find out if Costco will deliver to your location from its website or by calling customer care.

Would Wyoming Residents Want A Costco?

Wyoming residents would love a Costco warehouse or two of their own to bring the benefits of Costco membership closer to home.

As it is, many make the 100-mile trips to neighboring states to shop from Costco and enjoy the affordable prices, product variety, and quality they can’t get anywhere else.

Additionally, visitors who are already Costco members feel inconvenienced when they have to travel out of state to enjoy their membership benefits.

Where Are The Closest Costco Warehouses To Wyoming?

Costco is popular with many people because of the deals and variety when they shop there.

Sometimes, they prefer to shop at Costco because they are already members and want to enjoy the benefits wherever they are, even in Wyoming.

However, even though Wyoming doesn’t have a Costco all the neighboring states do, and the question of distance depends on where you are in the state.

Look here to find the closest Costco from wherever you live.

If you live in Cheyenne, consider yourself lucky as there are seven Costco warehouses within 100 miles of you.

The closest Costco is at Timnath, just 44 miles away, and the farthest is Aurora, 100 miles away. In between are Thornton, Superior, Westminster, Arvada, and Denver.

Therefore, the nearest Costco warehouse to Casper is 175 miles away in Timnath.

Laramie is luckier with four Costco locations within a distance of 104 miles. The farthest is Westminster, CO, 104 miles away and the closest is Timnath, 63 miles away.

What Stores Are Similar To Costco In Wyoming?

Wyoming is not a great magnet for national chain stores that operate on the same principle as Costco, however, they do have Sam’s Clubs in the state.

Cheyenne, Casper, and Laramie all have Sam’s Club and all its benefits, including delivery.

Additionally, residents of Wyoming can also buy from Walmart- in-store or online, and online at Amazon.

Otherwise, most wholesale outlets are state businesses, with a presence in only a few towns.

However, Cowboy Supply House, Wyoming Bearing and Supply, and Wholesale fireworks are wholesale stores that operate in most major towns.

Furthermore, there is also Bohemian Metal, Tweeds Wholesale Co., Bino’s Wholesale, and FB Mc Fadden Wholesale Co.

To know more, you can also read our posts on Costco headquarters, is Costco coming to Rhode Island, and is Costco coming to West Virginia.


Costco has no presence in Wyoming and has indicated no plans to build a warehouse there. However, it is a location with an eager custom that it can explore.

In the meantime, Costco customers have to be content with making out-of-state trips to shop or buying from local wholesale stores.

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