Is Grubhub Free? (All You Need to Know)

With the amount of popularity that Grubhub has managed to attain over the past couple of years, it’s becoming more alluring to new customers.

If you’re someone that’s interested in using Grubhub but need to know whether or not it’s free, read this article!

Is Grubhub Free In 2024?

Grubhub is free for the most part and you’ll only have to pay when you place an order. Grubhub is free to download and you don’t pay a fee to sign up or browse through the restaurants on the platform. You can pay $9.99 a month for Grubhub Plus, a premium subscription that only gets rid of delivery fees in 2024.

To learn more about how much Grubhub costs, including who gets charged and where, as well as related topics, read on!

Is Grubhub Pickup Free?

Grubhub pickup lets you avoid certain charges but it isn’t 100% free.

When you place an order on Grubhub and you choose to get yourself via pickup instead of delivery, you only avoid delivery fees.

On Grubhub, using pickup will mean that you still have to pay service charges and processing fees.

You only avoid delivery fees and the optional tip because you’re not using a courier, but everything else works as usual, meaning you still pay as usual.

Is Grubhub Free for the First Order?

Grubhub is not free on your first order but there are some coupons, promo codes, and other offers that give you free delivery on your first order.

You would need to look around to find them but the company often has at least one active at any time.

We found a promo code that gets you free delivery on your first Grubhub order and you can use it by entering “DELIVERYFREE” at checkout.

Other than that, the best you can get is a discount on your food but we couldn’t find anything about a 100% free first order on Grubhub.

Is Grubhub Free for Students?

Unfortunately, Grubhub is not free for students as far as the parts of the service that everybody pays for like delivery and service fees.

However, through Grubhub Plus Student, students in select colleges and universities can get benefits such as:

  1. Free delivery on orders of $12 and above at certain restaurants outside their campus
  2. Premium support from the Grubhub Plus elite care team
  3. Matched donations through Donate the Change from restaurants on Grubhub Plus under certain terms and conditions

Grubhub Plus Student is available through the Grubhub Campus Dining program that is currently limited to certain schools and you’ll need to contact Grubhub to ask if yours is part of the partnership.

Grubhub Plus Student costs $9.99 a month but is free for people who are subscribed to Amazon Prime Student.

Is Grubhub Free With Amazon Prime?

Is Grubhub Free With Amazon Prime?

Unfortunately, Grubhub is not free with Amazon Prime with regards to the parts that everyone else pays for such as delivery fees and service charges.

However, Grubhub Plus Student, which normally costs $9.99, is free for members of Amazon Prime Student.

You also gain access to perks such as free delivery on orders over $12 and premium customer service.

Grubhub Plus Student is only available for those enrolled in schools that are part of the Grubhub Campus Dining Program so you’d need to ask customer service if you’re eligible for the perk.

If you’d already signed up and paid for Grubhub Plus Student alongside Prime Student, you can contact the company and request for your accounts to be linked.

This perk will last as long as you have a Prime Student discount, meaning you can’t have it after four years or whenever you’re finished with your studies.

Is Grubhub Free for Restaurants?

Grubhub is free for restaurants when signing up, i.e. restaurants don’t pay to get listed on the platform and they actually get a free tablet to manage their operations.

However, Grubhub will take a cut of every restaurant’s earnings, starting with between 5% and 20% for marketing.

How high the cut is depends on how much promotion the restaurant received; if it gained a lot of promotion, the percentage is higher and vice versa.

Restaurants will also need to pay supplementary charges such as processing fees and delivery fees if they choose to use Grubhub’s courier network.

Is Grubhub Free for Drivers?

Grubhub is free for drivers in that they don’t pay any fees to register or have the company take a cut of their tips.

Otherwise, Grubhub does not pay for anything the drivers need for the job, including gas and insurance.

Instead, drivers have the option to deduct the money they spend working for Grubhub on their taxes.

To know more, you can also read our posts on whether or not Grubhub requires insurance, Grubhub privacy policy, and how do Grubhub drivers get paid.


Grubhub is free to download and use. You’ll only be required to pay when you place an order or you subscribe to Grubhub Plus. Grubhub Plus costs $9.99 a month but it only gets rid of delivery charges for orders above a certain amount.

Grubhub Plus Student is free for students that are also Amazon Prime Student members. Grubhub is free for restaurants when enlisting but they have to pay commission on every order. Grubhub is also free for drivers because they neither pay signup fees nor lose tip percentages.

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