Is IKEA Coming To Idaho Or Boise? (Your Full Guide)

For years, the Swedish brand, IKEA, has been the go-to source for furniture and other accessories for homes and offices.

Because of this, IKEA has become one of the most popular stores in the United States. But is there an IKEA in Idaho that locals can shop at? Here is what you needed to know!

Is IKEA Coming To Idaho Or Boise?

Unfortunately, IKEA has no plans of expanding its business to Idaho. This is primarily because of the small population in Idaho and Boise, so it would not make financial sense for IKEA to open any stores there. Idahoans can, however, get IKEA furniture delivered or use third-party sellers.

To learn more about the future potential of IKEA coming to Idaho, potential locations, and more, keep on reading!

Why Is IKEA Not In Idaho?

In short, IKEA has not yet expanded into Idaho as IKEA generally only opens stores in locations or cities with a population of over 2 million people.

Because of this, it would not make financial sense for IKEA to open a store in Idaho as there would not be enough demand.

Additionally, another reason for IKEA not being in Idaho might be because of a lack of space. As an example, IKEA stores are typically around 300,000 square feet, or two Costco’s.

Where Would IKEA Be Located In Idaho?

If IKEA were to expand its operations to Idaho, the company would be thinking of somewhere central that would be convenient for the most amount of customers.

There have been rumors that Galleria drive in Nampa could be a great spot for the company to start, alongside other areas such as Meridian. 

Does That Mean There Is A Possibility Of IKEA Coming To Idaho?

The thought is mouthwatering for residents of Idaho as it would be a great addition to the city. IKEA can establish a store in Idaho as the residents are growing in population.

There are currently up to 1.7 million people living in Idaho, which is an improvement from previous statistics. So, the more people settle in Idaho, the bigger companies will start to take notice.

Does IKEA Deliver To Idaho?

Yes, IKEA does deliver to Idaho, however, the price of the delivery can reach $249 per order for large furniture items. Additionally, there is also a service called “Assembled,” which also is able to deliver IKEA furniture to Idaho.

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According to our research, IKEA has no intention of expanding its business in Idaho in the near future. However, a local brand has made it easy for residents to order from IKEA. In the future, it could be possible with more people relocating to the city, but it remains to be a probability as of right now.

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