Is Kroger a Good Place to Work? (the Good & the Bad)

When looking for a job, individuals look out for a good work environment, company reputation, and how they treat their employees.

Mega retailers like Kroger hire new people all the time to work in their different locations. But is Kroger a good place to work? If you are considering looking for a job here, read on for more information about whether the retailer is an ideal employer.

Is Kroger a Good Place to Work In [currentyear]?

According to some Kroger employees, Kroger is a good place to work because it has a great workplace culture, co-workers are friendly, and the pay is good if you get the right hours. On the other hand, some employees say Kroger isn’t an ideal place to work, thanks to poor management, scheduling, and overwhelming work.

Before applying for a job at Kroger, read on to find out what the other past and current employees think about working there, along with other related facts!

What Do Employees Love About Working at Kroger?

There are mixed reviews about working at Kroger if you look at employee reviews on and

Here are some of the things employees list as positive for Kroger:

Great Co-Workers

According to past and current employees, Kroger is a good place to work because the employees are friendly and great people to work with.

Because of this environment, most employees enjoy their work since it’s easier to serve customers as a team.

Decent Benefits

Kroger has received some positive reviews for offering decent pay and benefits compared to other retailers.

Therefore, if you get the hours, the pay can be quite good according to some current employees.

Additionally, if you work at Kroger for more than a year, you become eligible for paid time off and vacation time which is necessary for work-life balance.

Good Workplace Culture

Kroger has been termed as a relaxed workplace, making it ideal for most people to work there without any issues.

Employees always look out for friendly and easy workplaces to work in.

What Don’t Employees Like About Working at Kroger?

Although Kroger has some positive reviews, it also has negative issues that make past and current employees dislike the company. Let’s look at some of the negative comments:

Poor Management

This is a common complaint from most employees who have previously worked at Kroger or are currently employed there.

According to some comments on, some managers were misled by lying team managers, making the work environment quite challenging.

Additionally, some managers are lazy and don’t follow up with the employees to ensure that everyone is doing their job.

Employees Are Not Promoted

Kroger has also been marred by complaints that it doesn’t appreciate employees. Even if you perform well, you might not get promoted if you’re not on good terms with the management.

Therefore, employees find it hard to move up in the company, slowing down their career growth.

Issues With Customers

Issues With Customers Kroger

If you work at Kroger, you have to like people no matter the department, which can be overwhelming for some people.

You have to deal with all types of customers, even if they are annoying. Therefore, if you don’t like helping people, you are more likely to burn out.

Unpredictable Schedules

One of the negative issues with Kroger is that the schedules are changed up frequently, sometimes without notice.

This can be an issue, especially for employees who are still studying and have school hours.

Changing the schedules without notice affects a lot of employees and makes it difficult to achieve work-life balance, especially if the employee has other commitments.

Lack of Training

Kroger does not train its employees properly during the onboarding process; therefore, most of them have to learn on the job, which can be challenging.

Additionally, employees say that the training they get is not relevant or helpful when they have real challenges at the store.

This makes it hard for workers to do their jobs, especially when they are still new.

What Are the Benefits of Working at Kroger?

Once you’re employed at Kroger, you are eligible for a ton of benefits that are meant to support you as you work. Here are the key benefits employees get:

  • Retirement 401(k) plan
  • Health and dental insurance
  • Wellness programs like free flu shots and well-child visits
  • Associate discounts on household products and “Our Brand” products
  • Emotional wellness programs such as free counseling and resources
  • Education benefit offers for up to $21,000 for full-time and part-time employees
  • Formal learning programs and on-the-job training

Is Kroger a Good Place to Work While Attending School?

One of the benefits offered by Kroger is the education benefit that’s worth $21,000 for full-time and part-time employees.

This is ideal because it encourages associates who need to finish their GEDs or Ph.D. degrees.

Therefore, if you are interested in working at Kroger while still attending school, you can do so.

Additionally, there are different shifts; therefore, there are opportunities for students to fit in some working hours in between the schedule.

However, based on employee reviews, Kroger has poor scheduling; therefore, this can be a problem for people who need to work and go to school.

Is Kroger a Good Place to Work?

Kroger has negative and positive reviews; therefore, you need to consider all the factors before deciding whether this is the best place to work.

Work can be overwhelming, and the schedules can be irregular, making it challenging. Therefore, if you need to do other jobs, the job can be unreliable.

However, the retailer offers several benefits, and the pay can be great if you have good hours.

Additionally, workers are eligible for paid time off and vacation time after one year of employment.

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Kroger is a good place to work because it has a good workplace culture, co-workers are friendly and great to work with, and the pay is good if you get the right hours.

On the other hand, some employees say Kroger is not an ideal place to work, thanks to poor management, scheduling, and overwhelming work.

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